flexible ADHD coach

Anyone have a recommendation for a coach for our 20 yr old with serious ADHD and super high IQ who is very underdeveloped in his capacity to do anything he doesn

t want to do?

He can be argumentative, charming, stuborn, articulate and iin need of an "executive secretary" coach with a sense of humor?

he is a D1 athlete who had an awful 1st semester at an elite college, took off the 2nd semester and is now at community college to mature some more before either returning to that college or going elsewhere. He refuses to use a calendar, hates me (his mom) reminding him of stuff he needs to do and refuses to share school information with us and cannot keep track of or (at times) even do his work. Without any effort he got B's & a C but needs support to get accustomed to working harder.

In middle school and part of high school I hired over qualified male CAL graduate students to sit with him 2x week to get home work done. He needs an older child version of this, I think.

I imagine someone relatively young, funny, and organized, in contact with him via text and phone call 3 -5 days a week getting him and then keeping him on track.

Thank you so much in advance.

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flexible ADHD coach (Jan 1, 2024)

Wow this could be my child you described. If you find someone please, I would love to know about that resource. It’s so hard to advise an almost adult age kiddo. I find myself worried and frustrated. The online guidance says to let go of trying to control your child, but my child is also engaging in risky behavior. All the best to you and your son. 

flexible ADHD coach (Jan 1, 2024)

Hi, your son sounds very much like mine. He found an EF coach at Classroom Matters, whose support and encouragement and sensitivity and knowledge of ADHD, etc. has been incredibly helpful to my son. I’d highly recommend contacting Classroom Matters to see how they can help. It’s been a game changer for my son and our family.