ADHD coach for bright 20 year old

I’m wondering if anyone has had a good experience with a life coach who specializes in ADHD ? My super bright 20yr old with 12 yrs of this dx has hit a wall where his intelligence & superior social skills is not enough to finagle his way thru deadlines & obligations. He doesn’t want to check in with us but I wonder if he had a coach who checked in twice a week or 5x week could help him?


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A dear friend of mine has worked with Caroline Totah with great success. Hope this helps!

Hi, my son - 20/ADHD and EF challenges - is finding support through Classroom Matters in Berkeley. You can call them up and tell them what sort of help he needs and they get it. 

Hi there - We had a very positive experience with Lisa Miller and Amanda Burke of Classroom Matters. They are AMAZING and I highly recommend both of them. I will be eternally grateful to Lisa and Amanda for the support they provided to my daughter and our family. 


I highly recommend Classroom Matters.  I've been working an adult coach there and it's been lifechanging.