Coach for Adult ADHD?

I'm searching for an adult ADHD coach to help me with time management, procrastination, and generally getting work stuff done.  Someone who focuses on academic work would probably be fine for me, as my work is largely academic in nature, though help developing strategies for keeping the rest of my life organized would also be useful.  I've seen some fairly old promising reviews for Linda Lawton; if you have more recent experience with her I'd love to hear about it.  In addition if you know other ADHD coaches in the East Bay who are great (and ideally meet in person, and perhaps do some supervised study sessions), please let me know!

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I'm an adult in the creative/academic world, and I swear by my coach -- Tatiana Guerreiro Ramos. She co-runs Classroom Matters in Berkeley and is a quick study. We do a combination of organizational skill-building and reframing of issues like procrastination and perfectionism. She is at: tatiana [at]

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I highly recommend Sydney Metrick. I worked with her several years ago to help me figure out how to better manage my inattentive ADD and found her really helpful. She has since moved out of the area, but even when she lived in the Bay Area we mostly talked over the phone apart from an initial visit. I found her to have a lot of insight and experience and very little judgment. If nothing else, you may want to sign up for her free newsletter. I still get it and regularly learn from it! Here's her website:

Good luck! I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to struggle with a somewhat nonstandard brain...