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Feb 2008

Re: Routine maintenance for a Honda
We have been going to Steve's Auto Care in Albany on San Pablo Ave. for about 8 yrs. They are honest, reasonable and good. We have had no complaints in all that time anon

Feb 2008

Re: Routine maintenance for a Honda
Go see Mitch at Steve's Auto Repair on San Pablo Ave in Albany. He's great. I've been taking my Honda there for 5 years and haven't had a problem. Honda Happy

Nov 2007

Re: Honda car service in Berkeley or nearby?
For the very best, trustworthy, smart, quality service for your Honda, go to Steve's Auto at 744 Sab Pablo, 526-3906 (near where Washington Street hits San Pablo). We've been driving Hondas for 25 years and Steve has taken amazing care of them. He used to be head of service for Honda El Cerrito and then branched out on his own, more than 10 years ago. Not only is he smart and knows Hondas inside out, he is the nicest man too, and so ethical. They have won awards for being a green business, and run a nice shop - i think he has a second shop now too. Steve has caught problems that Honda wouldn't tell us about years in advance - he is a master diagnostician. He takes such good care of our Hondas that when we ''upgrade'' to a new one, we have sold ours at top blue book. We currently have an Accord and a Pilot and have had several other Accords, a wagon and a little Prelude in the pre children era. Loved em all and wouldn't go anywhere but Steve's. He also takes care of Toyotas and Subarus and every friend we send there is so happy. Steve's will cost a fraction of what the dealer charges and be twice as good. Happy Honda Mama

July 2007

Re: Toyota service for a classic Prius
Steve's Auto on San Pablo near El Cerrito BART will work on a Prius. DR

June 2005

Re: Honda repair shop for oil changes, etc.
I've been using Steve's Auto Care for about a decade and love them.They specialize in Hondas but work on other cars too. They've been reliable, prompt and take the time to explain what's wrong with a car in understandable language. I've never been to mechanics that I've been as happy with as them. They are located on San Pablo Ave in Albany and their number is 526 3906. Website: mmann

June 2004

Re: Mechanic for 1988 Honda Accord
Steve's Auto Care in Albany/El Cerritto specializes in Honda's. honda owner