Professional organizer/declutter-er?

So we just had a baby two months ago (yay!) and I desperately want to get my house in order before I have to go back to work and he gets old enough to crawl around. Having a messy house was always a source of tension growing up, and I would really like to equip my son with the skills he needs to take care of his space and not be a scatterbrained slob like his mom. Can anyone recommend someone to help us get our house in order and establish systems that we can then simply maintain? 

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Have you tried TaskRabbit? I’ve had good luck on it so far finding people to do odd jobs like home organization, hanging shelves, grouting my tub. I usually pick the elite Taskers and I always pick women (it is so empowering to see handywomen doing a great job). Lately I used Mara H. on TaskRabbit to organize and purge my kitchen. She did a great job. Sorry I realize I don’t have her full name but she’s a lady with short curly hair. Good luck!

I can't recommend Janet Flint enough! She's been helping me reorganize not only my home office/guest room/den to be more workable, user-friendly, and efficient, but we are now looking at other rooms to do the same thing! A complete pleasure to work with.

Janet Flint
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