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  • Decluttering assistance

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    I am overwhelmed by the clutter in my very small house. I need someone who is patient and compassionate to encourage me to go through the clutter, which consists primarily of clothing and boxes and piles of papers.  Because there are a few important and valuable things I can't find, everything needs to be reviewed before sorting. This is not a job for a Task Rabbit, nor do I need help with organizing what I have (yet).  Thanks in advance.

    I can highly recommend. Katherine Korlacki. I used her services a number of times and kept going back. She is a great organizer, easy to work with, and I think the perfect person to help with your project! Her tag line is "Clear out what weighs you down, keep what brings you joy." I think that says it all. Tell Katherine that David said "hi."

    You can find her contact information on her website... 

    I enjoyed working with Jane (business name, Jane Organizes), when I got stuck trying to do the Marie Kondo thing on my own. She is a certified KonMari consultant, and applies this method with flexibility to meet individual needs. She really helped me clear out clothes, organize papers, and overcome some mental hurdles with decluttering. Good luck!

    Hi there. Offering advice from the organizer’s perspective. One way we help our clients is to sort and edit the clutter as sometimes it is overwhelming to know where to start. We are objective, non-judgmental and are not invested in your items so we can keep you focused to see the big picture and to stay on task.

    If you have a friend or family member who has the qualities you posted, they can help you with this process. Start with a small area and do a gross sort. This is taking each item to review and determining whether you want to keep, donate/recycle or trash it. Once you have the keep pile, you can do a finer sort into categories (ie papers to file, take action, read for later.) Work your way around the room or to the next box in this fashion. It will get faster once you get used to the process, I promise!

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  • Hi, we live in a small craftsman and Temescal and have a new child on the way. I have no idea how we are going to fit this additional person in our home. I’m hoping that there’s someone out there who has a great eye for design and organization and might be able to come into our house and help us reconfigure spaces, de-clutter and make more space for this new baby. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Briana Johnson is a great resource for this type of work. She has taught me so much! 

    (925) 785-1384

    I have used Katherine Korlacki's services a number of times and keep going back. She is a great organizer, easy to work with, and I think the perfect person to help with your project!

    You can find her contact information on her website... and congratulations on your growing family!

    Congratulations on your new baby!  I was in a similar position (post baby) and worked with Martina Elliott.  I would absolutely recommend her - she does exactly what you are hoping to achieve plus she is incredibly sweet and patient and has a calming energy which is great for any expecting/new parent :)

    You can check out her services and contact her directly through her website 

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  • I'm looking for a professional to come into my small (1000SF) rental home, and help me organize and design the space in a more functional way. I'd love to work with someone that can help me redesign with the items (furniture/art) that I already have - and offer design advice on what pieces of furniture are missing. It would be wonderful if they could also offer some organization help with toddler toys/clothing storage, how to organize keepsakes, and office space. However, I am mostly looking for someone with a great eye for design who can help us make our space work for us in a better way.

    I highly recommend that you get in touch with Christina Campobasso at clcampobasso [at] Christina has helped us with several design projects, including setting up a small rental property, and she is wonderful to work with. From the moment she enters your space, she brings a sense of calmness and curiosity about what you're looking for. I found her to be nonjudgemental and very warm, as well as super efficient and focused. She helped us rearrange furniture that we already had, suggested a few things that we could purchase, and made some great suggestions about layout of the small space we were trying to set up.She also came up with some great storage suggestions and organization systems.  She also helped us with the design of a small bathroom, including choosing the tiles, paint and fixtures. She has a background in lighting design and is great with coming up with solutions for making small spaces look and feel as good as possible. Definitely reach out to Christina, you won't be disappointed!

    I highly recommend Christina Campobasso. She has a great eye and great taste. 

    She came over to our house initially to help us plan a redesign and she ended up moving our own furniture, art and plants around in such a way that we actually didn't need to do a redesign! We couldn't believe it. One hour with her was like having a magic wand waved about. We have seen her work her magic in other spaces- she is great at assessing a space, sourcing anything that might be needed, and just giving you a well put together plan for making your space functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Clcampobasso [at]

  • Organizational help and cleaning

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    Hi all - we’re expecting our first child at the end of the month and have been trying to get our house in order. Does anyone have a recommendation for a person who could help organize the nursery, linens, and wouldn’t mind washing and folding baby things?


    Sorry I don't have a recommendation, and hope you find what you need.  When you are thinking through how to organize the nursery, keep in mind that the recommendation (which will make life way easier for you at night, too) is to have baby in your room, close to your bed, at night for at least the first six months.

    A lot of house cleaners or mother's helpers will wash, fold, and put away baby items. Do you have a doula? Maybe she has resources? 

    I wanted to share my personal experience. The biggest mistake I made and the one that I regretted the most was getting the nursery ready before the baby came. We had a guest bedroom / my office which had a queen size bed. We thought we had to get a nursery set up before the baby arrived. We got rid of the queen size bed and moved my desk out to put in a changing table, a crib, and bookshelf for the baby. We hired a professional organizer who strongly recommended that we get rid of the bed, although I actually wanted to keep the bed and make the room still baby friendly. 

    A HUGE mistake. The baby did not sleep in the crib for many months. The baby didn't even sleep in beds, only wanting sleep being held, tucked in next to a parent, or in a moving swing.  I cried so hard, desperate for sleep and not having that extra bed to sleep with the baby.  Baby would wake up to nurse every 1 - 2 hours! The only way I could get any sleep was to co-sleep. I didn't want to sleep with the baby and my spouse who needed to sleep and work while I was on leave, so I ended up sleeping on the floor. It was miserable. If only we had that queen size bed, we would have slept all so well. If you will set up a nursery, please also think of how you might sleep in the same room as the baby and how you and your partner (assuming you have one) will strategize so that you can both get some sleep at different times. 

    The changing table that was meant to live in the baby's room actually ended up living in the kitchen because it was the most convenient place to bathe, change, and do all the baby stuff. Kitchen sink is the most convenient place to bathe a little baby. 

    I'm not sure if you have a cleaning person who would be willing to do laundry for you. If you will hire an organizer, I strongly recommend that the organizer is an experienced mother / parent.

    I really enjoyed working with Jane - for help organizing my space. I now have a nearly one-year-old, but at the time I worked with her it was just to help me clear space and energy in my life, I wasn't even planning a baby then. It really helped me get unstuck in many ways, and I ended up completing the KonMari process on my own (I did a long and imperfect version of it) by handling some sentimental items in my attic, when I was 8 months pregnant. I feel like I need to do it all over again but I'm really glad that I did all that work on my space and managing my belongings before launching into parenthood. I don't know if she'll help you fold laundry, but she can help you with the hard parts of making decisions and reorganizing. (I don't know if she's a parent though, and I agree it might be a helpful qualification in this case). Definitely talk to other parents about what to do and not do in preparation! Some things you'll be glad you did in advance, but some things you won't really know until you get there what is going to work best for your family Good luck!

  • I need help with my house

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    There has got to be someone out there who can come help me. I am looking for someone to help me with decluttering/organizing. I need help making decisions and making it happen. When I tried before to find someone all I got was a bunch of questions about specifics. But I don’t know where to start which is why I want to hire someone. I know this is going to be crazy expensive but I am desperate right now. I want someone supportive but who will push me. Willing to come to my house and spend time and help with all the details because I cannot deal with them right now. 

    Any recommendations? 

    hi - I worked with Lily Williams at Open Space Design last year. I dropped the ball on finishing the work, to be honest, as I had a kid at home during the pandemic and a lot of work changes that have given me no emotional/mental space to make progress, unfortunately. She was lovely and thorough. Highly recommend her!

    - Sam

    100% check out the minimal mom on YouTube! I have decluttered my house sooo much and it has changed my life in countless ways! She has a course she made with 3 other women that goes through everything on getting your house together. Highly, highly worth the money. It's called take your house back and info is probably on her YT vids. Definitely would recommend! 

    I have used Katherine Korlacki on several occasions with great results — website is

    Katherine is a great organizer who will do just what you're describing ... 

    I highly recommend Beck from Whole House Cleanse. Supportive and kind and also gives gentle guidance/push to help get through tougher decisions. Can't wait for her to come over again! Here is her website:

    Penny at Tips and Sass is amazing - non judgemental, calm and able to take charge and gently push you to make progress. She helped me when our house was a disaster after we moved and afterwards I felt so much more in control of it all. 

    I recommend Lauren Mentzel of Brilliant Order ( She helped me tackle an overwhelming and overflowing storage space in my basement. She’s lovely - good mix of supportive and understanding, yet a bit bossy. And she doesn’t cost a fortune. Good luck!

  • Hi good people, I am seeking someone to help me with paperwork, filing, and overall management and organizing of bills and files, mostly for my mother and my deceased father whose affairs I am managing. I also need help with some of the administrative work involved in being a literary executor, such as tracking international royalty payments, researching whether a book has already been translated into x language, assisting me with keeping track of communications with publishers, building a reliable electronic filing/tracking system, and so on. I'm sure there are things I'm not thinking of right now. Basically, I really need help as I have more on my plate (and in the piles on my desk) than I can handle. I'm imagining a couple of hours every two weeks with me in person in my home (masks on, windows open), and a couple of extra weekly hours on their own as needed. I'm also imagining that there will be more work at the beginning, and once I'm more organized and on top of things, then there will be less. I need someone discreet, trustworthy, educated enough to be able to handle the academic communications, and able to think on their own (once they get the hang of things). I live in San Francisco. I'd be so grateful for any suggestions (is there someone you've worked with you can recommend?) or advice on where to look for such a person. Any advice on what to pay would also be welcome. Thank you so much! Kathy

    You are in need of a professional organizer, as this is what they do. There are many in the Bay Area -- google them and check out the Professional Organizers' Association for recommendations. Call and ask about rates, processes etc. They are widely used and in high demand in the South Bay and rates are generally from $95- $125 per hour. I have used Paula Berman Organizing, and she was great. But there are many. Call around for a good fit for you.

  • Professional organizer/declutter-er?

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    So we just had a baby two months ago (yay!) and I desperately want to get my house in order before I have to go back to work and he gets old enough to crawl around. Having a messy house was always a source of tension growing up, and I would really like to equip my son with the skills he needs to take care of his space and not be a scatterbrained slob like his mom. Can anyone recommend someone to help us get our house in order and establish systems that we can then simply maintain? 

    Have you tried TaskRabbit? I’ve had good luck on it so far finding people to do odd jobs like home organization, hanging shelves, grouting my tub. I usually pick the elite Taskers and I always pick women (it is so empowering to see handywomen doing a great job). Lately I used Mara H. on TaskRabbit to organize and purge my kitchen. She did a great job. Sorry I realize I don’t have her full name but she’s a lady with short curly hair. Good luck!

    I can't recommend Janet Flint enough! She's been helping me reorganize not only my home office/guest room/den to be more workable, user-friendly, and efficient, but we are now looking at other rooms to do the same thing! A complete pleasure to work with.

    Janet Flint
    janet4space [at]               Calming the Chaos of ClutterMember: NAPO/National Association of Professional Organizers

  • Any suggestions for a garage organizer?

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    Our poor garage. It's capable of being so much but it's filled with unorganized childhood things, tools, toys and other crap, it currently doesn't stand a chance.

    With two littles, we have no time to tackle this (heck, we didn't without kids...), but I'd love any advice on someone who can organize our garage, make recommendations on tool storage/cabinets/brackets (better still if they can actually install) and generally help us along in making our garage a more usable space for kids to do art/play and my husband to work out. I need someone who can do more than recommend putting stuff in clear bins.

    I want someone with a vision on how to maximize space, including where to place large items like ladders, bags of lawn chair cushions, occasional tables, etc.

    Does this person exist outside of my fantasies?


    We worked with Pat & Jeanne at Tailorly recently. This sounds like it’s within their scope. We loved them and I would highly recommend!

    I've been very happy working with Katherine Korlacki — check out her website at for email and phone contact information.

    I highly recommend Ali LeJeune of Simply Ali. We had similar needs for both our basement and living/dining area and she came up with great, creative solutions. Her website is

    We’ve been working with Katherine Korlacki. She works with us on our house. She also worked with my teenage son reorganized his room. She’s really good. We like her a lot. 1 (510) 525-3310. AJ

  • Looking for a home organizer

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    I'm looking for home organizer that can come in to my house and help purge clutter throughout the house and organize it.  Someone who is kind and energetic. Any recommendations?

    I have been using Janet Flint for organizing. She is fabulous! janet4space [at]

    I've worked a number of times with Katherine Korlacki, a professional organizer in Berkeley/Albany. I've enjoyed working with her, and found her very capable and knowledgeable.

    Phone 510-525-3310

    email - Katherine [at]

    ​web -

  • I have never used services of a professional designer or organizer, but I think I'd like to try that.  FYI - I have two kids, far apart from each other:  an almost 5 year old and a 16 year old. 

    I found two designers/organizers on BPN (Victoria Bochat and Helena Tiainen), and they seem very similar to each other from what I can tell from a brief exchange via phone and e-mail and looking at their websites.  They both charge the same per hour, and promise to listen to us and be flexible, and both have great reviews from clients.  I still feel reluctant picking one of them without meeting them in person, but they haven't offered that as an option before signing up to work with them.

    Any suggestions on what I can/should do to decide which one to pick?

    Thank you!

    I used a professionally organizer.  I intitially wanted her help with husband's closet. I met with her in person. She looked at the space talked to me about how my husband used the space. For example, he needs to visually see clothes so dresser drawers don't work. We discussed fees.  She took measurements.  She also had someone who worked for her at a lower rate do some of "grunt" work. Then did much work offline like ordering shelving. I highly recommend meet in person before you go with anyone. I felt she was very skilled, efficient with her time and I had in a 6 month period hired her to organize and declutter my basement, garage/office space, pantry (deep shelving) and kid play area in living room.  She also told me how to declutter/organize my hallway closet and I did it myself. Along with other areas of house/bathroom.

    Here's the person I worked with - 

    Dana ArkinzadehCertified Professional Organizer®Senior Move Manager®DMA Organizing510.206.4812

    I would definitely ask to meet them in person. It's quite a reasonable request as you would be working with them for several hours at least in a fairly personal way. You could go and offer to meet them where they are, so it would be easier for them if needed. Or, you could hire them for a small, discrete task (ie. organize a closet or something like that) and see how that goes.  Make sure you don't sign up for a big package (just because it's cheaper) until you are sure you work together well. 

     You could also ask them for names of recent customers who might be willing to speak with you for a few minutes and give you a bit more feedback. 

    I have hired many people over the years to help me with aspects of my household-- a mistake I have made several times and regretted every single time is working with someone who I didn't really like, on an energetic level, just because I was tired of looking for the right person. That wasn't always apparent at the outset, but usually became apparent within a visit or two. 

    good luck and have fun with your place!

    I've used Victoria in the past and can wholeheartedly recommend her.  She did a great job for me (more than once).  I don't know anything about Helena Tiainen, but you can't go wrong with Victoria.

  • Hi, we need some help with organizing /decluttering our home in Berkeley, and are reaching out to see if fellow parents may have a recommendation for us. Have you recently used such a service, and would you recommend them?  What was the cost?  How did it work /can you describe the "process"? Thanks for any recommendations you might provide. 

    No responses received.

  • Looking for Organization/Clutter coach

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    I'm looking for Clutter or Organization coach that can come in to my house and help purge clutter throughout the house and organize a home office.  Someone who is kind and energetic.  I don't mind buying gadgets and containers to stay organized but I don't want someone who is simply trying to sell me products.  I would prefer someone who is bonded.  Thanks, Lena.

    Hi, Dana Arkinzadeh of DMA Organizing.  Dana works with several of my friends, coaching clients and students. I've known her for years and know her to be easy to work with, filled with great ideas, non-judgmental and just a really nice woman. She's also a member of NAPO-the National Assn. of Professional Organizers. call her at 510 206 4812.

    Shira Gill is fantastic and will exceed your expectations.  She is great at helping to go through piles and closets worth of junk/belongings, makes arrangements for donation pick ups, organizations everything with you, and finds inexpensive organization tools for everything.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Shira [at]

    Hi, my friend Michele Moore has a company called MooreSpace.  She is extremely good at organizing, very experienced, non judgemental and kind.  She is great at getting one to get rid of junk and clutter and knows where to take it.  She is also a trained counselor so that really helps with the anxiety these things can bring up!  She helped me organize my teenagers' bedrooms which were such disasters that I didnt want to go in there.  Also my linen closet and other bits of the house which were out of control.  Here is her Facebook page.

    Tana Ching at TC Organizes.   She is an outstanding professional, not selling products.  Great disposition, really thoughtful and incredibly efficient and productive.  You will not be disappointed!

    Hi Lena. I took a class at the Berkeley Adult School with Claire Tompkins, Clutter Coach and subscribe to her podcast. She is local, very informative & relaxed. You can check her out at Good luck!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Looking for organizer to come every month or so

Jan 2013

i have finally admitted that i am not going to do filing and don't have time to 'pick up' all the stuff that gets left out around the house. My new years 'intentions' this year is to live in a house that is organized and orderly. I am looking for someone to come in once a month or so and do my filing and other organizing tasks like putting my kids toys away, organizing the kitchen drawers, etc. So part organizer and part personal secretary. Thanks! lisa

I highly recommend Kasey Brenner to you. She did an amazing organizing job for me about a year ago which included my home office, kid's room, closets, etc. But I am a working mom and I, just like you, had to admit I couldn't do it all. Since then, Kasey has come in about once a month for 2-3 hours (her rates are really inexpensive) and does my filing, which i hate to do, and just generally straightens up, which is also the name of her business. Call her. She is easy to work with and trustworthy to work in your house when you're not home. Her cell is: 510-290-6273. dawn

Like you, I finally admitted I was never going to do my filing and other office tasks. Kasey Brenner had done a large organizing project for me and I was very happy with her work. She also organized my kids rooms, closets, etc. but I am not an organized person and just couldn't keep it up, being a working mom with 2 kids. So I asked Kasey if she could come once a month and straighten up (which is also the name of her business). Turns out this is exactly what she does now! For the last year, Kasey has been coming once a month to help me with organizational tasks: she does the filing, straightens up the kids rooms, kitchen drawers and whatever needs to be done. She is fun to work with and you can trust her with the key to your house. I don't feel so overwhelmed anymore, because I know that Kasey is coming and things will get back under control. She's great... a life-saver actually. You can reach her at 290-6273. You won't be sorry! Amy S

I'm happy to recommend Rebecah Freeling, (614) 769-3563 (or rebecah [at] She's awesome. She's a great organizer, and a great assistant! (She's helped me with bookkeeping and budgeting.) She can handle any specific task you throw at her, and she's also excellent with more complicated projects. And if you lack systems that ease work flow and make organization easier and you need her to design one, she'll come up with one that makes sense to you and fits with your preferences. (And finally, she also works with children, so if it's relevant and you want, she could get it so that your children put their own toys away :-)) Rebecah one of the most focused, efficient, 'get-it-done' people I've met, and she's also very encouraging and validating. I hope you give her a call! Satisfied Client

I have the perfect person for you - Kasey Brenner. Years ago, I paid an expensive organizer to design systems for my mail and other clutter which I was not able to keep up. Then arrived Kasey who did a better job redesigning systems for the mounds of paper, magazines, and just plain stuff for a fraction of the price. Since then, Kasey keeps me on the straight and narrow by filing and decluttering on a regular basis. She has saved my sanity. Call her at 510-290-6273. You'll be grateful you did. Finally organized

Professional organizer to help with baby's room

Nov 2012

Got recommendations for a professional organizer? Need help with my baby's room! Angela

I LOVED working with Virginia Maddan - I did a fair bit of homework via another list serve last year to find someone to help me with my home office as well as kid room and kitchen. She has a wonderful process that starts off with a bit of getting to know you - it's almost like therapy - and then she digs in. She offers a lot of services (shopping, dropping off donations and junk) or will give you pointers on how to take care of things yourself to save money. Virginia is not the cheapest resource around but she is very efficient and understanding. I never felt like a basket case/hoarder or anything working with her, which was one of my secret fears!! Sarah

I highly recommend Jane of BadAss Organizing & Design. She has an amazing ability to ask just the right questions, take a look at what feels like an overwhelming mess, and get right to the heart of the problems. She helped me to sort my priorities, focus on how to get the most done in the least amount of time, and was great helping with follow through. Jane also has a great eye for color and design, so your home or project will not only be organized but beautiful! Best of all, she is there not to judge but to help you get to work and get your house -- and your life! -- back. You will love how free you feel after working with her! She can be reached at 415-308-1366, or at her website, Karen

Jane Kemp is an excellent organizer and a delight to work with! She reorganized my sister's 'grandmother' room. (It was previously a 'catch-all' room loaded with way too much stuff.) The final product is just perfect for spending fun and/or relaxing time with the grandkids. Jane makes the process of sorting through things and deciding what to keep/toss fun. She asks all the right questions to help your decision-making processes. And when you've made the decision to toss things, Jane helps you by taking the reusable items to a local charity. Jane is also a seasoned decorator and has helped many of her friends 'stage' their homes for sale. She has a keen sense of what should go where to make a room functional and beautiful. Jane's number is (510) 593-8684. Kathy

Katherine Korlacki is an awesome professional organizer. Katherine will work alongside you, helping you to choose between items to keep (and put them in place), those to give to Goodwill, and items to trash. She never leaves without boxes and boxes for donation or shredding. I am always pleased with my well-organized space, once Katherine and I are done working. (510) 525-3310 Katherine's motto: Clear out what weighs you down, keep what brings you joy . merry

Need Home Organizer for Downsized MIL

Sept 2012

I am looking for a referral for my MIL who moved in a few months ago. She is an elderly woman, disabled, and has a strong emotional component tied to her stuff (read: soft hoarder). She moved into our home, so had to greatly downsize, but is emotionally and physically unable to do what is necessary. She needs a gentle, nonjudgemental, but firm assistant for this project. Thanks. Home Organizer Needed

Katherine Korlacki is a wonderful professional organizer. She loves her work and folks who work with her love her. She is non-judgmental, compassionate, humorous and totally committed to helping people, as she puts it,'clear out what weighs you down, keep what brings you joy'. Her website is You can contact her at 510.525.3310 or kklorlacki [at] laura

I highly recommend Katherine Korlacki for the compassion and nonjudgemental attitude she brings to her professional organizing engagements. She helped my mother-in-law as well and was really terrific. Her website is Lisa

Need Home Organizer Recommendations

Aug 2012

Hi, I'm considering hiring a professional to help me sort and organize things in my house. I've read Yelp reviews for a few local professional organizers - Jennise Mendoza (Rescue Me), Bella Organizing and Simply Sorted all get good reviews. I'm looking for feedback about any of these companies, or referrals to other organizers you've used and liked in the East Bay. I'd also like to get an idea of the going rate for home organization services (we have a two bedroom house; we're not using our space efficiently but it's not tooo cluttered). Any info much appreciated. Thanks! Cluttery Mom

I heartily and highly recommend Dana Arkinzadeh of DMA Organizing. She has helped our family of four live in a much more organized home -- and it's amazing how much that positively impacts our quality of life together. She's got a lot of experience, ideas and is very personable. I recommend her highly. Good luck, Rachel

I highly recommend Katherine Korlacki for organizing. She helped me with a couple of projects including organizing my files and FINDING my desk and organizing my closet. With the closet project, Katherine installed a shelf system and then we put objects away. She helps clients make the tough decisions about keeping what you want and getting rid of clutter. She also knows organizations to donate/recycle/shred/dispose of unwanted stuff. One of her real talents is approaching her clients with compassion so they feel ok about having clutter and having the will to make improvements to their environment. Her phone is (510) 525-3310 and her email is kklorlacki [at] shoey

You'll get the best bang for your buck using Helena Tiainen to help you organize. Besides being a fabulous organizer, Helena also has over 12 years of training as an expert interior designer and artist (she has a BFA degree from the San Francisco Art Institute). You DON'T get charged extra for her additional phenomenal skills as she helps you organize, but you DO get the benefit of her great ideas as she helps you make sense and order out of your clutter.

I researched all the recommendations for organizers from this website that I could find, conducted additional internet searches, and talked to many organizers before I settled on Helena- and I'm so glad I did.

Helena prices her services very reasonably. She gives you a FREE half-hour telephone consultation (which I found extremely valuable), and she offers a sliding scale regarding fees depending on how much and how often you use her services (the more hours, the cheaper the price). She is kind, nonjudgmental, extremely dependable and well- she's organized! Now I don't dread coming home to a chaotic and dysfunctional home. Instead, I often sit in my home office after a long day at work and marvel at how serene I feel- knowing things are in order, that I can find what I want when I need to, and that I now feel in control of a good part of my life. You'll love the feeling!

Helena's has two websites: Best way to reach her is by email at HTiainen01 [at] or leave a message at: 510 548-3914. Diane

Need an easy-going home organizer for small apt

June 2012

My husband and I do not have knack for organizing and cleaning, which is crucial being in an 1100-sq-ft apartment with a 4-year-old and a baby on the way. We hired an organizer a couple years ago, which worked out well for the most part, but because going through my stuff and organizing it is so personal (and is emotional for me), I really want someone whose personality blends a bit better with mine. We really don't want to be schooled on how to live - we are who we are and want to better our lives w/ an organized home where things have a place to go and we need help doing this. Does anyone know of a great, easy-going but helps-get-the-job- done kind of organizer? I would be fine with a man or woman organizer. We live in Oakland. ready for better

I would highly recommend Teri Gardella of Organized to a Tee. Teri is wonderful, non-judgmental, and really easy to work with. info [at] 415.722.6047 Kim

You need to call Dana! She is a wonderful and talented organizer and you won't feel judged or that you need to change who you are. She is personable, easy-going, fun to talk to and most importantly efficient and knowledgable about organizing. She's just an all around great person who happens to be gifted at organization. Did I mention the non-judgemental part? Call her and get peace of mind! dma Organizing. 510-525-6805. Lise

You asked for an easy going home organizer: Call Kat Reichmuth i'm messy too

Hi, I have worked with a wonderful organizer over the years, Diane Christiansen, and I highly recommend her. She works with your needs rather than what she thinks you need and helps create systems that will work for and with you. I'm completely inept at this stuff but she taught me a lot. I still have issues with upkeep but I also have more skills to deal with organization than I used to before we worked together. Her email is: diane [at] and you should check out her website: Call her and chat; you'll get a sense of her approach right away. i love her energy and her positive attitude. Clutter bug

For organizing, there is no one better than Lis McKinley. She is so easy-going and not at all judgmental. Plus, she offers a free consultation, so you can get a sense of whether or not she is a good fit for you. I have seen her work some magic on small spaces! Her number is 846-1976. Camille

Emily Vander Tuin is your person! She is wonderful and non-judgmental and will do what you want and not push you to do what you don't want. I can't find her phone number at the moment, but her email is: emilyjvt [at] anon

Professional organizer to help clean out garage

May 2012

I'm overwhelmed! I need help getting rid of 15 years worth of stuff in my garage to prepare for a massive garage sale in the fall. Can anyone recommend a professional organizer for the task? Thanks. Sally Grateful for Advice

I would like to recommend Nicolas Lucia, he is a great personal professional organizer. He has experience working at an auction house so he knows the value of things and he really gets the job done! He has a great eye for how things should be organized so they will stay tidy after he is done. He is honest with you about what is realistic, a great quality in a personal organizer! He can be reached at: 925.785-6717. - Happily Organized

I highly recommend Dana Arkinzadeh of DMA Organizing. She is just fabulous and has a great handle on different ways of organizing for needs of different people. She truly listens to get to the heart of the matter, rather than imposing some set system on you that may or may not work depending on your personality. Her website is here: Jeanne

I recommend Lisa Brink. Very good at what she does and a pleasure to work with. Here's her website: anon

I highly recommend Isabella Guajardo of Bella Organizing. When Isabella still operated Girl With a Truck, she helped me organize and pack for a major relocation. As a pack rat, I have always resisted exposing my clutter to anyone, but at the time, I really needed help. Isabella was amazing, organized, creative, sensitive, non-judgmental and fast. I had dreaded and avoided this task for far too long, but Isabella never made me feel ashamed, gave me some good ideas and was very positive and encouraging. I have been recommending her ever since. Recently, Girl With a Truck has matured into Bella Organizing. Isabella's business focuses more on professional organizing in people's homes and offices, than on the variety of small packing, organizing and local moving jobs she had been doing for years in the Bay Area. I do not know about her current prices or availability, but I do know that whatever work she does will be thorough and professional. And, not only is Isabella a local small business owner, an excellent organizer and a genuinely nice person; she is an active member of various Bay Area progressive communities and women's business organizations, including Women's Initiative. And good luck with your project! Isabella Guajardo Professional Organizer SF Bay Area to Monterey Peninsula Tel: 510.229.7321

Pam Condie is a professional organizer and member of NAPO, which is an organization of professional organizers. She is skilled, non-judgmental, patient and thorough. I've been working with her this past year and am impressed with her skills. She has a website: 653 7744 Sydney

You asked for a recommendation for a professional organizer. Call Kat Reichmuth i'm messy too

Need an organizer to help my pack rat husband

April 2012

I am not sure if this falls under Products and Services or Medical/Therapy. My husband is a pack rat, almost to the point of hoarding. He has filled a storage area under our apartment, and we rent a storage unit elsewhere that is filled. He also has back and knee problems and it is hard for him to do a lot of the physical work that would involved clearing the stuff out. He just can't seem to get himself going on eliminating the stacks of stuff in our home. Are there organizers who help with the physical work of digging through stacks, and also work on the mental part of this problem? Are any of them covered by medical insurance? Please send any recommendations. I can't live like this anymore! Anon

Fabulous organizer Katherine Korlaki will work closely with your husband to identify what can go and what can stay, nicely organized. She is gentle but firm, and never leaves without a load for Goodwill, boxes for the shredder, and boxes for the dump. Your load is lightened and you feel a great sense of accomplishment.

'Clear out what weighs you down, keep what brings you joy.'

Contact Katherine Korlaki at: katherine [at] or (510)525-3310 or visit . merry

Call Katherine Korlacki. Katherine has a Masters in Counseling and has helped many people get rid of the stuff that keeps them from living life fully. She is more than happy to do the physical work, and has assistants she can bring in to help with big jobs.

She's helped me clear out a kitchen, garage, filing cabinets, kids' rooms, and then, reorganize/rearrange my living space after a divorce. She's thoughtful, sensitive, and clear-headed. She helped me create order and clear space so that I could move forward, get on with my life.

She's more than worth the money you'll save by not renting a storage unit. 510-525-3310 signed, a Happy Client

Organizer to make small house feel larger

July 2011

Seeking a person who can look thru our entire house and suggest ways to make it feel/seem larger. Have done fly-lady, am pretty clean and organized but we have a family of 4 in about 1,000 sf. I want a person who can help plan for needs of two kids who are currently 3 and 6 - beyond suggestions like bunk beds. We have a few bonus spaces (basement and small studio) and I am hoping this person would be able to take it all in, and help me make a plan that I can (mostly) implement. I met with one organizer who had good ideas but did not have kids or have a good feel for things like toy sorting/purging/storage. I am open to spending a bit on new furniture etc (over a period of time) but would love to work with what we have. Ideally this person will have some design sense as well - so that it can all come together. Hoping there is a person like this out there! Thanks

Freedom Filer has transformed my paper stacks into manageable files that tell me when to save, when to remove and replace, and when to shred my papers, all with the labeling system. I was a bit dubious, but decided to start fresh with new papers, and now I've transferred my old files into the Freedom Filer system. - Freedom Filer fan

I had a wonderful experience working with Shira Gill of 'Simply Sorted'. She came to my house and listened to what I needed/wanted, helped me prioritize, and then we got started right away--I couldn't believe how much we accomplished in 3 hours. She left me with a 'to do' list and followed up with resources. She works by the hour or a package and was very flexible. She has great eye for detail, very practical, and has two children of her own so understands the need to organize around toys, etc. Meg

2009 - 2010 Recommendations

Home organizer to help me with boys' rooms

Nov 2010

i am in desparate need of a home organizer, especially someone who can come in and help me organize my boys room(s). they are 7 and 9 and now sleep in one messy room. we have an extra room for the older boy. so someone who can also help me decorate and pick out furniture to meet their personalities.

I would like to recommend Kasey Brenner as a fantastic home organizer. Kasey helped my daughter organize her room; she was fun, encouraging and fast. She also worked with my husband on organizing his office, again with excellent results. Kasey is very supportive and upbeat, she has great ideas and knows how to get practical results quickly. I think you will enjoy working with her, and you won't believe how fast your house shapes up! Give Kasey a call at 510-290- 6273. Her rates are great too. Heidi

Dear Lisa S, I just had a GREAT experience w/a local organizer, who helped me tackle (what felt like) mountains of brown boxes, from a cross-country move. She was concise, non-judgmental, and kept up the pace to get things DONE. VERY happy with the results (I can open the door! I can see the floor! ;-) She's a mom herself, an artist, and a teacher; you won't regret calling her! She is: Pam Consear, find her: --Organized now, w/loads of room!

Meg Connell, aka The Organized One--worked wonders on my house. I actually met her through my work, when she was hired to help numerous people in the office (at various levels in the organization) get control of paperwork, workflow, etc. I was able to work w/ her to organize my professional office and ended up asking her to come help me at home. I still use all of the systems we set up, and it's been a few years. She is really enjoyable to work with, and has great ideas! I hope she can help you. Julie

I used a great organizer, Kasey Brenner. My boys rooms were a mess too and they were just sleeping in one of the rooms because the other one was fillled with old toys. Kasey came in and cleared everything out, talked to my boys about what they each wanted for their room and then she helped me pick out the furniture. My boys and I were astounded at the transformation. She is really easy to work with, likes children (she has 2 of her own) and not judgemental at all! Her number is 510-290-6273. dawn m.

I have used 'A Girl With A Truck' for several organizing projects: an overstuffed garage, 150 boxes of office files, etc. I highly recommend Isabelle -- she's experienced, professional, reliable and smart. girlwithatruck [at] 510-229-7321 harriet

I know the perfect person - Kasey Brenner. Kasey has helped me declutter my entire house, including a messy room of my teenage daughter. She has a good eye for decorating in how to use space and color. She is also hands on in hanging pictures, assembling furniture, etc. Give her a call. You won't be disappointed. Her number is 510-290-6273 Kathy Galvin

Great home organizer: Katherine Korlacki 510-525-3310 - kkorlacki [at] - Each time I've worked with Katherine, I've been left with a tightly organized space where I can easily find what I want; and Katherine has left with boxes for goodwill, and helped me to toss dozens of boxes of unwanted stuff. Best of all, we work side-by-side, so that I get to decide what stays and what goes, and pitch in to make the organizing go faster. Katherine's motto: Clear out what weighs you down. Keep what brings you joy! Merry

Seeking home organizer for garage storage area

Oct 2010

I'm looking for a household organizer who is good with storage areas. My garage is the only place I have room for: extra dishes/wine/camping equipment/luggage/extra clothing etc etc. I've thrown out/given away/put in shelving--and it is still a mess and I can't find anything half the time. Has anyone used an organizer recently that they recommend (I don't want to buy a lot of stuff, just get ideas that I don't have) Permanent Mess

I have used the professional organizing services of Helena Tiainen multiple times for decluttering, organizing, and redesigning several rooms of my home, my university office, and most recently my garage storage area. I highly recommend her. Organizing can be an overwhelming process, but Helena is consistently supportive and constructive. I really appreciate how she creatively uses and re- use furniture and storage containers that I already have, which keeps additional expenditures to a minimum. For more information about her professional organizing services, visit Helena can be reached by email at HTiainen01 [at] Catherine

I recommend Gabriella Condie. She recently helped me clear out baby/kids' stuff from my basement. She was wonderful to work with: very attuned to what my particular ''stuff'' dilemma was about. Also, she is very committed to purging in an environmentally sound way-- knows all the places to get rid of anything without it going into landfill. Due to her environmental bent, she is very good at thinking of new ways to make things work within existing parameters and re-purposing with what is on hand. Your desire to not buy a bunch of expensive new equipment might make her a good match for you. Her email is: luciente [at] Colleen

I recommend Helena Tiainen for organizing garages and other areas of the home. I've hired her off-and-on for about 4 years, most recently to prepare for a move-out and to organize us upon moving back in, including tackling a backlog of piles, establishing places for things so they're easier to keep organized, and developing new habits to stay less cluttered. She has been particularly helpful arranging things in storage areas, including some creative solutions I never would have thought of. Helena doesn't have a cookie-cutter approach, and listened well to what my hopes and constraints were. Helena's contact info & background are on her website: Alicia

I would strongly recommend Gabrielle Fishman of GO Gabrielle Organizes for all your home organizing project. She is a wonderful person to work with, highly efficient and amazingly talented and creative. She'll get you organized and in top shape in no time! Her phone number is 510.288.8380 and her email address is gabrielle.fishman [at] Best of Luck to you! Rebecca

In response to the question, ''Seeking home organizer for garage storage area,'' I would like to offer the following advice: 1) Ask your friends for the names of organizers they were highly satisfied with (preferably who have experience in organizing garages or large spaces) 2) Call and ask them to provide you with the names and contact information for at least 2 client references 3) See if they will conduct a consultation to give you an estimate of time and cost for organizing your project. This will also help you know whether or not you can comfortably work with them. 4) Visit their website and ''Google'' them to learn more about their credentials and experience. Good luck, Lis

Need a personal organizer we look like Hoarders

Sept 2010

We have a lot of mess and little time to organize, purge and place. Are there people we can hire to help us sort through our stuff and create more useful space in our house? If you know someone or a business I could call please send them my way. Looking for someone between the dates of Sept. 1st - Sept 15 Thank you kristen

For all the hoarders, pack-rats, and clutter queens/kings, I highly recommend Debra Baida. Her company, Liberated Spaces, was named #1 Best Home Organization business in the Bay Area on SFGate's BayList 2010. Debra's very sensitive to your individual needs and helps you figure out best practices for organizing your home and/or work space. She's so organized she even finds time to blog about creative ways to keep the clutter down by recycling, donating, and living green on her Facebook page and website: - feeling liberated

you need to contact shira gill, she will clear your clutter and make you feel like you got a new house, only it's no longer a house, it's a streamlined space that you wish you could live in, like an awesome boutique hotel, oh but wait, it's your home! where did all that mess go? i don't know how she does it, but shira helps you breathe air into your personal space and through doing so, your life. good luck! clutter free

Dana Arkinzadeh is a terrific professional organizer. She has helped me through really overwhelming organizational dilemmas. She's easy to work with, flexible and really wants to help folks find a solution that will work for them and that they can maintain.

I would like to recommend Kasey Brenner as an outstanding personal organizer. Kasey has worked with us on several projects, with great success. Our office was really an embarrassment, and Kasey guided us through the process of planning and executing a complete overhaul. The hardest part was throwing things out, but with Kasey's support we were able to separate out what we needed to keep and what we could let go of. Kasey is patient, responsible, and completely supportive throughout the process. My greatest fear in hiring a personal organizer was judgement, but she was completely non-judgemental... I guess she's seen it all! Her rates are reasonable and she gets a lot done in a short amount of time. I could not be more enthusiastic about recommending her! Give her a call at (510) 290-6273. K

check out shira gill of simply sorted. she's like your own personal Martha, but doesn't make you feel bad about yourself. leila

I have the perfect person for you. Her name is Kasey Brenner. Kasey is a fantastic organizer. She is adept at purging and then creating systems, including buying containers and furniture, for all the stacks of paper and piles of stuff that cover every surface of the house. She inspires me to get organized every time she comes, and I feel lighter when she leaves. Give her a call at 510-653- 2720. You will feel so much better. kg

Organizer / spaceplanner / architect? (+shrink?)

Dec 2009

I want to finally tackle the bed/bath/closet/office remodel, but need someone to get me to: clean out / organize; AND to help with the design (layout) of the to-be-reconfigured space (I've got the piggybank, and a contractor). I'm hoping there's someone BPN'ers have come across that combines those talents... (or, maybe I'm just finding a new way to procrastinate on this, again?) Hey, maybe there's a shrink/ organizer/architect I can hire, huh? Or (more realistically) any one from those disciplines that y'all think are great at what they do, and would be willing to talk to me about this project. --running in circles, chasing my tail

I think the person you want to talk to is Nina Johnson. Her phone is 510-482-1619. She is great with this kind of thing, and has all kinds of people at her fingertips: designers, contractors, etc. (even the shrink) that she knows well and works with regularly. Working with Nina can be great fun once you get started. The hardest part for me is always just making that initial phone call. From then on it's pretty easy. Laura

I recommend Helena Tiainen for organizing and space planning. I've hired her off-and-on for a 2-3 years to tackle a backlog of piles, establish places for things so they're easier to keep organized, develop new habits to stay less cluttered. She has been particularly helpful preparing for our home remodel and arranging things when we moved back in upon completion. Helena has helped me rearrange furnishings and belongings, especially in the living room, dining room, closets, and work/desk area. She doesn't have a cookie-cutter approach, and listened well to what my hopes and constraints were. Helena's contact info & background are on her website: Alicia

While she isn't an architect, I know a fantastic Professional Organizer/Feng Shui Consultant who has a solid knack for being a ''therapist'' too! She is sensitive, efficient and amazing at what she does. She does free consultations in your home, so you can get a good idea of what she brings to the table before you start spending money. I can't recommend her highly enough. Kim Prigge 415.819.6727 Best, Lisa F.

Personal Organizer Needed

April 2009

We are in need of a personal organizer to help us get our home, garage and closets in order. Does anyone have a good reccomendation? Thanks! Suzanne

Give LeeAnn Kleinfelter of Keeping Order a call. Her web address is and her # is 925.360.5015. She is fabulous at sizing up a situation, creatively solving the problem and setting up a system that you can easily follow. She has helped me organize my office, getting systems on the computer in place, and organizing my kitchen and garage. She is approachable, non-judgmental and really efficient. She works really hard and you will definitely get your moneys worth. happily organized

Give Helena Tiainen a call today! I've collaborated with Helena on specific projects as well as leveraged her for ongoing support over the last 2 years. She customizes her services according to whatever the client needs and has quite a skill set and tool box to pull from ... we have worked on organizing, strategizing, redecorating, you name it. She is responsible, has many ideas, listens well and can even help you decide what your needs are and how to prioritize what's important to you. She does not drive her own agenda, but is good in coming up with many ideas on how to approach something, including creative and practical alternatives. She can be contacted at 510.848.1525 or email htiainen01 [at] Her web site is Denise

I know a fantastic organizer, Karena Gruber. She will help you put your stuff in order (without judgement). She has a website,, you can reach her by email at karena [at] or phone at 415-350-8515 Elena

I have had a fantastic experience with Lexa Walsh for personal organization. Contact info: toychestra [at], (510) 282- 6311, Lexa has been recommended many times on BPN, and for good reason: she is excellent at what she does, and a pleasure to work with. Lexa helped us reorganize our ENTIRE house. We did room by room, week by week. This included turning our garage into a functional workspace (designing the plan, buying shelving, etc), reorganizing our kitchen, emptying and consolidating our attic and basement (including creating storage areas, etc) and considering/changing where we stored things in various parts of our house so that it all had better and more natural flow. Lexa led the effort conceptually, but also really got her hands dirty (helped us make it happen at every step, hauled stuff away for us). She was a godsend. She is I think entirely unique in that she is an artist, has a great eye for aesthetics/color/etc, but is also entirely practical/hardworking/organized. And she LISTENS. She is definitely the whole package. Oh, and did I mention she is just a lovely person to spend time with? Who would have thought I could enjoy emptying the attic?! My husband and I both give her our very highest recommendation. Vandy and Leo

I know a fabulous Organizer, Lee Ann Kleinfelter, Keeping Order. Her phone number is (925) 360-5015. Dana

2007 - 2008 Recommendations

March 2008

I need help with mail and bill management. I also have to deal with too much clutter in the garage, kitchen, kids room, etc. And my closet could use some help. Does anyone have a good organizer? buried in clutter

I used Pam Condie to organize my office. My favorite quality: she's NOT judgemental!!! Second, she showed me how to recycle stuff that was too valuable to toss, but not worth the trouble to store. It felt so good to find new homes for my ''valuable'' junk. 510-653-7744. pam [at] Big plus: when I moved my office, I used the principles she taught me to make my new space effecient. She teaches HOW to organize!! HappyBusinessOwner

I have a great organizer referral for you. Her name is LeeAnn Kleinfelter and her business is Keeping Order. She's fabulous. She can easily and quickly scope out a situation and not only get it cleaned up but give you strategies for handling it efficiently in the future. She's no nonsense, a hard worker and just a nice person! Her # is 925.360.5015 or email her at leeann [at] marika

I can't exactly recommend *how* to find an organizer - I stumbled onto ours in a talk thread on Yelp. However, I can highly recommend the person I did find. Susanna Sabahi from is a great personal assistant/organizer. First, she helped me organize the various vendors for our wedding and reception and now she is invaluable for helping us turn my home office into the baby-to-be's room. She is locating vendors for us, helping sort out items to donate and sell, selling items on eBay and CraigsList, coordinating the pick up of donation and bulky trash items and helping us organize the space in both the baby's room and the corner of the living room that will now be an office. She is heaven-sent! Lise

A few months ago we hired Jennise Mendoza (Rescue Me Organizer) to help de-clutter our one bedroom apartment. I highly recommend her. When she left - honestly, I felt like we had just added a room! She worked with my husband and I to organize, sell, donate and recycle sooooo much stuff. She was diplomatic but firm about purging our many belongings. She was also just a nice, funny, kind person - so someone I felt comfortable going through things with. This is her # 510-866-4619 Good Luck! Christina

Hi, There are a few different ways to find an organizer - asking for a referral being the best one! There is a National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Bay Area has quite a large chapter. You can go to and click on the ''Find An Organizer'' link at the top. You can search by area or specialty. Lastly, some organizers advertise on Craigs List. Dana

For organizing help, look no further than Claire Tompkins at She and I have been working our way through my entire house, from the basement up, with great success. I've been learning through working with Claire, what strategies work for me to keep paperwork, kids' toys and clothes, and general clutter from getting out of hand. Her slogan is ''non-judgmental help for the overwhelmed,'' and she really achieves that; she is great at helping me stay focused on the goal at hand without spiraling off into either sentimentality (at the precious memories I'm finally throwing into the recycling) or shame (that my house is such a mess). She's at 510-238-8875. Good luck! heidi

I've worked with Pam Condie, a professional organizer, and think she's very good at what she does. She'll help you go through your stuff, and help set up systems for dealing with it in the future. She has some good info at her web site:

Since it can be a very personal and intimate thing to have someone go through your stuff, it's important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable. If Pam doesn't work out, try checking out NAPO (Nat'l Assoc Professional Organizers) for other options. Talia

I have the perfect organizer. She has helped me develop a mail and bill system and eliminate the piles and piles of clutter throughout the house. Her name is Kasey Brenner, and her phone is 510-290-6273. You will be so relieved after she works with you. Kathy

I found an organizer through the architect who drew up remodel plans for my house. She recommended Dana Arkinzedeh of DMA Organizing. My house was full of my own stuff as well as a great deal of paper and sentimental items from my mother (who had recently died) I was completely unable to deal with the sorting and sifting necessary to reduce the volume! Dana was undaunted by the task and began restoring order immediately, explaining how she interpreted what I needed to be done and checking in with me to see if I agreed. After each session, she gave me assignments for disposing of things; sometimes I could accomplish it and sometimes not. She was so sympathetic to the situation. Amazingly enough, in a short time, my ''stuff'' had been greatly reduced in size and was in order. Dana is also really good at suggesting furniture rearrangements that support better work and family task flow patterns. She helped me immensely with my studio/office. Her contact info is 525-6805 dana@dmaorganizing Signed: suzyanna

Try calling Regina Franca, who does organizing, cleaning, moving, packing, unpacking, etc. I recommend her as reliable, trustworthy, kind, smart, and easy to work with. You can find her at Rahel

I have worked with Nina Johnson. She will tackle any room including the garage with patience and grace, plus allot of fun. We went through paperwork, storage areas and more. I couldn't face the clutter alone. Nina really helped me get through everything and put it away so that I could find things on my own. Nina is at or 510-482-1619. clutter free

Sept 2007

I need someone that will work with me and also give me some direction in setting up systems -not my strong suit. Thanks. Heidi

Organizer Katherine Korlacki 525-3310 is a dream to work with. She comes to your home or office, clipboard and labeler in hand, and helps you decide what to keep, where to put it, and (best of all) what to give away and where to donate it or sell. She is professional, organized, and helps you get your place in order. Hands-on organizing services, space planning, paper management, moving assistance or coaching. ''Clear out what weighs you down. Keep what brings you joy.'' Merry

I recommend Anita Berg, Professional Organizer. She LOVES what she does and is good at it. She helped me organize my office space and took into account the way I work before suggesting systems that would work for me. Give her a call! Anita can be reached at 601-8031. Kamila

Dana Arkinzadeh has helped us and many of our friends with organizing tasks that seemed insurmountable. She does a great job and is a pleasure to work with. dana[at], 510-525-6805 Jessica

June 2007

I'm looking for a consultant to help me use the space in my kitchen more efficiently. I can't afford to remodel it completely, but want to organize the space better. Is there anyone out there who does this kind of work? Mary

April 2007

I want to recommend a professional organizer who helped change our lives in a mere 3 days. Her name is Sini Anderson and her phone # is 415-238-0286. She helped us do a massive de-clutter as well as reorganizing of rooms and stuff. This involved purging many things, some of which I thought I couldn't live without but have already forgotten. She's good at introducing new habits as a way of not undoing all her work with you. Well worth the money spent. tc

I run a home business, and was in dire need of someone to help me get things in order so that I could get a handle on everything. I found the business card of Ida Razick on a table of a jewelry vendor at the Temescal farmers marker. Adjowah (the vendor) told me that Ida helps her with weekly organizing and that it ''had changed her life''. And now I have Ida come a few times a month to do a myriad of tasks. She really is very easy to work with and has years of experience working as a nanny and family assistant in the Bay Area. Always punctual, professional and full of ideas for where things can be put to make my life easier, it has been such a big help that I thought I would pass a recommendation along. Her phone number is 510- 529-9127 claire

March 2007

Hello, I am a working single mom preparing to move. I am hoping to hire someone to help me with the process of packing up this home and setting up the new one. I am needing technical assistance, in getting phone and internet/cable servies set up, as well as setting up the computers in the new space. I also need help with setting up new file cabinets and systems, and general organizing. Could this be one person? several? can you recommend anyone for any part of this? thank you! anon

Katherine Korlacki is a great organizer de-clutterer. She comes in ready to work with you to sort, file and toss. I've had the pleasure of working with Katherine to de-clutter my office at year-end, and to organize my garage (and toss 10 boxes of stuff - hooray!). Call Katherine at 510-525-5231. merry

I highly reccomend Alinya Charron for all your needs - seriously. She is wonderful with office organizing/home organizing as well as computer stuff. Not sure about phone but she'll tell you if she cannot do it. She has worked with me personally for about two years (home organizing stuff)and we worked together for about four years before that (she completely reorganized complex office/billing/tracking filing system. I trust her and as a bonus she is great with my toddler.

I cannot attest to whether it's possible to find one person to do all the things you mention, but for the ''packing up this home and setting up the new one'' process, I can enthusiastically recommend The Family Packers,, 510-893-6896. Johanna and Janna (the mother-daughter team who comprise the heart of the business) are wonderful at what they do, and are lovely people. They're even writing a book on how to pack! They are incredibly professional, and their estimate (given on the spot after a free and thorough walk-through) was very accurate - perhaps even a little more than the final cost. Not only did they pack EVERYTHING we asked them to, but they made the most amazing list for us of what was in each box, so when we were ready to unpack, we could get at the stuff we needed first. (They also offer unpacking services, but we didn't hire them for that.) They packed our entire 1600 sq. foot house in less than two days. Although they didn't set up our computers at the new house for us, they packed and labelled everything so well that I was able to do it with ease. They also packed everything so well that when everything was said and done, the only things that ended up broken were the things I had packed myself. We moved when I was over 7 months pregnant, and I can't imagine how we would have done it without their help. They also picked up and reused all the packing materials when I was finished unpacking, which I thought was a great environmental bonus! The Best Money I Ever Spent!

March 2007

I am looking for a home organizer who will find creative solutions for closet reorganization. I need someone who will help me find space for my clothes collection, and will not ask me to give things away to make space! susie

I would like to recommend LeeAnn Kleinfelter who owns Keeping Order ( I worked with her many years ago when I needed help organizing several areas of my house. She was very practical and very 'gentle' with me about de- cluttering. That said, she never forced me to give up things I didn't want to part with. I have since referred her to many friends who have all been very satisfied with her work. Please give LeeAnn a call at 925.360.5015 and tell her Karen referred you! Good luck, A lot less cluttered now

I highly reccomned Alinya Charron. Our space has been renewed after working with her. She is very gentle - she showed me things she thought I could part with (antique sewing machine that sort of worked, old file cabinet) but did not push me at all. It took me some time but I did end up purging some stuff. However, she is so good at creating space that its not an issue - I could have kept the stuff anyway. I have known Alinya for many years and completely trust her. her info: alinya charron, 510-543-1169 or atcharron[at] Jacqueline organized!

Try Meg Connell, she helped us get our house together and has lots of creative suggestions for how to use space effectively. She also helped me with what kinds of containers and things to buy for my closet to maximize space. Meg Connell 510/482-5892 Julie

Feb 2007

I am looking for someone to come to my home office to help me file and organize my clutter. The person needs to be personable, completely trustworthy, and excellent at organizing! alison

Hi! I highly recommend Helena

I highly recommend Pam Condie. She came to my 2-person office and set up simple filing system, helped me get rid of stuff on surfaces, helped with decision-making about papers and much more. She is non-judgmental, has a lot of experience and I totally trust her. Her phone is 653-7744 and her website is Tell her I say ''hello.'' Stu

I highly recommend Alinya Charron for your organizing needs. She has worked with me for about two years (on and off as I need the help) specifically on our basement, kitchen/bathroom cabinets and creating a sewing/craft space. She is upbeat, efficient and great at what she does. I know she has worked with other clients how work out of their home - organizing office space specifically. Having help organizing has made a huge difference in our home, especially post-baby. We worked together at a non-profit in the east bay for about 4 years before that, so I know her well and trust her completely. Her info: Alinya Charron, 510-543-1169 or atcharron [at] clutter free

I have the perfect organizer/de-clutterer to recommend. She's very experienced and has helped me and several people I know (and many I don't!) gain the upper hand over everything from a chaos of paper to too much [pick one] clothing/memorabilia/project supplies/dishes and other kitchenware/linens/stuff you once thought was a good idea. She has great organizing strategies and is a responsive listener, helping tailor systems to specific people, spaces, needs etc, rather than imposing her own approach regardless of whether it will fit. Her particular gift is helping people with their stuck processes and attachments. She's not aggressive or domineering, but she's very effective. You will be amazed at what can get done in a couple of hours. Call Susan Strasburger at Lighten Up! 510.655.4419 happily orderly

Jan 2007

I am needing someone to help me get organized. I have stacks of papers to go through, as well as drawers and closets that need attention. I am needing to get all of my bills in order and filed. I want to develop some general systems for what to do with things that come into the house, where to put them, etc. While there were a few postings on this, none were recent. Anyone know of who might help with this project? and/or on an ongoing basis? thanks! anon

I am a member of the Women's Business Connection of Lamorinda and one of the members is a fabulous personal organizer. Her name is LeeAnn Kleinfelter and her business is called ''Keeping Order''. She has helped me in my business (I am an Esthetician) and organizing at home. She has helped me organize my garage, kitchen and an overflowing closet. LeeAnn can get a good overview of what needs to be done, does it quickly and efficiently. She has all kinds of tips on how to organize paperwork and create files, etc. She also knows where to get containers inexpensively, tips on recycling stuff, etc. She is highly professional, yet very approachable and down to earth. She is an absolute joy to work with and she will transform your space...leaving you full of joy and renewed energy! She can be reached at 925.360.5015 or email is leeann[at] Marika

2005 - 2006 Recommendations

Oct 2006

Hello, can anyone give a recommendation for a household organizer - particularly skilled in kids stuff, attics and daily clutter - in Alameda or near? I checked the website but the last recommendations seem to be from 2005. You can post and/or reply to my email. Thanks for any help! Joni

I doubt very much if there is any other organizer...or designer for that matter, that can hold a candle to Cyrina Quinlan (415-999-7594). We live in Alameda too, and yesterday she finished organizing our house. We have fallen back in love with our house and feel so much more ease with everything having it's own place. A big plus, is she handled our needs with a great sense of esthetics, as well. First off she passed our ''child test'' and related well to our 2 year and was sensative to his concerns of moving things around! She expertly accessed our space, sorted belongings, help select out unwanted items, installed storage systems and even help us set up a stunning wall of pictures. She is reliable and super fast. We are so happy to share her name with you! Geri

Hi Joni- I highly recommend Julia Olkin a professional organizer - her contact info is - 510 727-0714. She is a mom and teacher and understands the many needs of families. Julia is very approachable and helps you find workable solutions in your home. Her strategies have saved me a lot of time/money!! Her rates are very reasonable. Amy

October 2006

For people looking for an organizer around the Bay Area, I highly recommend Isabella Guajardo 510-229-7321. She has her own truck and is completely reliable and considerate. She just helped my older son move his futon, computer, guitar, etc and she was relaxed, friendly and helpful. To boot, she only charges $20-$25 p/ hour plus gas/tolls. She's also available for packing, delivery, and organizing home, garden, offices. I'd especially recommend her for seniors and women who want someone they can trust and who will treat them and their belongings respectfully. Rachel

May 2005

Has anyone had a successful experience with an organizer for help with MOVING and/or organizing a HOME OFFICE? I need help with a moving from a very large place to a small one, which involves sorting my belongings into sell/keep/consign/donate, actually selling my current furniture, packing/unpacking, setting up the new place, etc. I also need someone to help me catch up with some paperwork (not too much) and create an effective, easy filing system (and possibly some basic electronic spreadsheets, quicken or other) to help me manage and report financial and medical information and keep the day-to-day things on track. Types of projects: 1. -organizing the move and making it happen 2. -setting up the new place 3. -organizing paper flow, filing system, basic electronic record keeping (catching up with small amount of paperwork) 4. -designing storage/space 5. -monthly: assisting with bill paying, filling out and mailing forms, etc. THANKS! jayekaye

I highly recommend LeeAnn Kleinfelder of Keeping Order. She did a wonderful job of organizing my office and my kitchen. She has done work for several of my friends, including an attorney that was moving from one office to another. She has great ideas, is thorough, efficient, and sensitive to the fact that someone else's 'junk' may just be your 'treasures'! You can reach her at 925-360-5015 or keep.order AT Good luck! Karen

Hello, I recommend Pam Condie, for your moving/organizing office project. My husband and I are in business for ourselves and work out of a small office in our home. There are just three small files drawers in the space and we didnmt want to add a big file cabinet for aesthetic reasons. Pam helped us go through every file and organize files. She also helped us sort through everything thing in the office. In the end, there was room for more new client files in the existing file drawers and everyday things were easy to find and in reach. And it was accomplished pretty quickly, and actually, pleasantly. Karen

January 2005

If you are looking for an organizer/redecorator, I would highly recommend Helena Tianinen. She is an artist who is also an experienced organizer. She can help you redecorate and/or organize your house by helping you make choices on new purchases and by utilizing what you already have to the degree you desire. Helena worked with us to help us figure out difficult room arrangements (her spatial eye is superb), how to pick the paint color/style of the rooms we wanted, and how to prioritize house projects. Most importantly, she showed us how to organize the stuff that was taking over our den & garage. All of her services are catered to your specific needs and likes. Helena is good at creating functional and attractive environments. She offers both consulting and hands-on assistance. She can be contacted at HTiainen01 AT or phone 510.848.1525 (leave a message). Jeanne

2004 and Earlier

December 2004

Parents are you overwhelmed with clutter in your home? I highly recommend Professional Organizer, Deborah Anderson. She just organized my home office, bedroom and closets. It's a pleasure coming home again. She listened to my needs, helped me identify problem areas and worked with me to achieve the organization plan that works best for me. I now don't mind my family coming for the holidays. With my newly organized home, I will gladly welcome them. Call her, you won't regret it. She can be reached at 352-1068. Sonya

November 2004

If you are looking for an organizer/redecorator, I would highly recommend Helena Tianinen. She is an artist who is also an experienced organizer. She can help you redecorate and/or organize your house by helping you make choices on new purchases and by utilizing what you already have to the degree you desire. Helena worked with us to help us figure out difficult room arrangements (her spatial eye is superb), how to pick the paint color/style of the rooms we wanted, and how to prioritize house projects. Most importantly, she showed us how to organize the stuff that was taking over our den & garage. All of her services are catered to your specific needs and likes. Helena is good at creating functional and attractive environments. She offers both consulting and hands-on assistance. She can be contacted at HTiainen01 AT or phone 510.848.1525 (leave a message). Jeanne

October 2004

My husband is starting a tree consulting business and is setting up a home office. Can someone recommend a home office organizer who handles both the physical space and the general details. Thanks. Stefanie

Hi Stefanie, You've got to check out Dana Arkinzadeh, her company is called DMA Organizing and she can be reached at 510-525-6805 or dana AT I've known Dana for about a year now. She has organized two offices for me...including dismantling my office while i was on vacation (so my new floor could be installed) and putting it back together so that I wouldn't lose any time when i returned. More than anyone it was Dana I trusted to coordinate that project (between the house sitter who would help with heavy lifting and the installers) so that I knew it would be done right. Each time she came to help me deal with my space I had blocked out the time to work with her and both times i spent the full 6 or 8 hours on the phone and not helping her at all. She was able to keep moving and here or there ask me a question or get her piles together so she could ask her questions all at once. My work has picked up and I've added 3 more things to my plate and I'm about to schedule with Dana to help me deal with the ensuing chaos. I can recommend her without reservation. Good luck with your project. Jenny

To the person interested in the home office organizer. I would like to recommend Gabrielle Campbell. Gabrielle has a business specialized in workflow and space organization and optimization. She works with individuals and small businesses. A friend of mine has used her and had great results. Her phone number is: 415-883-1954 margo

July 2003

My Husband and I hired a great personal organizer and space planner. Her name is Shannon Hicks at Function and Style 510- 841-0405. She had several great ideas to get rid or clutter especially art projects. Such as creating a space like a shelf to show off the latest or favorite projects. When your child brings another treasure home let him pick what comes down in order to make space for the new. Good exercise to teach children to de-clutter. Also Shannon suggested collecting several ''master pieces'' together along with your child and take a picture. Then put all the pictures into an album,(which takes up much less space than all those little gems.
Another mom in need of clutter control

June 2003

I would like to recommend Theresa Marino as either an organizer or plant consultant. Although she has not been doing either job as a career, I am encouraging her to think about it. She's terrific. She worked at a nursery and is helping me spruce up my yard (which plants to plant where, has a good eye for placement and mixing colors and different plants). She is also helping me with my house from hell - 15 years of stuff i never know what to do with. She is one of those people with great spatial awareness - she rearranged one cabinet in just a minute - it was amazing to me. She can tell when you're overwhelmed - we started with just 2 feet of counter space to clean off because that was all i could do. (some of us have issues...) Her email is cjoepm AT Peggy

Feb 2003

In response to a recent posting in which someone asked about Interior Decorators/Personal Organizers, I wanted to recommend Dana Arkinzadeh of DMA Organizing. We had a huge problem with clutter & also with paper flow (i.e. bills, filing, etc.) until Dana helped us come up with some simple, inexpensive solutions. Her rates are very reasonable. Although she's an organizational consultant rather than an interior decorator, Dana can recommend attractive furniture/storage/etc. in every price range. You can visit or Web site at, email her at dana AT or call her at 510.525.6805. Elisabeth

Jan 2003

I'm looking for help in re-organizing my house. I'm trying to clear out old clutter, room by room. My older son is about to move into our spare bedroom which gives us NO extra space to put stuff. I'm thinking,how can we rearrange furniture, add shelves, organize closets etc. to create storage and a feeling of more space without actually remodeling (which hopefully is down the road)? By the way, I'm doing this all myself, as my husband isn't phased by clutter and piles around him. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks. Sign me...drowning in clutter. June

I'd like to recommend Julia Perkins (juliaperk AT, who just finished helping me organize my living space -- and best of all, the MESS in my office is gone. She's good at advising on clearing out clutter, and at rearranging to take advantage of space, but the best part is that she rolls up her sleeves and helps do the work. She even put up with the ''assistance'' of my 19- month-old son! Karen

October 2002

I'm looking for recommendations for an organizer for the home office I share with my husband. It's completely out of control. I've read the recommendation for Spruce Girls and am seeking a few others to look into, as well. And if anyone has suggestions about what to look for and what to look OUT for, what to be careful of, I'd appreciate that, too. Robin

We recently used a superb household organizer -- Julia Perkins -- to get our playroom/basement, living room, dining room and kitchen in shape. She came to our house on several different occasions, helped us use our existing space better, recommended what (very reasonable) Ikea storage systems to purchase, and brainstormed about all sorts of things to make our household activities flow better. She's very gifted, efficient/quick and both easy and fun to work with. Her number (in Berkeley) is 540- 7440, juliaperk AT marguerita

April 2002

A friend of mine used Elizabeth Loughlin to organize the clutter in her house. I don't know whether she would want to work on such a task weekly, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be the person to do errands like taking your car for an oil change, but she did a wonderful job for my friend. Elizabeth also has a housecleaning service, and she lives in Oakland. Her number is 510-530-8271. Maria

Feb 2002

My house has been buckling under the accumulation of fifteen years worth of Stuff: piles everywhere, most of the rooms not functioning well and stressful to look at. It has been driving me crazy for years but I haven't been able to deal with it, because it has just felt so overwhelming. I did hire an organizer several years back and she taught me the basics of Sort & Purge, but I had trouble following through.

I am thrilled to report that our house, and our lives, have turned around thanks to a new organizing team called Spruce, run by two brilliant and energetic young women (the Spruce Girls). They did a thorough interview and evaluation of the house, including taking dozens of digital photographs, of the most horrific areas. Once I got over my initial mortification, I was relieved that this was finally getting dealt with. Then they studied the situation and wrote up a creative proposal for re-visioning different areas of the house. It was so inspiring.

They just finished their 2nd full day of Sprucing yesterday, and already our house is transformed. (it is not over yet) Our upstairs hallway, which used to be Corridor of Junk (literally, just piles of boxes, bags and loose stuff) is now a beautiful library, office area, and music area. It's functional, beautiful and relaxing. My bedroom, which is quite large, and contained TOO much activity to be restful, had lots of computer and office equipment. This was all moved out (into the hallway landing) and the room is now a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary with separate sitting area. There is lots more to do but I am already ecstatic with the results. They have sorted the massive piles into other manageable categories (ie, all computer manuals, electronic equipment, magazines etc) which I will now sort and purge. They're delightful to work with.

If you and your house are suffering from clutter and disorganization, I can't say enough about Spruce. You can reach them through their website at Their service is not cheap, but it is invaluable. Susan