Looking for Organization/Clutter coach

I'm looking for Clutter or Organization coach that can come in to my house and help purge clutter throughout the house and organize a home office.  Someone who is kind and energetic.  I don't mind buying gadgets and containers to stay organized but I don't want someone who is simply trying to sell me products.  I would prefer someone who is bonded.  Thanks, Lena.

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Hi, Dana Arkinzadeh of DMA Organizing. http://www.dmaorganizing.com/  Dana works with several of my friends, coaching clients and students. I've known her for years and know her to be easy to work with, filled with great ideas, non-judgmental and just a really nice woman. She's also a member of NAPO-the National Assn. of Professional Organizers. call her at 510 206 4812.

Shira Gill is fantastic and will exceed your expectations.  She is great at helping to go through piles and closets worth of junk/belongings, makes arrangements for donation pick ups, organizations everything with you, and finds inexpensive organization tools for everything.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Shira [at] shiragill.com

Hi, my friend Michele Moore has a company called MooreSpace.  She is extremely good at organizing, very experienced, non judgemental and kind.  She is great at getting one to get rid of junk and clutter and knows where to take it.  She is also a trained counselor so that really helps with the anxiety these things can bring up!  She helped me organize my teenagers' bedrooms which were such disasters that I didnt want to go in there.  Also my linen closet and other bits of the house which were out of control.  Here is her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/moorespace.biz/info

Tana Ching at TC Organizes.  tcorganizes.com   She is an outstanding professional, not selling products.  Great disposition, really thoughtful and incredibly efficient and productive.  You will not be disappointed!

Hi Lena. I took a class at the Berkeley Adult School with Claire Tompkins, Clutter Coach and subscribe to her podcast. She is local, very informative & relaxed. You can check her out at http://www.cluttercoach.net/. Good luck!