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August 2008

Re: ADD Coach for Adult
The best of the best is right here--Linda Lawton. I am a PhD with a similar job to what you describe, and I needed to get my act together desperately. Linda worked with me from an entirely non-judgemental place (essential for my success) and I made real change. Her office is in Albany, and she is the most flexible and understanding coach I could hope for. Linda's email is easy4you [at] Much Happier Now

Feb 2008

Re: Educational Therapist or ''coach'' for middle schooler
Hi, My son has been seeing Ms. Linda Lawton on San Pablo Ave. in Albany for some time. She does great work with my son, who is also 15. She is especially well-equipped to handle kids/adults with ADD/ADHD. I have also seen a number of recommendations for her on BPN. Her email address is: easy4you at Good Luck, Peggy

Dec 2005

Last Spring my teenage daughter was assessed for learning issues by Linda Lawton, E.T. I was very impressed. Linda was warm, insightful, kind and respectful. I found her final report most helpful and my daughter's high school counselor also praised it for its clarity and insight. As a classroom teacher I have read many reports over the years written by learning specialists, and Linda's was exceptional for its clear delineation of the test results and what my daughter's learning challenges were. Linda knows a lot about ADD (it's her area of expertise) and how it effects the school/life experience of her clients. She helps with planning and managing the many areas that ADD can affect, beyond the classroom. She has offices on Solano Ave. in Berkeley and in Walnut Creek.

Re: ADD coach for 8-year-old girl (July 2003)
i have recommended adults w/ learning and attentional differences to linda lawton, w/ great success. i believe she is a former educator, so is very familiar w/ working w/ kids, but i'm not sure if she sees children in her private practice.

here's her contact info: Linda Lawton easy4you AT email

Re: Educational Therapist or coach for ADD Teen (May 2003)
Hi. When I read your message the first person I thought of was Linda Lawton, my daughter's teacher. She is an ADD coach and, more significantly, the parent of an ADD Berkeley High grad, which has given her LOTS of experience with adolescent ADD. She has also been training at UC Berkeley Extension's Educational Therapy program (a great ET program with a clinic and nationally recognized instructors). As an ADD coach she helps with time management, project completion, self-esteem, academic deficits, study skills, decision making, focus and concentration, self-talk, household organization, goals and priorities... and on and on and on! From personal experience I can also say she is great with the kids in her class (although this year she's teaching a 2/3 class, all of her prior experience is with middle school kids or older.). She meets each of them where they are, and brings them forward. Her style varies from child to child, so that she can bring out the best in each one. You can contact her at easy4you AT Good luck. Nancy

I am an Ed Therapy Intern at UC Extension and I do ADD coaching for adolescents and adults. My 20+ year teaching background is middle school . I'm available for coaching and I also know about navigating these waters, parent-to-parent, because I have an ADD child myself. Good luck and contact me if you want. Linda Lawton