Any suggestions for a garage organizer?

Our poor garage. It's capable of being so much but it's filled with unorganized childhood things, tools, toys and other crap, it currently doesn't stand a chance.

With two littles, we have no time to tackle this (heck, we didn't without kids...), but I'd love any advice on someone who can organize our garage, make recommendations on tool storage/cabinets/brackets (better still if they can actually install) and generally help us along in making our garage a more usable space for kids to do art/play and my husband to work out. I need someone who can do more than recommend putting stuff in clear bins.

I want someone with a vision on how to maximize space, including where to place large items like ladders, bags of lawn chair cushions, occasional tables, etc.

Does this person exist outside of my fantasies?


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We worked with Pat & Jeanne at Tailorly recently. This sounds like it’s within their scope. We loved them and I would highly recommend!

I've been very happy working with Katherine Korlacki — check out her website at for email and phone contact information.

I highly recommend Ali LeJeune of Simply Ali. We had similar needs for both our basement and living/dining area and she came up with great, creative solutions. Her website is

We’ve been working with Katherine Korlacki. She works with us on our house. She also worked with my teenage son reorganized his room. She’s really good. We like her a lot. 1 (510) 525-3310. AJ