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We specialize in executive functioning skills by offering support through 1:1 sessions, workshops, parent coaching, and so much more. 

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Our 20yr old, with a similar history, is a junior in college and working with an executive function coach from SOS 4 Students. It has helped greatly, particularly with remote learning, and allowed me to not be involved at all.

You didn't mention if your child is in a social group, getting social group therapy and/or individual therapy, but you may want to check out Sue Diamond.  Since your child has been homeschooled, your son may benefit by social group therapy.  Sue is an amazing professional and has been conducting groups via zoom during the pandemic. 

Additionally, have you checked SOS for students in Montclair?  Beth Samuelson runs a fantastic program to help with executive functioning and balancing workloads. 

We could not have done it without Sue and Beth! 

 Good Luck!!

Try Nancy Chin nancy [at] (510) 384-1909 or SOS 4 Students (510) 531-4767

I work at Orinda Academy and we have SOS on campus to work with students with executive functioning weaknesses--they come to our school and I've heard positive things about Beth Samuelson.  Nancy Chin has come by and left materials as well. She does 9 week-12 week programs in Oakland and Walnut Creek.

Here's the link to SOS summer programs (being held at Orinda Academy)-you can contact Beth at (beth [at]

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Dec 2011

RE: Need organization/study skills coach for 14 yr old son asap

My son worked with Nick at SOS, and he was fantastic. He really understood my son and his organizational challenges, but pushed him to do his best. I highly recommend the company. Carrie

July 2011

RE: Evaluation for daughter with executive function issues

My son also has executive function disorder. We had him tested in 8th grade, and he has no other disability. He is also very bright, but was struggling with every aspect of school organization. The best thing we ever did was get him involved with Student Organizational Services, based in Walnut Creek. Beth Samuelson, the founder and director, absolutely changed my son's life. SOS offers a fabulous weekend seminar, ''Nailing Ninth Grade'', which addresses the very issues you mentioned. The seminars fill up quickly though, and if you have missed them for this summer, I highly recommend the one-on-one coaching. My son worked with Beth throughout high school, and developed all the skills necessary to succeed in college. He just completed his freshman year with flying colors. Check them out: Good luck! SOS fan

June 2010

RE: Educational Consultant for help with 14yo's organization

I would suggest Student Organizational Services ( They do a very good job with our students at Orinda Academy with organization, study skills, time management, test taking etc. They also have a preparation for high school program at the end of the summer. Orinda Academy ( also provides a high school prep program at summer school and an excellent program in the fall for students who learn differently. Ron

Jan 2009

RE: Organizational tutor for 13 year old boy

Try www.sos4students and see if Student Organizational Services has what you need. Beth Samuelson, who runs it, has lots of experience in dealing with exactly what you are describing. They have workshops and individual tutoring. You can call them and see what they think would be best for your son. Good luck! Debbie

June 2007

RE: Summer help for disorganized teen

You might want to look into SOS (Student Organizational Services). They have workshops (in Orinda and Berkeley) and individual coaching to help students navigate the increased workload and expectations of middle school and high school. I have heard their director, Beth Samuelson, speak a couple of times and think she is very good. Their website is Julie

Oct 2006

RE: Honors student can't stay focused on homework

My son has benefited enormously from the programs at Student Organizational Services ( They are located in Walnut Creek, but work with students from all over the Bay Area. My son took ''Nailing Ninth Grade'', a fantastic 2-day summer workshop designed to help kids prepare organizationally for high school. SOS has many other programs, and also offers one-on-one coaching, and study space consultations (where someone comes to your home and evaluates the student's study area). The coaching service is very popular, and has a long waiting list. The workshops fill quickly as well. The SOS staff is hip and great with teens, plus they know their stuff. They have fabulous ideas for kids and parents about organization and time management. I can't recommend them highly enough! Good luck Another Ninth Grade Mom