ADHD Coach for Adult

I'm in search of an ADHD-specific coach for an adult, for help designing very practical and personalized strategies and routines.  I saw some older posts on this but wanted to ask for updated recommendations.  Thank you!

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Dani Svingos, LCSW specializes in this work! She's deeply connected to all of the services, schools, and providers who serve neurodiverse youth and adults in the East Bay (we had an amazing encounter with her at Fusion when our son went there) and Dani can provide not only the behavioral interventions for self-organizing and executive functioning but also help process and alleviate the depression, anxiety and impaired esteem issues that can come along with being a neurodiverse adult (whether diagnosed early or late). Plus she's just the best person all-around. Highly recommend!

RE: ADHD Coach for Adult ()

Many years ago I worked with Sydney Metrick and really liked her. I'm still using some of the techniques she shared with me.