Yen's Automotive (Berkeley, CA)

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March 2009

Re: Non Toyota Dealership Mechanic
Yen's Automotive on Gilman and San Pablo. I have a '04 Rav4, and took my previous Toyota and Acura here. They are extremely honest. I once took a car there and the mechanic told me that he was having trouble diagnosing what was wrong with it, but that his preliminary diagnostic indicated that the repair would likely run about $1,500. I was prepared to go there. He didn't want to make the repair until he was positive that he knew what the problem was. Thank goodness, because he called me and told me it would be $30 to replace a hose that was causing the major problem. He could have done what lots of shops do: he could have made a fast buck, but did not. Also, I'm not a Christian, but they are very religious (husband and wife own and run the place). I once went to them and they told me they couldn't have it ready when I wanted because they were going on a Christian retreat over the weekend. He told me I might want to take it someplace else. He has also referred me t! o other mechanics if he thinks someone else can do it better. It doesn't get any better than this, I think. Yen's Auto Service: (510) 526-1601