Interior Designer and Organizer - how to choose

I have never used services of a professional designer or organizer, but I think I'd like to try that.  FYI - I have two kids, far apart from each other:  an almost 5 year old and a 16 year old. 

I found two designers/organizers on BPN (Victoria Bochat and Helena Tiainen), and they seem very similar to each other from what I can tell from a brief exchange via phone and e-mail and looking at their websites.  They both charge the same per hour, and promise to listen to us and be flexible, and both have great reviews from clients.  I still feel reluctant picking one of them without meeting them in person, but they haven't offered that as an option before signing up to work with them.

Any suggestions on what I can/should do to decide which one to pick?

Thank you!

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I used a professionally organizer.  I intitially wanted her help with husband's closet. I met with her in person. She looked at the space talked to me about how my husband used the space. For example, he needs to visually see clothes so dresser drawers don't work. We discussed fees.  She took measurements.  She also had someone who worked for her at a lower rate do some of "grunt" work. Then did much work offline like ordering shelving. I highly recommend meet in person before you go with anyone. I felt she was very skilled, efficient with her time and I had in a 6 month period hired her to organize and declutter my basement, garage/office space, pantry (deep shelving) and kid play area in living room.  She also told me how to declutter/organize my hallway closet and I did it myself. Along with other areas of house/bathroom.

Here's the person I worked with - 

Dana ArkinzadehCertified Professional Organizer®Senior Move Manager®DMA Organizing510.206.4812

I would definitely ask to meet them in person. It's quite a reasonable request as you would be working with them for several hours at least in a fairly personal way. You could go and offer to meet them where they are, so it would be easier for them if needed. Or, you could hire them for a small, discrete task (ie. organize a closet or something like that) and see how that goes.  Make sure you don't sign up for a big package (just because it's cheaper) until you are sure you work together well. 

 You could also ask them for names of recent customers who might be willing to speak with you for a few minutes and give you a bit more feedback. 

I have hired many people over the years to help me with aspects of my household-- a mistake I have made several times and regretted every single time is working with someone who I didn't really like, on an energetic level, just because I was tired of looking for the right person. That wasn't always apparent at the outset, but usually became apparent within a visit or two. 

good luck and have fun with your place!

I've used Victoria in the past and can wholeheartedly recommend her.  She did a great job for me (more than once).  I don't know anything about Helena Tiainen, but you can't go wrong with Victoria.