Oceanworks (Berkeley, CA)

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April 2012

Re: Looking for good Toyota mechanic
We've been going to Oceanworks in Berkeley for years. They are honest and don't replace anything that doesn't need it. 3 toyotas in 25 years

Oct 2011

Re: Looking for a good Honda mechanic
Angus at Oceanworks. I can only say that he has saved me time and money for many years now. Jacques

Dec 2009

Re: Non-Dealership Honda Hybrid Repair in the East Bay
give Angus a call at Oceanwoks in Berkeley. I don;t know if he works on hybrids. i will tell you that he has been working on our Honda and Toyota for the past 12 years. He will be able to help you or point you in the right direction. jacques

Oct 2009

Re: VW Service in Berkeley
I highly recommend Oceanworks for Jetta servicing...I have a Jetta and have gone there several times. They are always very professional and friendly. They tell me (and show me) what is going on with the car and have also let me know when a particular replacement or repair could wait until a later date. I trust them! If you need to leave your car there they have rental cars available at reasonable rates. They are located at 2703 10th St. in Berkeley. 849.1383. Andrea

June 2009

Re: Trustworthy mechanic for '99 Forester
I have a '99 Forester too and have had great work done by Oceanworks 2 (in west Berkeley, on Carleton at 10th). I had had another mechanic investigate one problem last year before I found Oceanworks 2, and they gave me a disturbingly high estimate; Oceanworks 2 found and fixed the same problem for much less. Recently they worked really hard over several days to diagnose a persistent mysterious problem with the cooling system, and charged me a very reasonable rate for the repair given how much time they spent investigating it and pursuing various solutions. Chris, the owner, is extremely easy to work with -- considerate, patient, thorough, and friendly. It's a fact of life that a 10 year old car is going to need more in the way of repairs, and having found Oceanworks 2 has made me feel confident about our decision to keep making the old car last rather than buying a new one at this time. Good luck. Katie

May 2009

Re: Alternative to dealership for routine maintenance on Subaru
I highly recommend Oceanworks...Angus has always been friendly, patient, professional, and accountable when I've taken my car there (and when others I've recommended to him have taken their cars to the shop). However, they are not located in the Rockridge area - the shop is on 10th St. If you need a rental while your car is being worked on they have rentals for $25 per day. 510.849.1383 Andrea

March 2009

Re: Non Toyota Dealership Mechanic
Oceanworks in Berkeley. Great mechanics and super nice. Louisa

I want to ENTHUSIASTICALLY endorse the suggestion of Oceanworks in Berkeley. Angus, the owner, has been working on my Camry for 8 years now and is FABULOUS. He makes me want to be sure to buy a Toyota as my next car so I can continue to go to him. Angus helps me decide what really needs to be done and what can be deferred. He is completely trustworthy, helpful, and a generally good citizen as well (has had solar panels on his roof for years; promotes biking and sells commuter bikes on the side). The woman who will answer the phone, Natalie, is fabulous as well and has been there for years. They have women mechanics as well as men. And I often choose to just hang there with my toddler while they do oil changes, etc. b/c it's such a nice vibe there (classical music, nice interactions, etc.) When have you heard that about someone's mechanic? Ginger
August 2008

Re: Mechanic for a 1990's Toyota
We have enjoyed Oceanworks for years, which is at Carleton and 10th. They are reliable, explain what is happening well, and help save unnecessary money. Hilariously, Angus the owner also sells fancy foot push scooters as a way of encouraging less driving. We were referred by old family friends and now most of the Toyota drivers we know go to them. - satisfied customer

August 2008

Re: Mechanic for a 1990's Toyota
Try Oceanworks, which is on 10th, not far from Art's. Unless you need to get in quickly, Oceanworks is great. They do imports and Angus, the owner and main contact, seems very upfront with you, will get refurbished parts if he can, and is super environmentally minded. Cost is about the same as Art's, from what I remember. But I think they are pretty popular, as there is usually a 2 week wait, unless it is an emergency. Bryan in Oakland

August 2008

Re: Mechanic for a 1990's Toyota
I cannot recommend highly enough a Berkeley institution, Oceanworks at 10th & Carleton in southewest Berkeley, 849-1383. Angus Powelson runs a union shop, specializes in Toyotas and Hondas, and will spend much time answering your questions and explaining what is going on with your car and what your options are. We've been going there for years. peg

May 2008

Re: Mechanic for a Saturn
we've been having our '96 saturn serviced at oceanworks II for a few years (after having various saturn dealers try to convince us to do several unnecessary and pricey repairs...). they are honest and reliable, and charge reasonable rates. sl1 owner

Feb 2008

Re: Routine maintenance for a Honda
I have two recommendations for Honda servicing, both in West Berkeley. Art's Automotive and Oceanworks both service Japanese cars, both are reliable and environmentally consciencious. I have found both to explain exactly what they feel is needed, will show you the old parts and go through the problem if you like, and are fine to deal with. Oceanworks is probably a little smaller and you will deal with the same people in the office each time, but they usually have a longer wait for an appointment. Bryan in Oakland

Nov 2007

Re: VW service in Berkeley or Oakland?
We used to have a VW and always used Angus at Oceanworks, on 10th St just north of Ashby. Honest and reliable, and committed to green practices. Works on japanese cars too. The only down side is he is so popular, sometimes you need to wait a week or so for an appointment. Bryan

Re: Good Toyota mechanic in the East Bay? (Jan 2007)
Angus - at Oceanworks is a great Toyota auto mechanic. He works on our truck - he's a straight shooter. 849-1383 . He's on 10th a couple blocks north of Parker, in Berkeley. Driving Happy Re: Good Toyota mechanic in the East Bay? (Jan 2007)
I have used two places in Berkeley for service when I owned a Toyota. Art's Automotive is on San Pablo, just a block north of Ashby. The other is Oceanworks, on 10th, a couple more blocks north of Ashby. Both seem honest, reliable and have been in business for a long time. Not sure how their prices compare to each other or to other places. Generally, it is faster to get an appt at Art's. Oceanworks also works on German cars, and took care of our VW for 10 years Bryan
Re: Looking for good and honest VW mechanic (Nov 2005)
We had a VW Cabriolet for years, and had it serviced by Angus at Oceanworks, 10th St and Carleton in Berkeley.

I can't really comment on his prices, but we were extremely happy with the service (he also worked on my old Toyota). Angus will keep any parts for you if you want and show you exactly what the problem was and what was fixed. He often looked for used parts for me if he though it was worth it.

The only downside is he is quite busy--usually a week and a half or so for an appointment (but he could usually squeeze me in for emergencies). I definately recommend his shop. Bryan

Re: Mechanic for 1991 MR2 (Feb 2005)
We take our Toyota and our Honda to Angus at Oceanworks on 10th and Carlton. He's great--honest and competent! We've gone to him for several years and have no complaints. Kim
Re: Mechanic for '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee (July 2002)
To the person looking for a jeep mechanic...I have been very happy with the care I have received from Oceanworks II, on Carleton Ave (at San Pablo) in Berkeley. They specialise in Jeeps and SUV's, but I have taken my regular sedan there as well as my Jeep. Chris, the owner, is very likeable and accomodating, and generally fair priced. However, I have found that the major servicings are still a bit pricey. The 60K service was about $600. His # is 845-5337. Shahana
Re: Mechanic for Subaru Outback (Aug 2002)
Angus Powellson at Oceanworks in Berkeley has been servicing my toyota for over 10 years. His shop specializes in Japanese car repair. He is a fabulous mechanic. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and easy to communicate with. I feel he really looks out for his customers and has always offered different options in the process of making repairs so that we don't have to spend so much money in the process. I also leave there feeling like I am driving a very safe car. I have referred many friends there over the years and everyone really swears by him. Hannah
Re: Independent shop for Nissan service (May 2002)
We love Angus at Oceanworks Japanese Car Repair (2703 - 10th St. in Berkeley - 849-1383)! He's been taking care of our Toyotas for over 14 years. He is honest, knowledgable and thorough, as well as very personable. Everyone we refer to him thinks he is great as well. Denise
Re: Trustworthy mechanic for Nissans (August 2002)
Oceanworks, on Tenth street in Berkeley, specializes in Japanese cars. I could go on at great length about the benefits of the place, but prefer to be brief. The firm is honest, competent, and friendly. Jim
Re: Trustworthy mechanic for Nissans (August 2002)
I took my old Nissan to Oceanworks in Berkeley for years and I highly recommend them. The owner Angus is usually there in the mornings and you can talk to him directly and the other employees were equally as helpful. I found them to be very honest, straightforward and reasonably priced. They kept my old Nissan running well long past its prime. Janie
March 2002

RE: Saturn mechanic
I can recommend a very good and trustworthy Saturn mechanic. It's Oceanworks II, (the one next to the famous Oceanworks I). Ask to speak to Chris, he is honest and down to earth. If you have any more questions, call me at 222-2194. Martina

I love Oceanworks (2703 10th Street, Berkeley, 849-1383). They've been taking care of my used 84 Tercel for five years, and they are honest, competitively priced, and respectful of all their clients. Jenne
From: Judi

Oceanworks Japanese Car Repair
2703 10th
(510) 849-1383

When I moved from oakalnd to Berkeley, I wanted someone closer and Oceanworks (2703 - 10th St.) was recommended by several people here at UCB> I've had my car worked on twice there so far and both times had very good results. I expect they will be on par with OAW. Oceanworks: 849-1383. Tamara
I highly recommend Oceanworks in Berkeley. Their phone is 849-1383. They are very helpful, honest and reasonably priced. They will not recommend unncessary repairs, etc. as some places do. The owners name is Angus and the front desk person is Sheila. Good luck. Dylan
I, too, would recommend Oceanworks Japanese Car Repair in Berkeley for trustworthiness -- because of what they did NOT do to my car. I brought my 14-year-old Prelude to Oceanworks for servicing and was told the car would need extensive work (clutch, etc.) that would run several hundreds of dollars. Instead of doing the repairs and taking my money, however, the folks at Oceanworks recommended getting rid of the car, explaining that they could not fix the most damaging problem, extensive rust throughout the frame. It was difficult to part with the car, but I appreciated their honesty (the East Coast dealer that had been servicing the car for years had checked it only a few months earlier and said nothing about the extent of the rust!). Elisa
I've been taking my two Toyotas to Oceanworks (2703 10th St. Berkeley, near Fantasy Records) for a long time. They're very very good, and very honest. The only problem is that they don't offer transportation to BART so getting there is a bit of a problem. Their phone is 849-1383. Jon