Dance Studio Teacher Licensed to Teach/Look After Minors

My 11yo daughter and some friends have the opportunity to do a short dance at Zellerbach Hall on the Cal Campus as a part of a college dance showcase. However, they are asking that we have a studio teacher licensed by the state to teach and look after the welfare of minors on hand for the tech rehearsal and performance. I was wondering where I could find such a person and what their rate might be? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!


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Hi, I would contact Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, which runs excellent dance classes for kids and teens.  They are located at 2704 Alcatraz in Berkeley; their phone number is 510-654-5921, and their email address is info [at]  One of their teachers might be interested in doing this for pay.  

Bonnie Katz-Hughes was our favorite when my child was doing this kind of work. I have no idea if she is still in business, but her number was 415-332-7755 and her Linked in is: Also Nancy Hayes Casting keeps a list of certified studio teachers that is probably current: