Oakland Auto Works (Oakland, CA)

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Feb 2011

Re: Seeking Mechanic for my 2005 Toyota Corolla
I strongly recommend Oakland Autoworks. They are at 240 W. MacArthur, very close to Kaiser Hospital. I have been taking my cars there for years now (both Toyotas) and am very satisfied with their work. They give me a ride to BART and/or pick me up there, they have always given me accurate estimates, they let me know when an expensive repair can wait a while, and often Glen (the owner) has taken a couple minutes to do a small repair - such as change a head light - which would have taken me an hour or more to do. They can be reached at 510.597.8388. Lori

March 2010

Re: Lexus repair shop in Oakland?
Try Oakland Auto Works 510-597-8388 on McArthur near Piedomont. We take our Lexus there and I've been very happy with the quality of their work and their honesty. They also have a driver on-hand who will take you where you need to go and pick you up when your car is ready. I live in the hills and love that service! Reva

March 2009

Re: Non Toyota Dealership Mechanic
I realize you didn't ask for a mechanic in Oakland, but in case you are willing to change your mind I'm highly recommending Oakland Auto Works, on MacArthur near Piedmont. I moved up here a year ago from Santa Monica, had a great mechanic and was worried about finding someone I liked as much here. After a lot of searching I decided to go to Oakland Auto Works and am really glad I made that decision. I have a Lexus and Toyota Sienna and take both cars to them. They are honest and do great work. They'll recommend work that needs to be done on your car and will tell you if you need to do it immediately, can wait, etc. They will explain everything to you clearly and have the patience to respond to tons of questions. If you decide not to do a service they recommend they won't pressure you into it, but will explain the consequences. They will drive you home if your car needs to stay in the shop and will pick you up when it's ready. It's a great service! They are Diamond Certified, a Bay Area Green Business and have great reviews on BPN and Angie's List. I really suggest you give them a try. Oakland Auto Works 240 West MacArthur Blvd Oakland, 94611 510-597-8388 Manager: Don

Jan 2007

Re: Good Toyota mechanic in the East Bay?
Oakland Autoworks on MacArthur near Piedmont Ave and Broadway is absolutely the best and most honest mechanic I've ever encountered. They only work on Toyotas, Hondas, and a few other cars, so they really know their business. Plus, they're really nice and will provide rides if you need them while your car is being worked on. The phone no. is 597 8388 Linda F

Re: Mechanic for 1988 Honda Accord (June 2004)
I used to take my 88 Honda Accord to (I donated my honda 2 years ago):
Oakland Auto Works 240 W MacArthur Blvd Oakland, CA 94611-5350 Phone: (510) 597-8388
They were (are?) a AAA approved shop. The staff was always pleasant, generally they even followed up the fix with a call 1-2 weeks later to make sure I was happy with the repair.
RE: Quality, independent Acura shop? (April 2003)
Previous to Karden we used Oakland Auto Works on Macarthur, service was very good, but prices were 3/4ths the rate charged by the dealers and that was too much for our budget. jon
Oakland Auto Works has changed locations (now near Kaiser Hospital at MacArthur and Piedmont) and the new phone number is 597-8388. Mary
To the person looking for a mechanic or shop for his Honda, Oakland Auto Works is a very reasonable, trustworthy shop on MacCarther by Broadway. We know the owner personally and have the highest regard for him and his business. They specialize in about 5 types of Japanese cars. Good Luck! Naomi
Toyota mechanics: The best there is -- Oakland Auto Works. On MacArthur right where it meets Piedmont Ave. Woman-owned. Fair. They give explanations. Decent waiting room and all of Piedmont Ave. nearby if you have to kill time there. They work on Toyotas and certain other cars. I don't know about the Land Cruiser part. Call and ask. They'll tell you honestly. Linda
I have had experience with two mechanics who work on Japanese cars. One is Oakland Auto Works -- Glen is their chief mechanic and he is excellent. You can trust his word about what's going on with your car. Tamara