Seeking a new garage for Toyota maintenance

After years and years of taking all of our Toyotas to the Berkeley dealer for regular service, we are fed up with the ridiculous up-sell we get from them now.  So I am looking for recommendations for somewhere else that can do Prius maintenance, just what is needed and no doublespeak about what we do and don't need to do at a given time.  Thank You!

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We were unhappy with service at our local Toyota dealership and now take our car to Art’s Automotive in Berkeley.

Art's Automotive - they're the best!

Second to Art's. I've also liked Nate's Green Garage--we go with whoever has time when we need work done. Both have extensive hybrid experience and in my experience are very transparent about options and costs. We take our non-hybrid Subaru to both too.

We always use XYZ motors in Oakland. Huey is the best! 

Model Garage in Berkeley sounds like just what you are looking for.  We have been taking our cars to them for years and have always felt like we are in good hands.

Arts Automotives on San Pablo- honest, kind, straightforward. I am youngish and female and only semi-car maintenance literate and have on the past been worried about being taken advantage of in auto repair situations. I’ve been going to Arts for years and have never felt so comfortable at an auto shop. 

We have been taking cars to Berkeley Minicar for generations. They specialize in Hondas and Toyotas. 

I can second the recommendation for Art's Automotive as we have been taking both of our Hondas there and have been very pleased with the service. Honest and reliable and will not perform any work which is unnecessary.


I took my 1993 Toyota Camry to the Model Garage In Berkeley since I bought it barely used, and after selling it a couple of years ago in great working condition, I now take my Prius to them. They are reasonable, knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. I wouldn't take my Toyota anywhere else.

Yup, we have loved Arts automotive for our Toyotas too!
They’ve never upselled us anything. They’ll let you know when there are any unexpected things they come across that need to be done on your car. But they are honest with pointing out whats urgent or what can wait.

Art’s Automotive in Berkeley! They are Toyota specialists. No up-selling, just clear communication. I’ve been going to them since 2006 with Subarus and now a Toyota. Absolutely love them!

I've been a fan of Nate's Green Garage (1809 San Pablo Ave) in Berkeley for over 10 years! Solid work, fair price, transparent communication, compassionate team. He has consistently provided quality repair/maintenance for myself, friends, and family -- including multiple Toyotas (Prius, 4Runner, Camry, Tacoma).

Art's Automotive is great; we've been going there for many years.

We've been going for a few years to Patti's Auto Care in Berkeley (corner of Bancroft and San Pablo), (510) 981-9007. Good work, no upsell, and Patti has a tone of personality.

I was very unhappy with my treatment by Art's Automotive, so I took my business to Nate's Green Garage and have never regretted the decision. They're honest, fair, and highly skilled. Strongly recommended.