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Coach to address Adult ADD

Sept 2011

Looking for therapist/behavior and organization coach who specializes in treating adults with ADD. We've got the meds but need advice/guidance in developing behaviors and systems for functioning more smoothly. Prefer East Bay or San Francisco. Thanks! Tired of lost keys and one-sided conversations...

I originally had my 3rd grade son see Nancy to help him cope with school, he was doing terribily. In the process of working with Nancy I realized that I had to provide my son with the structure he needed to do well in school, along with rules, expectations, support, consequences/rewards, etc. I was doing none of this. I too have ADD and was terribly disorganized both physically and mentally. Nancy helped me get organized physically by eliminating the excess (I'm a pack rat) and creating habits that would work for me. Then we put together a weekly routine, Mon - Fri (plus Sat & Sun) of all the things I had to do during the day so that I would have the time to do the things I needed to do with my son. We also put together an after school schedule for him. As it turned out, I ended seeing Nancy and not my son. She really helped me get organized and my relationship is much better with my son and husband, and I feel more in control and less stressed. Nancy's contact number is 510-384-1909, website anon

I highly recommend Linda Lawton, who works with adults and teens with A.D.H.D. She has an office near El Cerrito Plaza where I have gone for exactly the kind of help you are seeking. I also take my teenaged daughter for a twice-weekly supervised study hall, where she is magically able to focus and get her homework done. Linda is compassionate, smart, and funny, and very aware of the complex and wide-ranging effects of A.D.H.D. Maybe the most important thing is the way she creates an atmosphere of such good-humored and shame-free acceptance that i was able to confess all my most humiliating chaotic messes, and one by one, she's helping me manage them. her website is, her phone is 559-3110, and her email is lindaclowlawton [at] anon

As an adult living with the blessing/ curse of ADD, I highly recommend Linda Lawton (See her other postings here) Through making the transition from a professional employee to a new business owner, difficult personal and family relationships and most of all the tools to manage a hectic Bay Area existence, Linda has proved to be a invaluable resource to me. Good luck to you. - Jerry

Teen Desperately Nees Organizational Skills!

June 2011

My almost 17 year old has one more year of high school before he goes off ot college, and if he goes without acquiring some skills for organizing and managing and locating his stuff, I fear for him (and his roomates!) He is very smart, organized and mostly punctual with his school work, but his 'stuff' is everywhere, his desk is 5- 6 inches deep in papers and stuff, and he can't find anything without my help (it's usually on the floor). But, he doesn't see this as a problem (!) Can anyone recommend a professional who can understand the teen mindset, get into that part of his brain that might be receptive to re- organizing his life, and then help him accomplish it? Thanks in Advance! desperate mom

I'd like to recommend Kathleen Crombie of In Order to Organize. She's easy to work with, non-judgmental, has great organizing ideas and is a great listener. She was wonderful with my 12-year-old, who becomes attached to every piece of paper her hand touches. Kathleen helped her put simple systems in place for managing all her art and school papers, and taught her a thought process to go through when bringing in new stuff. or (She also has 2 boys of her own, so she'll know where you're coming from!) Jennifer

Teaching Organizational Skills to 15 yo boy

April 2011

Before we go the ADD route, I understand that there are specialists who assist kids in organizing their life and lifestyle. I would like to interview such a person/people who have experience in assisting teens to think proactively in planning activities and school requirements. My 15 yo son can not perform a 3 item sequence of directions, is perenially late to school because he keeps changing his clothes, and does not know how to study for tests. We live in Alameda and would prefer someone who could come to our home. Hopeful Mom

We have been sending our 14 year old to Matt Foley through S0S4STUDENTS. They are great - not cheap, and it is taking more sessions than we had hoped, but progress is coming! Eden

Adult student w/ADD needs a good coach

August 2010

My husband is an adult with ADD who is also a full-time student. He wasn't diagnosed until his late 20s and we are trying to find a good study/life skills coach to help him navigate the stresses of school and work and life with a new baby. The academic coach that he had before, recommended by his doctor, focuses her practice on kids and it wasn't a good match, and it was too pricey for us to continue without results. We'd love to be able to find someone before the semester starts August 24.

The local group of Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder is active and will have referrals for you. I attended to get help with my son. Their is a specific group for adults; I think they meet at Le Coquelet (sp?). Good Luck

ADD Coach for Adult

August 2008

I am an adult with Attention Deficit Disorder. I have a demanding job and am not forced to face my disorganiztion, missed deadlines and loss of focus. Does anyone know an ADD coach for adults? Ready to Make Changes

The best of the best is right here-- Linda Lawton . I am a PhD with a similar job to what you describe, and I needed to get my act together desperately. Linda worked with me from an entirely non-judgemental place (essential for my success) and I made real change. Her office is in Albany, and she is the most flexible and understanding coach I could hope for. Linda's email is easy4you [at] Much Happier Now

I always encourage my clients to check out my credentials. I advise the person looking for a ADD coach to do the same. Check out therapy licenses, certifications etc. before starting with a new coach. Anon

Educational Therapist or ''coach'' for middle schooler

Feb 2008

Hi: My 13 year daughter is a very bright but unmotivated and disorganized student. Over the years, her grades have steadily dropped from A's to B's and now, I fear, C's. She's not there yet but I see it coming. She has a mild case of ADD. It has not affected her grades in her earlier years but seems to be taking its course now.

She's had tutors which is OK during the time they are together. The rest of the time she procrasatinates and the work just doesn't get done. She is resistant to any help from my husband and me.

A friend recommended Nancy Chin at Step By Step in Oakland. Has anyone heard of her? She is an academic coach who helps students get organized and stay focused. THANKS Katrina

I also have a 13 year-old girl with organization and focus problems. I estimate I have spent almost $10,000 in the last three years on tutoring, an educational therapist, study skills, and testing. She is a well-behaved, well- intentioned kid who enjoys pleasing people. And it has never made sense that she would have such a poor attitude about school, lie about having tests, etc.

A few months ago, her tutor and I realized that if I didn't explore ADHD medication I might always wonder. I read up. I downloaded the standard ADHD assessment tools. The tutor, my child and I all took the assessments and my child ended up amazed at how many ADHD symptoms she has! I have had this suggested to me by others over the years but the situtation has seemed so mild....

Long story short, my kid has been on ADHD meds for about 6 weeks now. She aced her final exams on the medications, her grades popped up, and she feels very good about herself.

I think the medications are real different for a 13 year- old because she can be part of the solution. She is in charge of telling me whether the meds work, at what dosage. She remembers to take her pill each day. She will be the one that decides when it will be time to quit (Kaiser has suggested she will find this useful for 2-3 years).

I know meds seem drastic. I never thought I'd do it. But I can't believe the difference it has made for her at school, and for our relationship! n in oakland

Hi, My son has been seeing Ms. Linda Lawton on San Pablo Ave. in Albany for some time. She does great work with my son, who is also 15. She is especially well-equipped to handle kids/adults with ADD/ADHD. I have also seen a number of recommendations for her on BPN. Her email address is: easy4you at Good Luck, Peggy

Nancy Chin of Step By Step is absolutely the answer to your prayers. My third-grader has tested as gifted but also has some serious problems with organization, efficiency, time-management, effectiveness, and it goes on and on. He doesn't let me help him at all with his homework (''It's none of your business, Mommy''). And, let's just say that he has inherited his ''issues'' from his father from whom he does accept help. He had never finished a homework assignment on his own, ever, until he began with Nancy just five weeks ago. Nancy knew immediately how to motivate him; connected with him on a personal level; moved slowly; and has already achieved amazing results. By the third session (once a week for an hour), he was completing his homework assignments on his own, and they were almost perfect when his father checked them over for correctness and completeness. She also has a beautiful office above Market Hall in Rockridge; only charges $70 an hour (a total bargain for what she has achieved in such a short time) and calls my son during the middle of every week to check in with him. She is the sweetest, nicest, and MOST EFFECTIVE academic coach for the issues your 13-year-old is having. I am sure you won\x92t be anything but 100% happy with the results she can achieve with your daughter. Sharon

ADHD coach for 21 year old

Sept 2007

My 21 year old Berkeley High graduate daughter has ADHD and other learning issues, and has made several false starts at community college. To break this cycle I would like to find a coach for her who can give her feedback and point the way for her to be successful. If you know of such a person please let me know. anon

I'm not sure what you're looking for in saying coach but if you want someone who is experienced working with kids with ADHD and with people with learning differences you might want to have your daughter see Phyllis Koppelman who is a educational therapist and has loads of experience with learning differences. She can help your daughter get organized, learn how to get started on assignments, how to schedule her work, and can help with writing skills. She is very kind and accessible. I know both boys and girls who have worked with her, with many different things they wanted to develop. She isn't cheap but even a few sessions can make a difference. You can check out her website at Her office is on Grand Ave. in Oakland. She has a pretty full schedule. another mom of teens

ADD coach for 8-year-old girl

July 2003

I am seeking a coach or tutor for an eight yearold girl with mild attaention difficulties. Am looking for someone that has worked with kids with attention problems and know how to help them with academics but also knows toold to asist with attention problems.

Recommendations received: Linda Lawton

you could also contact the ability resource center, which works with children (& their families) w/ learning & attentional differences. ask for glenn gelfenbein @ 510-528-6095 or glenn AT good luck! lisa

Need a coach for ADD Teen

May 2003

I have a bright but poorly focused son who is going into 9th grade at Berkeley HS. Although he's been shown on evaluations to have attentional problems, he did not respond well to medication and we'd like to provide him with a personal coach instead to help him transition to the world of HS.

We're having a hard time even figuring out what sort of professional we need since we're looking for somebody who understands learning styles and can help him develop organizational skills (i.e., an educational therapist) but also can deal with all the emotional issues that relate to motivation, behavior and self-esteem (more of a psychologist) and knows how to negotiate the high school world (add school counselor to the mix).

On top of that, as a bright 14-yr-old, our son is pretty resistant to working with anybody who seems to be babying him or underestimating his abilities. The metaphor of a COACH (he's very into sports) fits what we need --- somebody ''cool,'' with high expectations and lots of knowledge who can help him in a fun, respectful, no-nonsense and suportive way. How's that for a tall order? Any suggestions?
frustrated Berkeley mom

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