Organizational coach / academic tutor for teen?

I have a very smart but disorganized and often academically unmotivated teen that has trouble staying on top of her homework. I've spoken with her high school counselor and we feel she could really benefit from an organizational coach/ tutor that will work with her in organizing her assignments and ensuring that the work gets done and submitted. She does not have ADD or ADHD, and can concentrate on her work when she chooses. She also understands the material and likes her school but is simply very social with poor habits of work.

Would love recommendations for that special someone who has worked well for your family - especially if they came to your house (we're in Berkeley). Btw: I am familiar with Classroom Matters, but think that type of group study environment may not be ideal in our case.


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My daughter really had good rapport with Jennifer at on Solano. My daughter went weekly for about two months for SAT prep and college application organization, but Jennifer can do non-college coaching as well. Somehow Jennifer would give the same advice/suggestions to my daughter as I did, but from Jennifer my daughter would actually listen and apply the advice.