Dana Meyer Auto Repair (Albany, CA)

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Note: Dana Meyer Auto Repair is also known as Albany Hill Automotive

Sept 2009

Re: Where to take Outback for service?
We had a Subaru until recently for many, many years (got so old it finally had to be junked). We took that car, and now the 2 Toyotas we own, to Dana Meyer Auto Care on San Pablo, just down the street from Albany Subaru. http://www.yelp.com/biz/dana-meyer-auto-care-albany They're really nice people, do good work, and we've never felt uneasy about the work they've said needs to be done. anon

June 2007

Re: Subaru Repairs in Berkeley/El Cerrito
I have to say that I disagree with the posting recommending Dana Meyers auto care. While we were initially satisfied with our service there, for a couple years, our recent experiences were not as good... when we went to have a hatchback lid repaired (one strut broke), my wife was told, when she came to pick the car up, that the struts only came in packages of two, and we had to replace both-- which, of course, doubled the price. And, they never cleared it with her first. When I brought our other car in for a computer problem (body control module), I had a lot of trouble dealing with their counter person who couldn't tell me how long it would take to order the part and held our car for a couple days before telling me the dealership couldn't get the part for them. Dana Meyer Auto Repair may have been good before, but we're not going back. Jim

Re: Mechanic for a Ford Escort station wagon (Oct 2003)
We've used Dana Meyer for our Ford truck and Explorer for several years and have been satisfied. The level of service is superior to what we received at a Ford dealer and the price is much better. They've handled routine maintenance as well as urgent repairs for us. I'd recommend them. Ford owner

I just want to add our recommendation for Dana Meyer of Albany for Japanese car repair. Our car was stolen, and after it was recovered the police had it towed to some real rip-off artists at a storage place in Oakland. They were going to charge us $150 to tow our car from Oakland to Albany, but when the people at Dana Meyer heard that, they said that they would tow it for $57. They sent one of their own guys out there to wait (a long time) to get our car and tow it back. Our car came back to us in better condition that when we had bought it (practically). We will definitely be going back to Dana Meyer again. linda


Although not cheap, Dana Meyer, in Albany or El Cerrito, specializes in Japanese cars In my experience, it proved well worth the money, fixing a serious problem many other mechanics had failed at. Eric

Re: Trustworthy mechanic for Nissans (August 2002)
In terms of a fair mechanic, we've been happy over several years (and different vehicles) with Evan Meyer at Albany Hill Automotive at 666 San Pablo, just north of Solano. He has taught Auto Mechanics courses at community colleges, really knows his stuff, and is reliable and trustworthy. Michael
Re: mechanic for Chrysler/Plymouth mini-van (Sept 2001)

Try Evan Meyer at Albany Hill Auto, 558-2100, 660 San Pablo Avenue, Albany. Evan has been our Plymouth Voyager's mechanic for six years now. He communicates very clearly, tries to save us money, and he does good work. Louise

Albany Hill Auto on San Pablo Avenue and Castro, 2 blocks north of Solano Avenue works on American cars. Albany Hill Auto is owned by Dana Meyer, who's shop Dana Meyer Foreign Car Service is across the street at 700 San Pablo. Dana has had the Dana Meyer shop for about 25 years and has an excellent reputation. His brother Evan Meyer runs Albany Hill. They are courteous, friendly, honest and do good work. Albany Hill telephone number is 558-2100. They are open M-F 8-5:30. June
I highly recommend Albany Hill Auto for your needs. They are run by Evan Meyer, Dana Meyer's Brother. Dana Meyer runs Dana Meyer's auto just a few doors down. Albany Hill Auto works primarily with American cars,and they are great! Give them a call 558-2100. They are at 660 San Pablo Ave. and very close to the El Cerrito Plaza Bart Station. Best, Beth
Re: Toyota Car Repair
Albany Hill where Made In Japan on San Pablo in Albany used to be is a great place. They also repair Saturns. Willie, who used to be with Made in Japan is now with Albany Hill. Marie