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  • Mechanic for toyota & lexus

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    We're looking for new recommendations for a good and reasonably price mechanic for our 1 toyota and 2 lexus's, preferably in  El Cerrito, Albany or North Berkeley.



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    Art's Automotive on San Pablo just above Ashby has been our go-to place since 2004. They only work on Japanese cars. We have found them to be honest, easy to work with, professional and good at what they do. You might find places that are cheaper but not are not likely to find a place you feel as comfortable with. I recommend them 100%. 


    RE: Mechanic for toyota & lexus ()

    Farther south but worth the drive, in my opinion, is Art's Automotive on San Pablo at Russell (near Ashby).  I originally heard about them from a friend, and I've been taking my Honda and Toyota cars there since 1989 (even when I lived in northern El Cerrito).   They specialize in Japanese cars (including Lexus).  They explain things patiently and in a non-condescending way, they tell you what you absolutely have to have taken care of right now and what you can safely put off, and I have never felt pressured or uncomfortable in any way.   I rely on them completely.  Their number is (510) 540-7093.

    RE: Mechanic for toyota & lexus ()

     I highly recommend ocean works in Berkeley. I I used them for 20 years on Hondas and Toyotas. 

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Looking for good Toyota mechanic

April 2012

anyone have a good ongoing experience with a local toyota shop?



  • Oceanworks W. Berkeley
  • Tires and Brakes for Less MacArthur Blvd

    Seeking Mechanic for my 2005 Toyota Corolla

    Feb 2011

    I'm looking for a great, honest and hopefully reasonably priced mechanic for my 2005 Toyota Corolla. Would prefer an independent shop in Berkeley or nearby in the East Bay. Thanks! Need a New Auto Shop



  • Automasters N. Oakland
  • Oakland Auto Works Oakland
  • RC Imports El Cerrito

    2009 - 2010 Reviews

    Non Toyota Dealership Mechanic

    March 2009

    Bought a new Toyota last summer and I am looking for a great *non Toyota Dealership* mechanic in Berkeley, Albany or EC. Thanks. JJ



  • Art's Automotive W. Berkeley
  • Autometrics W. Berkeley
  • Beyond Repair W. Berkeley
  • Oakland Auto Works Oakland
  • Oceanworks W. Berkeley (2)
  • Yen's Automotive W. Berkeley

    2007 - 2008 Reviews

    Good mechanic for Prius?

    Sept 2008

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have a good mechanic that can work on a Prius in/near Berkeley? Thanks! Tami

    For three years, we've been taking our Prius to Daniel Santos at RC Imports in El Cerrito. He's factory authorized and takes great care of us. I know it's not in Berkeley, but he _is_ right next to El Cerrito Plaza BART and the Ohlone Greenway bike trail, so it's a really convenient location for traveling after you've dropped off your car. I usually just pop the front wheel off my bike, drop the back seats in the Prius, and lay my bike in the back with no trouble. Call him at 526-8084. Good luck! -Jeff

    Mechanic for a 1990's Toyota

    August 2008

    Can anyone recommend a good shop or mechanic for a 1990's Toyota? Everyone always recommends Art's -- and I think they have a great shop. But for reasons not worth getting into, I need to find another good Toyota mechanic.
    Old Toyota owner in need of a non-Art's solution

    We LOVE Daniel Santos at RC Imports . He's been servicing our cars (old Acura, Honda van & Prius) for about 10 years. His staff is friendly, and he always gives good advice about what kinds of service we need (or, more importantly, can avoid). We've referred several friends there, and they in turn have referred their own friends, so he's got lots of cred as far as I'm concerned. He's on Fairmount in El Cerrito, right next to El Cerrito Plaza and the BART station, so it's super-convenient to drop your car and use BART. His number is 526-8084. Jeff
    We have enjoyed Oceanworks for years, which is at Carleton and 10th. They are reliable, explain what is happening well, and help save unnecessary money. Hilariously, Angus the owner also sells fancy foot push scooters as a way of encouraging less driving. We were referred by old family friends and now most of the Toyota drivers we know go to them. - satisfied customer
    Try Oceanworks , which is on 10th, not far from Art's. Unless you need to get in quickly, Oceanworks is great. They do imports and Angus, the owner and main contact, seems very upfront with you, will get refurbished parts if he can, and is super environmentally minded. Cost is about the same as Art's, from what I remember. But I think they are pretty popular, as there is usually a 2 week wait, unless it is an emergency. Bryan in Oakland
    I cannot recommend highly enough a Berkeley institution, Oceanworks at 10th & Carleton in southewest Berkeley, 849-1383. Angus Powelson runs a union shop, specializes in Toyotas and Hondas, and will spend much time answering your questions and explaining what is going on with your car and what your options are. We've been going there for years. peg

    Toyota service for a classic Prius

    July 2007

    I need to have my 2002 Prius tuned up and would like to hear about your experiences. Do I need to use a dealer or is there a good independent who can work on hybrid cars? I loved using Berkeley Minicar for my Hondas, but they will not work on a Prius. ann



  • Marty's Motors
  • Steve's Auto Care

    Scheduled maintenance for Toyota Matrix

    June 2007

    I'm looking for a Toyota dealership with great customer service in the Oakland area to perform scheduled maintenance on my newly acquired 2005 Toyota Matrix. I've never owned a newer car still under warranty, and I'm not sure where to take it. matrix owner You don't need to take your car to a dealership for service. I take my Nissan to Art's Automotive on San Pablo, 2 block's north of Ashby. Art's does a lot of Toyotas, too. Art's is a very skilled and honest shop. They know the cars they work on well, they are professional and pleasant to work with. I've been taking my Nissan to them for 10 years. I took my Toyota to them before that. When I was looking for a car 10 years ago, I got a brand that I knew Art's would work on. By the way, they also do work on Priuses. Anon with Nissan

    Good Toyota mechanic in the East Bay?

    Jan 2007

    Can anyone recommend a good 'trusting' toyota mechanic in the east bay? My regular mechanic moved to Dublin and I've been dreading taking the truck in for a tune up. Thanx Truckin'



  • Art's Automotive (4)
  • Mekatron
  • Model Garage
  • Oakland Auto Works
  • Oceanworks (2)

    2005 - 2006 Reviews

    Mechanic for 1991 MR2

    Feb 2005

    Hi. I own a 1991 MR2 and am looking for a good mechanic to do 150K mile service. It's been no fun jumping from shop to shop with our vehicles, and I'd really like to establish a relationship with a shop that's fair and honest and does high-quality work. Thanks for any input.



  • Art's Automotive W. Berkeley (2)
  • Oceanworks W. Berkeley
  • RC Imports El Cerrito
  • Walnut Creek Toyota Walnut Creek