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  • ADHD Coach for Adult

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    I'm in search of an ADHD-specific coach for an adult, for help designing very practical and personalized strategies and routines.  I saw some older posts on this but wanted to ask for updated recommendations.  Thank you!

    Dani Svingos, LCSW specializes in this work! She's deeply connected to all of the services, schools, and providers who serve neurodiverse youth and adults in the East Bay (we had an amazing encounter with her at Fusion when our son went there) and Dani can provide not only the behavioral interventions for self-organizing and executive functioning but also help process and alleviate the depression, anxiety and impaired esteem issues that can come along with being a neurodiverse adult (whether diagnosed early or late). Plus she's just the best person all-around. Highly recommend!

    Many years ago I worked with Sydney Metrick and really liked her. I'm still using some of the techniques she shared with me.

  • Parent Counseling for ADHD impulsive teen

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    Has anyone had experience with Whole Child Psychological Services in  Walnut Creek (social skills group and/or parent counseling) for a teen with ADHD? They seem great from an initial discussion, but there aren't any reviews on BPN.


    Hello - we are very happy clients of Whole Child. I feel like I finally have somebody who can explain what's going on in my kids mind/brain, and help us set up our home and school environment accordingly. In addition to providing fabulous, actionable advice and plans, they are also a treasure trove of referrals to equally fabulous professionals. Working with them has been a life saver. 

    We've been working with Whole Child for almost 4 years and it's been a life-saving/life-changing experience for both us as parents and our son (who is now an impulsive ASD teen).  We work individually with a behavior therapist on a weekly basis so can't speak to the social skills groups. They have helped us to set boundaries, implement structure and, most importantly, to understand our child to set him up for success.  I can't recommend them more highly! 

  • ADHD ‘coach’ for teen

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    Our 15 yo daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive Type, mild. Low dose medication has been helpful and she’s starting to take ownership of her diagnosis. Thinking now about a ‘phase 2’ in treatment, wondering if there exists some short-term practical class or coach to help with techniques for school, etc. Kaiser had offered therapy but I’m thinking more practical skills as daughter is fairly confident and adjusted.  I bought a teen ADHD book for organization (which still sits unopened) but wondering if someone in-person for just a few sessions could teach skills we have not thought of. 
    many thanks

    Classroom Matters has great executive function bootcamps for teens and their families. We took one and found it SO helpful. Then we signed up for a tutor who has taught our son how to organize himself for school (how to use his assignment planner, what to keep in his binder vs. what to toss, how to manage email and communications from teachers and the school) and break down school projects and papers into smaller tasks and then stay on top of them. All of CM's tutors work on executive function skills in addition to doing subject matter support. Can't recommend Classroom Matters enough! 

    Classroom Matters on Sacramento has excellent Executive Functioning coaches- I've used them for my daughter. They are known for their subject matter tutoring (which we've also had for AP Chem) but we also use them for ADHD coaching- planning and organization. 


    check out SOS4Students. They do inperson  and online courses. Our developmental pediatrician highly recommended this place.

    We had our daughter's neuropsych assessment at UC Berkeley, and I took a class with the same clinic on behavioral modification. They may have resources that would work for you.

    Many therapists who specializes in ADHD will provide that sort of coaching (along with working on cognitive behavioral therapy and other techniques that can be helpful alongside medication). I can't offer any specific recommendations within Kaiser, but I'd encourage you to consider exploring the therapy approach that they're offering, if you can find an ADHD specialist (a therapist who doesn't do much ADHD work may not be as helpful on the coaching front).

    Greetings - I am a parent of a teenager with ADHD. First, don't buy any more ADHD books - we have many and can share! Second, my child has been working with Lisa Miller at Classroom Matters, and she's amazing. Lisa is an incredibly talented coach. She has deep ADHD experience, and she has a team of excellent tutors / coaches to back her up. Based on the limited information you provide here, I highly recommend Lisa. If she's not able to help you, I'm sure she can find point you in the right direction. and I'm new to BPN, but it looks like you can message me privately via the platform. Please feel free to reach out to me directly - happy to talk with you and share more about our family's ADHD journey. 

  • Coach for Adult ADHD?

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    I'm searching for an adult ADHD coach to help me with time management, procrastination, and generally getting work stuff done.  Someone who focuses on academic work would probably be fine for me, as my work is largely academic in nature, though help developing strategies for keeping the rest of my life organized would also be useful.  I've seen some fairly old promising reviews for Linda Lawton; if you have more recent experience with her I'd love to hear about it.  In addition if you know other ADHD coaches in the East Bay who are great (and ideally meet in person, and perhaps do some supervised study sessions), please let me know!

    I'm an adult in the creative/academic world, and I swear by my coach -- Tatiana Guerreiro Ramos. She co-runs Classroom Matters in Berkeley and is a quick study. We do a combination of organizational skill-building and reframing of issues like procrastination and perfectionism. She is at: tatiana [at]

    I highly recommend Sydney Metrick. I worked with her several years ago to help me figure out how to better manage my inattentive ADD and found her really helpful. She has since moved out of the area, but even when she lived in the Bay Area we mostly talked over the phone apart from an initial visit. I found her to have a lot of insight and experience and very little judgment. If nothing else, you may want to sign up for her free newsletter. I still get it and regularly learn from it! Here's her website:

    Good luck! I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to struggle with a somewhat nonstandard brain...

  • Hello, everyone (first time posting here!).  My SO was diagnosed with Adult ADHD a little over a year ago.  Since that time, we've experienced various headaches regarding finding skilled counselors/therapists who can offer real help with his condition. 

    The major priority is finding someone (a therapist, counselor, coach, etc.) who can help with executive-functioning related issues (organization, prioritization, time management, motivation, emotional regulation, etc).  Or even some sort of group or class where people receive training in executive-function skills.  He'd also benefit from speaking with a doctor or psychiatrist who is knowledgeable regarding medications for ADHD treatment ...someone who has ADHD as a specialty or at least has significant experience with it.

    We have Anthem BlueCross insurance, so if anyone could offer a suggestion for a provider who's in-network, this would be immensely appreciated.  However, we'd be willing to go out-of-network for anyone who truly knows their stuff. 

    We live in the East Bay, but there's no real preference for location ...would be up for anyone in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, San Francisco ...or even the South Bay, if necessary.  Finding someone who's helpful & skilled is, ultimately, the most important factor here.  I just want to ensure he'll finally get the treatment he needs.

    Tremendous thanks ahead of time for any guidance or suggestions you're able to provide. It's truly appreciated...

    Hi, I don't have advice about where to go in the Bay Area, but I do know an excellent online resource that has helped our family a great deal. My 57 year old husband has ADHD (as well as our kid) and I have found Additude Magazine to be so helpful and full of resources. There is a lot on adult ADHD/ADD and the effects it has on marriage, as well as some support groups where either or both of you can vent and learn. You might find something in there.

    Hi! I am an adult recently diagnosed with ADD. (39 year old female).

    I would like to recommend Ellen Walters, MFT for counseling and therapy. SHE IS AMAZING. I can't stress enough how knowledgeable, kind, and helpful she is. She helped me find so many practical ideas, systems, and strategies for every day functioning. Her office is in Lafayette and she doesn't do insurance but she's worth it. She helped me with communication skills with my husband, emotional regulation, self esteem, and with practical organization and planning strategies. (My ADD is pretty severe- she literally helped me figure out how to manage and complete daily chores like take out the garbage, laundry, etc. and how to begin to be a functioning adult rather than a hot mess.) 

    And I love the Additude magazine as well. They also do a podcast that covers so many topics-it helped me learn more about the condition and is a treasure trove of information. 

    One thing I want to say is that your SO is lucky to have such a supportive partner. It's a roller coaster of emotions when you get diagnosed as an adult. It's shocking to realize you've lived for so long without help. And it can be trying to say the least to navigate the world of treatment options. Having someone I your side and simply supporting you makes all the difference in the world.

    I would start with a good therapist like her and ask for a rec from her for a doctor or psychiatrist. She specializes in ADD. One last thing-  I didn't even think ADD was real even after I got diagnosed. But Ellen really worked with me and took time to see what I really needed. She has ADD herself and she truly gets it. Good luck! 

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Support group for adult with ADD?

Dec 2012

i am the wife of a non-diagnosed ADD husband. do you know of any support groups in the east bay? preferably near el cerrito. thanks. non-add spouse needs support

Try for resources. CHADD is the national organization for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Local Librarian