Looking for a executive functioning coach/tutor for 10th grader

My son will be in 10th grade at BHS in the fall. He gets high grades for participation and lousy grades for application and practice. He has an IEP. He's seen tutors. What I am looking for is someone to check in with him daily after school, keep his assignments on track, following up on Illuminate, and if need be tutor him where he needs help. Anything that needs to be worked on over a period of time (like over a couple of weeks) never gets done. Studying for tests never happens. So many of his assignments don't get turned in. I am sick of emailing his teachers and hoping to help him play catch up with his grades. My husband and I will be working more in the fall and I can't rely on my son to make sure his work gets completed on his own. I don't know how to help him. I am dreading a repeat of freshman year. Does anyone know of a person that will come in for an hour or two a day to help with this kind of thing? I was thinking a college aged student might be good for this? I am willing to hire a pro as well. I looked through the previous posts but they were all a couple years old. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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My son had similar issues as a Freshman at BHS. Although he does not have an IEP, he walks to classroom matters 1 day a week after school and it has really helped with his executive functioning, organization and grades

I like Classroom Matters a lot but he needs more wrangling at home. Thanks for posting.

Two of my children have ADHD and anxiety.  Both did well in school until high school.  We have worked with therapists and enrolled our kids in classes to manage their ADHD and anxiety at Kaiser (Very helpful!).  However, when they reached high school, both began struggling for very different reasons.  One child battled severe depression and was hospitalized and fell behind in her classes.  She couldn't keep up as we figured out what treatment might work for her.  Once she was stable, she was so far behind that it looked like she wouldn't graduate.  My other child is very gifted and enjoyed the arts aspect of school but couldn't be bothered to do the academic work.  Despite counseling, 504 Plans and all sorts of consequences, he too was failing.  As soon as we realized our challenges, we  reached out to Lisa at Classroom Matters  in Berkeley and have been working with their team for years now.  Their advocate, Tatiana, helped us work with the school, understand our rights and get action so that my daughter could graduate on time.  The tutors have worked with both children over the years and have been extremely supportive, encouraging and have helped both children master materials they were struggling with. Derek is currently working with my son to help him catch up so that he can graduate from the school he loves.  Derek is very focused, patient and provides great follow-up with us as parents and my son's teachers.  I honestly don't know what we would have done without the team at Classroom Matters during the most difficult of times.  I would highly recommend that you contact them for a consultation.  They have regular tutoring sessions, as well as a drop-in supervised study clinic.  Wishing you luck, sanity and stamina to get through these years!