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  • Coach for Adult ADHD?

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    I'm searching for an adult ADHD coach to help me with time management, procrastination, and generally getting work stuff done.  Someone who focuses on academic work would probably be fine for me, as my work is largely academic in nature, though help developing strategies for keeping the rest of my life organized would also be useful.  I've seen some fairly old promising reviews for Linda Lawton; if you have more recent experience with her I'd love to hear about it.  In addition if you know other ADHD coaches in the East Bay who are great (and ideally meet in person, and perhaps do some supervised study sessions), please let me know!

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    I'm an adult in the creative/academic world, and I swear by my coach -- Tatiana Guerreiro Ramos. She co-runs Classroom Matters in Berkeley and is a quick study. We do a combination of organizational skill-building and reframing of issues like procrastination and perfectionism. She is at: tatiana [at]

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    I highly recommend Sydney Metrick. I worked with her several years ago to help me figure out how to better manage my inattentive ADD and found her really helpful. She has since moved out of the area, but even when she lived in the Bay Area we mostly talked over the phone apart from an initial visit. I found her to have a lot of insight and experience and very little judgment. If nothing else, you may want to sign up for her free newsletter. I still get it and regularly learn from it! Here's her website:

    Good luck! I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to struggle with a somewhat nonstandard brain...

  •  Senior newly diagnosed with ADHD ( didn't just develop it, never diagnosed previously) seeks both coach and therapist to work with. I noticed Linda Lawton is highly recommended as a coach but for $175 for a 50 minute session is unaffordable. I would really appreciate any information from other older folks in a similar situation.


    Just a thought: Maybe call Linda and see whether she thinks one session (alone) might be helpful.

    There's a big difference in cost between one session and "weekly for a year" or whatever. 

    (I don't know Linda, but I also work for a high hourly rate, and I can often give clients results in a single session.  In those cases, it's very high value for the client.  Sometimes I can then recommend a lower-cost "maintenance" course of action.  Perhaps Linda is the same?)

    Oh, sister, I feel your pain. I joined a group for adult ADHD people but of course haven't been to a meetup yet. They are on the meetup website as "Oakland/Berkeley Adult ADHD CHADD Group" and I think they meet Tuesday nights. Tough for me to go out then, with the kids and all. 

    I would love to share resources. You can reach me at amythek [at]

    I'm so tired of being like this. And the idea that I can just spend thousands out of pocket for help ... that's so frustrating. Are there that many kajillionaire adults with ADHD? Guess so. I start each day feeling crappy about this and would love to be part of an encouragement coven. 

  • Marriage counselor for Couple with ADHD

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    We need help. My husband has ADHD, anxiety and depression. He needed to move out of the house to be able to cope. We need an exceptional marriage counselor who specializes in ADHD (he won't go see anyone else). We have seen 2 so far and neither of them were able to help us. He wants to try to make our marriage work, we both do but he needs his own therapist and we need counseling together. We know a lot about ADHD but need someone who can help us differentiate between which behaviors he can change and what we both need to live with. HIs self-esteem has suffered tremendously in the last few years and his anxiety has sky rocketed. We are definitely in crisis mode and the whole family is suffering. Please send recommendations that have worked for you. Thank you. 

    Hi, Check out Robert Gorden in Berkeley. We've recently begun to see him and are pleased. Admittedly, he is quite busy, so it did take us a couple of months to connect and find a time available in his schedule that worked for us as well. Best of luck!

    If you are a Kaiser member, they offer group classes and guidance for people with ADHD.  If you're not a member, maybe you can pay a fee to take the class, or they can recommend something outside.

    Also, explore the idea of medication with a psychiatrist. Many people are ardently anti-medication, but the situation you describe is very close to crisis, and medication can sometimes provide the extra help to get things stabilized.  Serious stress and anxiety are likely to make things much worse.   I have had years of therapy, but medication is the only thing that has provided long-term relief.

    Phil Mansfield would be a very good place to start. Near Rick and Ann's, across from the Claremont. He is extremely skilled working with couples, using EMDR, which is indicated for PTSD.  He helped my husband overcome fear of heights and agoraphobia, both of which were affecting his functioning.  Then we went to him for couples work, which was extremely helpful. Best of luck to you!

  • Hello, everyone (first time posting here!).  My SO was diagnosed with Adult ADHD a little over a year ago.  Since that time, we've experienced various headaches regarding finding skilled counselors/therapists who can offer real help with his condition. 

    The major priority is finding someone (a therapist, counselor, coach, etc.) who can help with executive-functioning related issues (organization, prioritization, time management, motivation, emotional regulation, etc).  Or even some sort of group or class where people receive training in executive-function skills.  He'd also benefit from speaking with a doctor or psychiatrist who is knowledgeable regarding medications for ADHD treatment ...someone who has ADHD as a specialty or at least has significant experience with it.

    We have Anthem BlueCross insurance, so if anyone could offer a suggestion for a provider who's in-network, this would be immensely appreciated.  However, we'd be willing to go out-of-network for anyone who truly knows their stuff. 

    We live in the East Bay, but there's no real preference for location ...would be up for anyone in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, San Francisco ...or even the South Bay, if necessary.  Finding someone who's helpful & skilled is, ultimately, the most important factor here.  I just want to ensure he'll finally get the treatment he needs.

    Tremendous thanks ahead of time for any guidance or suggestions you're able to provide. It's truly appreciated...

    Hi, I don't have advice about where to go in the Bay Area, but I do know an excellent online resource that has helped our family a great deal. My 57 year old husband has ADHD (as well as our kid) and I have found Additude Magazine to be so helpful and full of resources. There is a lot on adult ADHD/ADD and the effects it has on marriage, as well as some support groups where either or both of you can vent and learn. You might find something in there.

    Hi! I am an adult recently diagnosed with ADD. (39 year old female).

    I would like to recommend Ellen Walters, MFT for counseling and therapy. SHE IS AMAZING. I can't stress enough how knowledgeable, kind, and helpful she is. She helped me find so many practical ideas, systems, and strategies for every day functioning. Her office is in Lafayette and she doesn't do insurance but she's worth it. She helped me with communication skills with my husband, emotional regulation, self esteem, and with practical organization and planning strategies. (My ADD is pretty severe- she literally helped me figure out how to manage and complete daily chores like take out the garbage, laundry, etc. and how to begin to be a functioning adult rather than a hot mess.) 

    And I love the Additude magazine as well. They also do a podcast that covers so many topics-it helped me learn more about the condition and is a treasure trove of information. 

    One thing I want to say is that your SO is lucky to have such a supportive partner. It's a roller coaster of emotions when you get diagnosed as an adult. It's shocking to realize you've lived for so long without help. And it can be trying to say the least to navigate the world of treatment options. Having someone I your side and simply supporting you makes all the difference in the world.

    I would start with a good therapist like her and ask for a rec from her for a doctor or psychiatrist. She specializes in ADD. One last thing-  I didn't even think ADD was real even after I got diagnosed. But Ellen really worked with me and took time to see what I really needed. She has ADD herself and she truly gets it. Good luck! 

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Support group for adult with ADD?

Dec 2012

i am the wife of a non-diagnosed ADD husband. do you know of any support groups in the east bay? preferably near el cerrito. thanks. non-add spouse needs support

Try for resources. CHADD is the national organization for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Local Librarian