How to find someone to help with home office work

Hi good people, I am seeking someone to help me with paperwork, filing, and overall management and organizing of bills and files, mostly for my mother and my deceased father whose affairs I am managing. I also need help with some of the administrative work involved in being a literary executor, such as tracking international royalty payments, researching whether a book has already been translated into x language, assisting me with keeping track of communications with publishers, building a reliable electronic filing/tracking system, and so on. I'm sure there are things I'm not thinking of right now. Basically, I really need help as I have more on my plate (and in the piles on my desk) than I can handle. I'm imagining a couple of hours every two weeks with me in person in my home (masks on, windows open), and a couple of extra weekly hours on their own as needed. I'm also imagining that there will be more work at the beginning, and once I'm more organized and on top of things, then there will be less. I need someone discreet, trustworthy, educated enough to be able to handle the academic communications, and able to think on their own (once they get the hang of things). I live in San Francisco. I'd be so grateful for any suggestions (is there someone you've worked with you can recommend?) or advice on where to look for such a person. Any advice on what to pay would also be welcome. Thank you so much! Kathy

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You are in need of a professional organizer, as this is what they do. There are many in the Bay Area -- google them and check out the Professional Organizers' Association for recommendations. Call and ask about rates, processes etc. They are widely used and in high demand in the South Bay and rates are generally from $95- $125 per hour. I have used Paula Berman Organizing, and she was great. But there are many. Call around for a good fit for you.