Dance class for 10 years old with 5 year experience

My daughter (10yrs) has been taking ballet dance class since she was three. We are moving to North Berkeley area and I would love to hear recommendations for dance school in El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, and Oakland area. Preferably modern dance class, but my daughter is also interested in learning hip hop dance. Let me know if you know of a great dance school please! Thank you. 

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Zwaandance on Shattuck is amazing! My daughter and many of her friends have been taking classes there for years. They also offer hip-hop classes. The teachers are truly amazing! 

I highly recommend Shawl Anderson, on Alcatraz near College Ave.  It's a wonderful local institution that was founded decades ago to teach modern dance, and also offers ballet, jazz, and hip-hop classes to all ages.  My daughter studied there for many years (age 4-17) and loved her teachers, several of whom are still there.  There's a supportive, creative energy about the place that I really love.

HI the Shawl Anderson Dance center is a wonderful stuido with modern and ballet classes for chidlren and Adults. The studios are in a converted house on the corner of College and Alcatraz, just up the block from Mitama Japanese restaurant on the corner.