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Can anyone recommend a dance studio in or around Oakland for a 2.5 year old? Preference for someplace with a bit of diversity. 

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My friend April teaches a Dance With Me class for toddlers at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center. I haven’t taken it myself, but she’s a wonderful movement artist that I’ve known for several years. I plan on taking her class when my baby is old enough.

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Check out Kids N dance at Patterson and MacArthur. We love them so much. Our daughter started there when she was 2 with teacher Ariel and has continued to do camps and such for the past 7 years!  I think you will find diversity, and also a very loving and supportive environment. 

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Kids n Dance on Macarthur Blvd is a fun and nurturing environment for small children to fall in love with dance. I can also recommend Tutu School in Montclair. The Oakland Parks & Rec Department used to have kiddie dance classes with Miss Marilyn, not sure if that’s still going on. Oakland Ballet School on Piedmont Blvd is very diverse and your youngster may like their pre-ballet class. We did them all. 

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Hello Amgcooley, 

We have sent our daughter to the Tutu school in Montclair, which has classes down to 18 months old. Kids n Dance in Laurel, with Teacher Ariel, is also great, but the child has to be 3.