Executive Functioning Coach for Middle school kid

Hello BP family,

My son will be starting 7th grade this fall. I'm looking for an executive coach that offers in-person session to work with him as has ADHD - Inattentive. He is a very smart and kind kid but us the parents are tired of reminding him to do the homework, turn-in the homework, etc. I'd appreciate your good referral. I've gone through the archives and I don't see recent postings. We live in El Cerrito, so preferably looking for someone is El Cerrito, Richmond, Albany, Berkeley area and even better if the coach is willing to come to our house. 

Thanks so much!

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Hi, please consider reaching out to Laura Turnbull at Firelight Education.  She is a wonderful mentor/coach for ADHD students.  She worked with my son to help strengthen executive function -- things like calendaring, organizing notes and assignments and follow through on homework and creating long range planning for large projects. Laura understood my son's struggles and was able to connect with him, establish rapport and encourage him along the way.  She is great about keeping parents updated and supported during what sometimes feels like an insurmountable challenge.  My best to you and your son!


Thanks for your referral, will reach out to Laura.