Marty's Motors (El Cerrito, CA)

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Feb 2011

Re: Miata Mechanic
I use Marty's Motors in El Cerrito. They are fantastic, honest, and reasonable. Enjoy your new car! anon

July 2007

Re: Toyota service for a classic Prius
I have a 2002 Prius and use Marty's Motors on San Pablo Ave. in El Cerrito. They recently did a 35,000 mile service and it seems to be running perfectly. Scheduling is easy on line and they sent a reminder telling me it was time for the checkup (I am someone who always forgets and waits too long otherwise). I changed the time of the appointment by email. Marty himself is a pleasure to deal with and is eager for Prius business, has had his mechanics get specialized training from Toyota, I believe. I bought a discount card they have which can be shared and used for more than one car, saved us a lot of money already just with an oil change and this 35,000 mile checkup. Marty was in Berkeley for many years and has references from longtime customers available -- I am a fairly new customer, but a satisfied one. hedys Re: Mechanic for 1988 Honda Accord (June 2004)
I would highly recommend Marty's Motors: 10929 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito (510) 235-6000 Deborah

August 2002

Re: Trustworthy mechanic for Nissans
I'm sure that Marty of Marty's Motors will work on Nissans. I've known him for decades and find him completely trustworthy. His telephone number is 510-235-6000, and he's located on San Pablo between the El Cerrito BART stations. Letitia

I don't know about Land Cruisers, but Marty's Motors handles Toyotas. I've known Marty for many, many years, and completely trust his abilities & honesty. 2220 San Pablo (2-3 blocks below Univ); 548-0828. Letitia