Need help for 9th grade boy with organizational, executive function challenges

Hi all,

My family just moved from NY a couple of months ago.  I have a son with mild ADHD who is very inquiring and engaged with subjects in his 9th grade class (small private school in Berkeley), but is having trouble organizing his homework, working with the tech platforms the school uses, and making sure things like notes and notebooks are organized, so he can keep track of things and turn them in.  We may also need some help with subject matter tutoring, but I'm really first looking for someone who has dealt with kids like my son who need help with organizational tasks and executive functioning.  Any recommendations?  Many thanks, Eileen

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Two of my kids have worked with Kevin Arnold, a tutor in Berkeley who specializes in organizational skills. His info on BPN is here:  Kevin helped my kids stay organized in middle school and high school and was especially helpful teaching my younger son, who has ADD, how to get an essay or long-term project started and then completed. My son has continued to use the skills he learned from Kevin for writing assignments even after tutoring ended.  Kevin is an easy-going, affable guy that my kids really clicked with and enjoyed going to see. He meets his students at local cafes for one-on-one.