Organizational Specialist for teens with executive functioning challenges

As my teen starts high school next week, I was thinking it would be useful to find a specialist or tutor who can help her with her school organization.  She has ADD and has some challenges with executive functioning.  Looking for someone who can help her organize notebooks, help her with planning and how to approach assignments so that she feels in control.  A bonus would be if this person could also help with note taking strategies.

Thank you!

Incoming High School Mom

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Kevin Arnold is really great for this. BPN recommendations (including two from me) are here:   He has tutored my 2 kids who have ADD and he is especially skilled at organizational issues. He's friendly and relates well to teens.  

We also interviewed Nancy Chin who is in Rockridge. She specializes in helping kids with executive function issues to get organized. We really liked her, and we liked her approach. In the end our kid didn't think he needed her help so we didn't hire her, but she would be great too, I think.