Recommendations for learning/organizational/life coach for teen

My son is a senior in high school who has some learning differences and needs help. He is a very nice, sensitive and intelligent boy who has been diagnosed with auditory processing issues. He also has problems with timeliness and lacks executive function/organizing skills - he has difficulty following directions in class and struggles with homework, which often takes him much longer to complete than expected. As a result he also often lacks sleep (despite some 504 accommodations which allow him extra time to complete assignments). A number of tests have confirmed that he has auditory processing issues, but also found that he was a very gifted visual learner.

If you can recommend someone with experience who might be able to help counsel/support/coach him (and us parents?) towards developing his learning/organizing/executive function skills for college and beyond, and to help motivate and teach him some life skills in general, we would love to hear from you.

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I would recommend contacting Nancy Chin. She worked with my son when he was in middle school.  Her work took the pressure off of me and empowered him to take responsibility.  

Here is the link to her website-

Call Classroom Matters in Berkeley!  We have worked with tutors at Classroom Matters for 5 years for all the same reasons you described.  Working with a tutor helped my son navigate many academic challenges and gave him skills and confidence.  Slowly, but surely, my son learned the organization and executive functioning skills to navigate school on his own.  Your son will get there too!