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Luna Dance Institute is a nationally-acclaimed dance education organization based in Berkeley, CA. Established in 1992, our mission aims to bring creativity, equity and community to every child’s life through the art of dance. 

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RE: Summer Teen Dance Camps ()

Hi! Look into  they are a little different  and great for beginners, because they teach children to choreograph themselves, so it isn't just perfecting specific dance moves, it is learning how your own body responds to prompts such as "sharp" or "fluid". They unfortunately are currently getting ready to settle in a new " home" so I don't think they have summer classes until 2023 but they will be a great resource and are so encouraging and wonderful. My own son, now 17, was there for 10 years from 4 until 13 and stopped only because of schedule conflicts. Several kids he was in class with are still there!  One of the directiors was MY teacher from age 12-18!! they will certainly have great advice and ideas. Cheers!

Luna also does toddler/preschool dance classes with Oakland Public Library.  They are free and awesome! 

RE: Fun classes for baby ()

Parent/Child dance series at Luna Dance in Berkeley was great. They offer Baby & toddler classes a couple times a year. 

We also did Mommy & Me yoga classes. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

June 2015

My son (now 11) has done the Luna Dance Institute's mini camps for the last 4 years. Especially now that they are in their great location next to Aquatic Park, he really loved being by the water and going to the playground nearby everyday for a lot of outside time as well. It is a good combination of dance but other activities too. One year he was asked to be a helper in the younger kids class and that was a great way for him to learn about being a mentor and have fun too. It is a relaxed, non-competitive, fun atmosphere for kids. Try it out! jessica b

June 2015

Luna Dance Institute offers a super fun and age appropriate summer dance camp for 5-7 year olds that in my observation, provides a loving, inclusive and fun environment ! Im eager for my 4 year old to be ready for this camp next year! Its a great option for a half day of dance learning and play and they even offer an early bird registration discount! Lunas staff are professional dance artists who have a lot of expertise about children and development. frolikdance

June 2011

Does anyone have experience with Luna Dance Institute? I'm looking at it for summer camp for my 8 year old girls, but can find no reviews. Thanks for any insight! tami

My daughter has attended Luna Kids Dance in the past and has enjoyed it. They do a good job teaching modern dance concepts, including choreography; and they are very supportive of their students and pleasant with the families. I imagine your child would have fun. anon

Re: Dance classes for 7-year-old BOY (Feb 2005)
You should check out Luna Kids Dance (, which has classes in Berkeley, Montclair, and Oakland as well as SF and Marin. They also do a lot of work in the schools training teachers to incorporate dance and movement. Their philosophy is very much about kids learning to express themselves using their bodies, rather than learning a ''right'' way to do this or that. The class my daughter took was more girls than boys, but not overwhelmingly so. Peter

Re: Informal dance/movement class for 3-year-old (March 2004)
My preschool aged daughter took classes with Luna Kids Dance, which offers creative movement and dance for young children. It sounds like what you might be looking for. They do not teach specific dance movements, but encourage the children to create their own movements and rhythms. They offer classes in many parts of the Bay Area, including Berkeley & Oakland. Hannah

Re: Non-formal dance class for child (March 2002)
You should look into Luna Kids Dance ( They are a developmentally based creative movement/dance program that I think is just what you are looking for. Their classes are not as formal or structured as ballet or tap classes for young kids, they encourage creativity and I believe the teachers all have a background in child development as well as dance. My daughters both loved the classes when they were preschoolers. Best of all, there are no recitals or performaces, the last class of each session the parents are invited to come in and watch what the kids have been doing. Alice

Re: Non-formal dance class for child (March 2002)
My 3 year old lives for her dance classes at Luna Kids Dance--I should have named her ''Isadora.'' This is creative movement based in developmentally appropriate educational practices, and it's great! Check out their site: We go to the Mills College site on Saturday mornings, and the teacher is Freesia. Because my daughter also wants to do ballet, Freesia recommended Dancespace on Hudson St in Rockridge for Kids for creative movement ballet classes, but we haven't gone there yet (one class a week is enough for now!). Laura