ADHD coach/therapist for adult

My partner has ADHD and would benefit from working with a coach or therapist to better understand the condition, its impact on their life and our relationship, and strategies to handle it. I’m at my wits end and they don’t seem to see that the problem exists. They are very bright and can be stubborn and defensive, so the ideal professional would be experienced with working with that sort of profile. Any recommendations welcome!

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Lyca Sedaka has been awesome! She's helped me get through and process the grief stage of getting diagnosed as an adult, working on self esteem and many tips and trick on how to navigate a neurodivergent brain. She also has ADHD herself so she really understands what her patients are dealing with.  She also takes insurance through Alma

You can check out her profile here…


I highly recommend checking out Melissa Orlov. At a point when I was at my wits end I stumbled on her site and was stunned by what she wrote about partnerships that are impacted by ADHD; it was like she was living in our home. My ADHD husband and I did her webinar for couples impacted by ADHD and it was phenomenal. It opened our eyes to a lot of things - not just his ADHD but also how I respond to it. And we felt a lot less alone in our struggles as there were people from all over the world attending the webinar. ADHD and it's impact is real. She also has a support group for non-ADHD partners. Here's the link: Her site also has a list of people that specialize in ADHD. Some are out of state but they can work with you as "coach" if they're not licensed to work in CA.