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Feb 2010

Re: Non-dealer Mechanic for Volvo

The Model Garage on Shattuck in Berkeley. maria

hi, we have a 1988 volvo and have been extremely happy with Model Garage on Telegraph. they are a great staff, they do really good work, have been around many, many years. i know other volvo owners who use them and have been very pleased. hope you'll give them a try! sally
Dec 2009

Re: Volvo mechanic/shop needed
Try the Model Garage in Berkeley. They are well known for being outstanding Volvo mechanics. Jamie

April 2008

Re: Repairs for old Volvo station wagon
I highly recommend Model Garage on Shattuck - very close to Berkeley Bowl. We have taken our 1991 Volvo there for years. They are fair, knowledgeable, and have great customer service. They never try to sell you something you don't need. And they will prioritize work and send you reminders if you can't/don't want to get everything done in one visit. In fact, when we found out we were having twins and had to find a car to hold three car seats, we tried really hard to find a Volvo or Toyota that would work for us so that we wouldn't have to change mechanics. Model Garage Fan

April 2007

Re: Good Volvo mechanic in Berkeley
The Model Garage is a great place. It's right on Shattuck @ Ashby. They're very honest and a ''mom'' place. The owner there knows Volvo's like nobody else, he has been in the business for, I'd guess... 30 years. I totally trust them with our Volvo. gina

Re: Good Toyota mechanic in the East Bay? (Jan 2007)
My husband swears by The Model Garage on Shattuck in Berkeley, has been going there for years. He says he will never buy anything but a Toyota or a Volvo because that's what they service.
Re: Super-competant Volvo repair service? (April 2005)
We have been very happy with The Model Garage (2920 Shattuck ) in Berkeley. They only do volvos and toyotas. Thorough and competent.
Re: Good Volvo mechanic in Berkeley (Feb 2005)
model garage - they always were easy to understand, gave reasonable advice, and i thought reasonably priced. i miss dealing with them after buying a non-volvo
Re: Good Volvo mechanic in Berkeley (Feb 2005)
I'd highly recommend the Model Garage, which is on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley (540-5899). We've been taking our Volvos there for almost 20 years now. The owners, Don & Peter, know all there is to know about Volvos and they are also totally honest people who are a pleasure to deal with. They are very good about telling you what you need to do now and what you can let slide for a while. They've also given us good advice about what model years are good and which to stay away from when buying used Volvos. We had tried some other Volvo shops before the Model Garage (including McKevitt) and we were much happier with the Model Garage and haven't gone anywhere else since. KC
Re: Mechanic to assess used Volvo (Nov 2003)
I used the Model Garage in Berkeley (Shattuck near Ashby) for several years until I sold my Volvo in 2001. They are outstanding: They do good work, their prices are reasonable, and they are very trustworthy. Jeff
Re: Mechanic to assess used Volvo (Nov 2003)
Go to Model Garage! They're the best. My family has been using them for years, and through many cars, all of which have hit the 200K+ mark. I *believe* they do a used car assessment for around $80.00, and of course, it's well worth it. They're also close to Ashby Bart and bus lines, so that has been very practical for us, too. They come with my highest recommendation. Good luck with your Volvo! Volvo owner/lover :)
re: Volvo mechanic in Oakland
Well, it's still Berkeley, but I would recommend the Model Garage on Shattuck just north of Ashby. You could walk to Ashby BART from there. Amy
We've been quite happy with the Model Garage in Berkeley for our Toyota, which we've had since 1989. They're on Shattuck, near the Berkeley Bowl. They are possibly not the cheapest, but seem to be thorough. Christina
The Model Garage on 2920 Shattuck Avenue!! they are reliable, experienced, trustworthy and honest. (no i don't own the company but have been taking my old toyota there for years and now take my new used volvo). Carrie
Highly recommended (based on the five years of care they've given to the two well-used Toyotas I've owned, including a beaten up old '80 Corona they helped me keep running): The Model Garage, at 2920 Shattuck Ave., 1/2 block North from the corner of Ashby and Shattuck, (510) 540-5899. They give straightforward advice, and have competently diagnosed and corrected any problems these cars have had.

My recollection is that in a survey conducted three years ago by Bay Area Consumer Checkbook, this garage received a 100% rating (all plaudits, no complaints) from respondents. Drawbacks: Monday-Friday only, and kind of pricey, at least compared with other independent garages. (Their $55 mini-service is very thorough, but I often stray to chains' ~$20 coupon specials for regular 3K oil changes.) From: Aron