Parent Counseling for ADHD impulsive teen


Has anyone had experience with Whole Child Psychological Services in  Walnut Creek (social skills group and/or parent counseling) for a teen with ADHD? They seem great from an initial discussion, but there aren't any reviews on BPN.


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Hello - we are very happy clients of Whole Child. I feel like I finally have somebody who can explain what's going on in my kids mind/brain, and help us set up our home and school environment accordingly. In addition to providing fabulous, actionable advice and plans, they are also a treasure trove of referrals to equally fabulous professionals. Working with them has been a life saver. 

We've been working with Whole Child for almost 4 years and it's been a life-saving/life-changing experience for both us as parents and our son (who is now an impulsive ASD teen).  We work individually with a behavior therapist on a weekly basis so can't speak to the social skills groups. They have helped us to set boundaries, implement structure and, most importantly, to understand our child to set him up for success.  I can't recommend them more highly!