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  • Gifted and Experienced Acupuncturist Sought

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    I'm looking for referrals for some general mid-life issues (stomach issues/IBS, fatigue, hormones) and would like to see a very experienced practitioner who does acupuncture, and potentially herbal medicine as well. There are lots of younger folks out there, no shade, but I'd like someone with many years of success and understanding under their belts. TIA for any recommendations!

    I have gone to Nancy Rakela in Berkeley and she is very skilled and has an impressive resume. Would highly recommend. 

    Jenny Crissman at has been amazing for our family. We've been seeing her for years after she came highly recommend to us by a co-worker.

    Rachel Alkire at Grow Family Acupuncture is amazing, amazing, amazing. 

    Nancy Rakela is fantastic. Kind, wise, and extremely good. I went to her not believing acupuncture worked but she now is also my trusted source for medical questions, and doesn't hesitate to say when a western doctor is needed instead. Even there, she gave me more information than the western md's. She also teaches internationally. They are open now and very safe

    I highly recommend Dennis VonElgg.  (510) 666-8234.  Very experienced, accupuncture professor, works complex issues.  I have gone to him and sent family members to him.

    I highly recommend Dr. Jessica Parker at Root and Stem in Oakland.

    I don't know how old you're looking for, but Naya is great. I've been seeing her for about 4 years now and she does both acupuncture and herbs. I wouldn't call her old, but I also wouldn't call her a younger folk. 

    The acupuncturist at Energy Matters in Oakland are great. I go to Angela Coon for stomach issues and she’s helped tremendously.

    Added bonus: they take insurance and have handled care during COVID extremely well.

    I’m not sure where you’re located, but I absolutely love Michelle Kuroda. Her office is in the Flood Building, right next to Powell station. She is a fantastic listener, has many years of experience, and I left her office feeling better every time. I haven’t ventured into the city during COVID, but I’ll be thrilled to see her on the other side of this. 

    I'm a huge fan of Don Gates at Grand Acupuncture Center. Great listener and well versed in Chinese herbal remedies. 510-428-9430.

    I've been seeing Don Gates at East Bay Traditional Acupuncture for 17 years now.  He is really good - My husband and I refer to him as "The Magician."  He does Chinese herbal medicine as well.

    Good luck!

    John Nelson is amazing.  He is an acupuncturist in Berkeley who listens to you and can listen to your body as well.  He practices both with acupuncture and herbs, and is very well trained and educated.  I have sent my husband, sister, mother, many many friends to him (as well as myself - he helped me with thyroid, weith and fatigue issues). He doesn't have a website but you can search on John Nelson Acupuncture berkeley and find him, or call (510) 280-4987. or email needles.moxa [at]

    Hello BPN families, I very highly recommend my acupuncturist Alexis Calcano. I have been seeing him whenever I need his help for the last five years. Alexis has been working with me for hot flashes and leg and ankle pain.

    In the past I have seen 3 other acupuncturists and I find Alexis a very intuitive and holistic practitioner. He offers his expertise in herbal remedies as an integrated part of his care.

    Here's his contact information:


    I recommend Melanie Linebaugh based on what you are looking for. She is very experienced - 23 years or more and has helped many people with those same health issues. You can reach Melanie at. 510-325-1929

    Cara Brockbank at Temescal Acupuncture is amazing. She helped me with acute neck pain. She is  warm, thorough and incredibly talented. Highly Reccomend.

  • Dry needling

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    My neurologist recommended that I look into dry needling to release perpetually knotted trapezoid muscles that contribute to headaches. I already get Botox and trigger point injections. This combination has worked for me for quite sometime, but now I need additional relief. Can anyone recommend someone in Berkeley/Albany who does this and is taking appropriate precautions at their clinic?

    I've seen Anahita at Golden Leaf Acupuncture in Berkeley for exactly this purpose. It's rather intense, but does work wonders. Looks like they are taking appointments and have precautions in place.

    I have a major congenital problem with the trapezius muscles such that I have pain 98% of the times, since I was in my teens. While I am taking both nerve pain and muscle relaxant medications, what really helps me get through the days on top of the medications is a neuro-muscular electrical stimulation device (I have it on me all day). I got one of these with a doctors note

    I have tried acupuncture and cupping, while it helped a bit, it was just not convenient to go for those ever so often for a condition that I know I will have for all my life.

  • Acupuncture/herbs for a teen with anxiety?

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    Looking for recommendations for acupuncturists/herbalists with experience treating teens struggling with anxiety. 

    My 16-year-old daughter is in therapy and that has helped her so much. This would be an additional resource for her. Would ideally like to find someone who works with teens frequently and has a good rapport with them.


    My daughter was clinically depressed as a child and at 16 she began acupuncture treatments with Sherry Yang which definitely helped along with all of the other modalities we sought for her. Sherry Yang is a wonderful and very caring doctor. In China she practiced psychiatry and taught acupuncture in the Bay Area. She raised a brilliant daughter in the Albany school district. Both of my daughters continue to see her and she treats us like family. 

    My daughter’s almost 20 now and doing remarkably well. Sounds like you’re doing a great job managing your daughter’s medical/mental challenges. Keep at it because the rewards are wonderful. Wish you and your daughter all the best.

    I've done acupuncture 3x with Kelly Stock.  But she is also an herbalist with a master's in Oriental Medicine.  My teenager saw her once for acupuncture and really liked her.  We haven't done any oriental medicine other than acupuncture with her, but she has a healing presence as to the acupuncture.  She has an office in Orinda, and you can probably get a feel for her from her website. 

    Try Marie Bowser. She’s GREAT for my teenage son. After the first treatment, his evaluation scores routinely accessed by his therapist jumped from 2 out of 10 to 6 out of 10. He went back for the second treatment. He’s kept up really well. The therapist was pleasantly surprised. She believes that it was the acupuncture treatment that made a difference. The therapist herself went to see Marie to experiment the magic. She’s been sending her patients to Marie ever since. Marie Bowser is in Albany. (510) 984-1101. AJ

  • Rotator Cuff injury seeking recs on non-traditional therapies acupuncture acupressure good chiropractic etc in Berkeley area preferably who takes BCBS,

    Have you tried physical therapy?  I have impinged rotator cuff in both shoulders. The PT exercises help as does taking pure CBD oil capsules. I haven’t tried accupressur or puncture. I’m with Kaiser Oakland. 

    I highly recommend Jason Frye. He is both an acupuncturist and massage therapist in the Traditional Chinese Medicine modality called Tuina. I have seen Jason for bodywork and studied TCM and qigong with him many years ago. His website shows an office location in Hilltop (Richmond)—not sure if he is also still in Oakland. Either way, it’s worth the trip!

  • seeking acupuncturist

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    Due to arthritis I have some pain in my lower back and would very much appreciate recommendations for top rated, experienced acupuncture treatment in the East Bay. Many thanks.

    Hello. Having worked regularly with her for over 3 years, I can give a very strong recommendation for Christine Dao, LAc. at Dao Integrated Health. She sees patients on the west end of Alameda (2 minutes from Posey tube) on Tuesdays and in Livermore other days of the work week. She is trained in a variety of modalities (acupuncture as well as cupping) and may also help you with diet, inflammation or other medical challenges that you may have. She is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and has helped me tremendously. (FYI she is out of the country till approximately July 20, so it may take a little time to get a reply)

  • Hi,

    I have checked the archives and the only recommendation I can find for the east side of the tunnel is in Orinda. I would love to find someone a little further out to deal with my neck/shoulder/back pain and some issues my teenager is having.

    Thank you!    located in walnut creek.  michael is regarded and recommended by other acupuncturists as one of the best healers in the bay area.  i took my elderly ‘non-believer’ father to him for unmitigated degenerative spine pain.  after three sessions my dad was a believer.  best of luck to you~

    Nancy Nachtwey- she is wonderful. Right off the 24 as you enter Walnut Creek from Lafayette - 510-568-1888

    she has provided me with lots of advice and massage over the years (in non-professional capacity), but has also treated me for acupuncture. I went specifically for boosting fertility and was pregnant before I had a second session.

    Although not in the cities you listed, Angela Rosen @ Mulberry Wellness in San Ramon is an amazing acupuncturist.  I have seen her on & off for the past few years -- for all sorts of different issues, both mental & physical.  She is intielligent & intuitiv.   I've recommended many friends & acquaintances to her as well & have never heard anything but rave reviews from her other patients.  She is located near the freeway off Crow Canyon and her # is 925-683-6484.  I would definitely drive far to see her.

  • Berkeley Acupuncture Project Rec

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    Hi, I am looking for an acupuncturist for wrist pain. Can anyone recommend a practitioner with the Berkeley Acupuncture Project specifically?  

    Sierra Marie is amazing at BAP! She was my lifesaver. 

    I don't have experience with Berkeley Acupuncture Project, but went to Sarana Community Acupuncture for a carpal tunnel flare-up and it was fantastic and very helpful.  All the practitioners are great, but my favorite is Pam.

    Good luck!


    I have gone to Jade Clinic for twelve years and they are knowledgeable, intuitive and kind. They have helped everything from body pain to crazy hormones. I highly recommend them. They have two locations (Berkeley and Orinda). Laura and Kristen are the practitioners. 

  • Acupuncturist for orthopedic pain

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    Can anybody recommend an acupuncturist in Berkeley/Oakland area that is very experienced with orthopedic pain issues?  Looking for someone who's very thorough and thoughtful for a complicated issue.  


    Yes, Chris, Jennifer and Novella at Oakland Community Acupuncture ( are all great. OCA provides acupuncture for the Warriors so hopefully they can help with your issue. Good luck!

    Yes! Jennifer Ross of Ross Acupuncture specializes in orthopedic acupuncture! Her treatments have taken my thumb joint pain (both hands, already operated on with only partial success) down from a constant daily grind to only occasional twinges. She operates out of an office on Grand on the north side of the lake.

    Carlos Haycock is an amazing acupuncturist! He’s also a UCSF nurse on an orthopedic floor. I started seeing him when he was a student at AIMC in Berkeley and now that he has graduated he is still my go-to. I have had neck pain and radiculopathy for 20 years and severe wrist and knee pain for the last 10. Carlos is warm, incredibly approachable and His treatments help relieve some of the pain, numbness and tingling.  I think his availability is fairly limited (Tuesdays, I think) but I know he is sometimes willing to do home visits for established patients.  415-297-1129

    Jade Clinic is amazing. Berkeley and Orinda offices. They’ve helped me so much! I use Laura but Kristin is great too!

  • Dear Parents,

    I read on this forum (posts by other parents )that Chinese acupuncturists help a lot in healing GI Issues in kids having possibly GERD/Reflux,  or EOE, or feeding/digestion issues
    I also read they were able to treat what other mainstream doctors could not after doing extensive tests and procedures ( scopes etc.).

    Could you please point me to such acupuncturists in the Bay Area ?  We have a kid in GI Distress and have been recommended extensive procedures and labs, wanted to check out the alternate route before proceeding with the invasive procedures. We have already done a ton of labs and bloodwork ! 



    When our baby came home after a stay in the hospital where he was feeding very well, for some reason he had GI issues.  We tried some anti-reflux meds to no avail.  A lactation consultant suggested probiotics, and within a day he was fine.  Another avenue I would look into is cranial osteopathy. Very gentle manipulation of the skull can relieve irritation on the Vagus (and perhaps other) nerve that connects to the stomach.  


    My acupuncturist/herbalist is great with kids and with GI issues. She has seen by children for various issues and has been treating me for some GI issues. She is in Berkeley on Alcatraz near Adeline.: Roberta Lewis, 510-540-8528


    I am sorry that your child is having a hard time and had to have some many procedures!

    The pediatric clinic at Grow Family Acupuncture may be a good place to start You could call and talk to them and if they feel the situation warrants more than what they can offer they may be able to refer to someone. Also I would recommend looking into homeopathy it is also a very gentle and powerful and can be very healing. We have had great luck working with a homeopath with our son.

    We work with a woman in Mountain View Deborah Hayes but I know there are many many wonderful homeopaths in the East Bay if you choose to got that route.

    I hope your little person gets some relief soon, what a hard thing to go through!

    Thank you eveyone for your responses ! Will take it forward 

    As a parent of a child with EoE, I'd like to add that it cannot be cured by accupuncture. Symptoms may be able to be alleviated, but until disease is in remission either by meds, elimination diet (IF you know the triggers) or a combination of both, there will still be active disease. Sometimes w/ symptoms, sometimes without, but always with the risk of permanent damage to the GI tract. And if you decide to do the invasive testing (endoscopy to dx EoE), please see a GI who understands proper protocol in diagnosing. IE: At least 3 months on a high dose PPI prior to scope, and bx taken from multiple places, as it's a patchy disease. Currently, the only way to properly dx is this way, unless you are seen at Denver Children's/National Jewish where they are just starting to use the 'string test.' (Maybe other hospitals are using this, but not many, and not UCSF EGID clinic in pediatric specialties, where our daughter is seen.) Also, google TIGERS protocol EoE. Best of luck!

  • acupuncture providers that accept Medi-cal?

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    I am trying to compile a list of acupuncturists who accept Medi-cal, specifically Alameda Alliance. I am grateful for any recommendations. Super, extra bonus points if the practitioner speaks Spanish. Thanks!

    I would love to see this list once compiled. Thank you for working on this!!

    I'm not familiar with resources in the East Bay - you might try American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San FRancisco, which takes MediCal.  They might know.  Also, are you familiar with the Community Acupuncture?  These are sites which provide acupuncture in a group setting (recliners), and the cost is usually only $20-40 sliding scale (no requirements to "prove" need you just pay what you can).  Again, I'm not familiar with East Bay resources, but a google search should do it.

    Sarana Community Acupuncture and Manzanita Acupuncture are both very low-cost.

    I would highly recommend community acupuncture. I know in Berkeley there are two fabulous clinics that offer acupuncture at a sliding-scale cost of $20-$40. Berkeley Community Acupuncture is where I go ( You'd have to ask for a Spanish-speaking practitioner when you make an appointment.... probably depends on the day/time whether they have a bilingual practitioner. There's also the Berkeley Acupuncture Project ( and I know that they list what languages their practitioners speak on their online booking site.

  • accupunture for allergies

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    My almost adult son (age 20) has allergies to many environmental things. We have done meds and homeopathic treatments and shots through Kaiser. He is now willing to try acupuncture. Does anyone have an accupunture practitioner they recommend for allergies in Berkeley or Oakland? Thanks!

    Dr. Richard Liao on Solano Ave. in Albany. Totally cured me of my seasonal allergies when I moved to the Bay Area at age 24.

    I go to a wonderful acunpuncturist in Mill Valley for allergies.  I know that's not Berkeley or Oakland, but I have found the drive worth it.  Farangis Tavily is a NAET acunpuncturist and this modality gets rid of all your allergies in 12 sessions.  It's truly miraculous.  She was recommended by my chiropractor for removing blocks to vitamins and minerals such as iron, and I found that getting rid of my allergies was a huge bonus (life changing in fact).  This was the first year I didn't have to get prescription allergy medicine during hay fever season! Farangis Tavily's contact number is 415-302-7907 and you can check out NAET at  Good luck!

    HI, I saw your post about multiple allergies for your son.  I have tried acupuncture with limited success.  Some acupuncturists also do NAET, this is an allergy elimination technique that some people find helpful.  I recommend Dr. Jill Cohen, Berkeley Allergy Relief.  You can google her and her work.  She can clear so many more allergens and I have found it so helpful. I was becoming chemically sensitive and she has helped to clear so many of my sensitivities.  I would give her try, she has a free consult appointment.

    Berkeley Acupuncture Project on University Avenue has many wonderful practitioners and sliding scale fees.  The treatments are done in a community room setting, which keeps them affordable.  I see Jorge and Mary, but there are truly many great healers there.  My treatments there have been a life saver for me.  I hope acupuncture works for you and your son!

  • Accupuncturist Recommendation

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    Would love a recommendation for a good/great acupuncturist in Oakland or Berkeley for general well being and staying healthy.  

    Brian Barlay in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland. 510-654-7040. I have several issues that he's helped with. Very knowledgeable and thorough. good luck!

    I've had a great experience with John Koko at Turtle Island Integrative Health in Berkeley. He really listened to my concerns and my needs and completely resolved the issue that I started seeing him for. I know that he also treats people for overall wellness vs. only targeting problem areas. I am very grateful!

    Nancy Rakela, Berkeley Acupuncture is great!

    Hi love Sara Weinberg.  She is located in Elmwood and was great for me for fertility issues as well as pain in my back and neck.  She takes insurance and has flexible hours. Here is her website.

    Mary Lynn Morales is a fantastic healer.  She has an office in Berkeley.


    Brian O'Dea, if he's still at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley (he also has his own acupuncture practice), has been extremely helpful. He is gentle, intelligent, and kind. He has helped me immensely with my back problems that didn't get better any other way I tried. I never thought I'd let someone stick needles in me but if you get it done, get it done by Brian. He is nothing short of amazing.

    You need to experience the Berkeley acupuncture project and ask for Julia. She is the owner and she is a wonderful person. All acupuncturists who work there are skilled though. The atmosphere is wonderful for relaxation and the prices are extremely affordable. I strongly recommend the place and as they call it, the Bap-naps ;-) 

    Danielle Boucher L.A.C. practices in downtown Oakland (and SF) and is very knowledgeable about healthful living.

    Rachel at City Pulse acupuncture in downtown oakland is awesome! I have been going to her for years. She takes insurance and will work with you if you don't have insurance.

  • Acupuncture to stop drinking?

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    I need to stop drinking. I'm doing pretty well so far on my own, but I wonder if acupuncture would help curb cravings and repair the damage I've done to my liver. Has anyone had success with this method? If so, what practitioner did you use?

    Thank you!

    Onw way to find out is to try it! There is actually a free clinic that does acupuncture using points on the ear, hand and head , and it specializes in substance use. At Lifelong Medical's Wellness Center in the Ed Roberts Campus (Ashby BART) is the Ear Acupuncture Detox Clinic . Open Tues, Wed, Thurs 8:30 AM-last treatment at 10:30. Counseling and primary care offered for fee/insurance, but the acupuncture, hot tea and healthy gourmet buffet are completely free! People come in for all sorts of issues, but its original mission when it started 20 plus years ago was to serve those with addictions.  Get the before 10 to get registered, and check it out!

    Acupuncture helps me in many respects.  But for my drinking addiction, only AA worked.  I needed the community fellowship, a sponsor, and working the steps.  Yes, the Big Book is dated, but I learned a lot, even though I'm not Christian nor male.  Good Luck. 

    Not sure acupuncture would is the solution.  Fresh Air had an interview with a women, "A Path From 'Blackout' Drunkenness To Sobriety And Self-Acceptance" who found away to stop.  (Sorry I forgot how she did it.) Here's he link, hope it helps

    The NADA protocol (specific acupuncture points mostly on the ear I believe) is supposed to be quite helpful with substance use. I think only time will help your liver restore itself but acupuncture may be useful in managing the cravings. Good luck!

  • My 4-year-old autistic son has Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), and we are looking for a Chinese medicine practitioner who has had success in treating this. We have tried conventional medicine and diet, but it hasn't helped. Any other recommendations on combating this would be appreciated.

    I'm assuming this means you did the FODMAP diet that has been researched by Stanford? I'd be cautious of Chinese medicine for a four year old. A lot of the ingredients/herbs/bone are from China which has a lot of unregulated lead pollution getting absorbed by these ingredients.

    Try Dr. Jolene Brighten on Grand Avenue in Oakland. I was having recurrent monthly yeast infections (I know, not SIBO, but bear with me) and losing my mind. She did a stool test which showed I had a weird parasite which was likely causing intestinal + pH issues; she prescribed some supplements and I'm happy to report they worked. She's very easy to talk to and is happy to have discussions about different kinds of treatments, and is happy to talk with allopathic doctors to work out a combination approach. Good luck!

    Be very careful about using medicine from outside the US especially from China.  Traditional Chinese medicines are not tightly controlled and contain lead or other heavy metals which cause irreversible brain damage, brick dust, only filler material or non-regulated drugs.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Acupuncturist for diabetes?

Aug 2012

Does anyone know a good acupuncturist and herbalist that has dealt with diabetes and blood sugar issues? Spanish speaking would be very helpful, as well. My close friend is confronting this and I am trying to help guide her to good treatment that does not have side effects. She needs a woman and someone that can communicate well because she is not used to using non-conventional therapy. Berkeley would be best. She lives in Berkeley and does not have a car. Thank you very much for any suggestions you can offer.

First, kudos for supporting your friend. You didn't ask about books, but I strongly recommend Blood Sugar 101: What They Don't Tell You About Diabetes, by Jenny Ruhl. It has really important information about testing your blood sugar and lowering it by diet. The book is short and easy to read, but also pretty careful about what's known and what's not proven. It also considers individual differences. The book is probably in the library; there's a website too, A one-page summary of the most important information can be downloaded at Best wishes and good luck!

I recommend Brian Barlay at Temescal Acupuncture Center. Easy to get to by public transportation (close to MacArthur BART and many buses). he is stunningly good, very gentle, very experienced. 510-219-6679 Amy

With something as serious as diabetes, I strongly encourage you to counsel your friend to see a licensed nutritionist and/or a real doctor. I don't want to rant, but in my opinion alternative medicine therapies are no different from faith healing. In any case I think we can all agree that good nutrition is of paramount importance. E.

This is to recommend a wonderful Albany accupuncturist, right on Solano - and also to let you know about a great resource for people with diabetes. I enthusiastically recommend the wonderful accupuncturist/herbalist Charlene Leung (leung_charlene [at] or (510) 559-9038) in Albany. Her work includes immune system support, as well as general accupuncture and herbs, and you can ask her specifically about your diabetes concerns. More on Charlene at The resource is a web-based community of over 10,000 people with all types of diabetes. You can ask questions, look at resources, and find information on how to better care for yourself. . merry

Acupuncture, PT rec for knee?

Nov 2011

I injured my knee about 8 months ago doing a workout video (argh), and it hurts with a specific motion (bent and twisting- which happens lots of times during the day, to my chagrin). It is limiting my mobility, but more importantly it is becoming less sharp over time and more achy- arthritic sort of? The pain is not going away though. Anyway, I went to see Dr. Strotz, an orthopedic surgeon, who thought it was a torn meniscus. After an MRI, he couldn't find anything wrong with the meniscus. So now I am wondering what should I do? Who should I go see? I know, without a doubt, that I injured it (I remember the moment). Because of the enduring pain, I am pretty motivated to get it resolved. Any recs for other orthopedic surgeons, acupuncturists, PTs, whatever- would be welcomed. too young to have a permanent aching knee

If you are looking for an acupuncturist, Rebecca Cates is for you. She understands the body thoroughly and has an easy touch. She is very gifted in helping people heal from injuries. Her contact is: rebecca [at] and phone is 415-573-6168. Unless you want surgery, I'd stay away from orthopedic surgeons since they tend to want to do surgery. Anon

Jill Stevens is a fantastic acupuncturist. She specializes in Peds, but she has helped many friends with pain issues, particularly backs and knees. I go to her for immune support, pain and whatever else is ailing me. She has also made a huge difference in my my daughter's life around stomach problems. 510-851-3006 on Powell in Emeryville. Lacwbs

Right accupuncturist for alternative-med skeptic

Aug 2011

My husband, who has a variety of med problems including diabetes, adhd, problems sleeping, and overall joint/muscle pain has finally concluded that perhaps an accupuncturist is the only one who can help him with his pain and feeling of well-being. He also happens to be skeptical of alternative/Eastern medicine, but is willing to give this a try. Who should he see? Who is not only great at their job, but also exudes a great deal of competency in their bedside manner? (Because that is what he'd need to remain confident in the treatment.) Thank you for your help! hoping for help

Definitely call Jamie Hampton at Golden Leaf acupuncture in Berkeley. She is truly amazing. Very professional, upbeat, and highly knowledgeable. The office space is clean and bright - no incense burning! : ) They are fully licensed. She is an expert in her field and also a mom. Her number is 549-3000. no longer sleepless

Mary Goulart is a brilliant acupuncturist. Not only is she an extremely gifted practitioner, she has a very warm bedside manner, and cares deeply about each of her patients. She skillfully integrates Western and Complementary medicine. She is a licensed acupuncturist and holds a Ph.D. in nursing. I began seeing her two months ago for a serious, chronic illness. I had seen many different practitioners who, while very skilled, were unable to improve my situation. I began seeing her weekly, and the treatments have made a huge difference in improving not only the condition I originally sought treatment for, but my overall health as well. Mary has an office on College Ave. in Oakland as well as one in North Berkeley. She can be reached at 510-451-6020. Grateful patient of Mary's

Your husband has some very serious health issues acupuncturist won't be able to help. If you love and care about your husband have him see a Medical Doctor who received a degree from an accredited medical school for assistance.

He is right to be skeptical of acupuncturists and alternative medicine doctors. The only thing acupuncturists are good at is convincing patents they are getting better and to have you keep paying for treatments.

I was really into alternative medicine and acupuncture until I found out how easy it is to become one. Just take some on-line classes you too can be a certified acupuncturist in no time. I had high hopes for alternative medicine and Eastern medicine many years ago. Sadly they have all turned out to be scams and the ones they do work are through the placebo effect. ANON

Just wanted to clarify a point made in a recent post.

The writer said that ''I was really into alternative medicine and acupuncture until I found out how easy it is to become one. Just take some on-line classes you too can be a certified acupuncturist in no time.''

I think this person must be confused. In California, you must graduate with a Masters degree from 3000 hour (3year full-time) program, then take a state board exam administered by the Dept of Consumer Affairs. Then you can be called a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc)

Experienced female Acupuncturist and Chinese herbal doctor

Feb 2011

Could anyone recommend a very experienced (female only) Acupuncturist and Chinese herbal doctor that they really trust. I want someone who is a VERY strong herbalist; someone who is schooled in how to write an individualized herbal formula, rather than pre-made herbal formulas. I ideally would like a doctor who is gentle and who I can really talk to. My family has used Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine since I was young, but I don't really know anyone in this area. I prefer someone in South Berkeley or North Oakland. I hate to be too picky, but we have one car and need to stay local. Thank you for your help!

I recommend Dr. Jay Sordean, founder of the Redwood Clinic at 3021 Telegraph in Berkeley, 510-849-1176, in the South Berkeley, North Oakland area. He has been in practice for over 30 years, and is the father of a teen (and a preteen), with a particular interest in integrating nutrition, and other individual factors into a patient's evaluation and treatment. You can find out more at: Bonnie

I can highly recommend Roberta Lewis in Berkeley. She fits all your criteria:
-- Female
-- Decades of experience; does a lot of continuing education and seminars with extremely well regarded, international acupunturists and herbalists
-- She is an herbalist who writes her own formulations, but she works with KW Botanicals to fill the prescriptions. She is EXTREMELY picky about her herb sourcing, which is comforting.
-- She is very gentle, and will even just do acupressure if the condition or area being treated is too sensitive for needles
-- She has seen my entire family, including my kids.

I see her for an auto-immune illness, but I know many people who have seen her for every condition you can think of. She is truly my lifesaver. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Her contact info: Roberta ''Bobbie'' Lewis; 510-540-8528. Her office is on Dwight, very near MLK. Mary Recommend you contact Charlene Leung at Jade Phoenix Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in Albany. She is a wonderful, experienced acupuncturist and herbalist. merry

Lauren Shi at Wellspring Clinic (510-704-8888) in Berkeley. She's great, wonderful person to be with and makes all individualized, customized herbal formulas at her office. Her office is one block from University on Addison. .....Linda.....

I recommend Oakland Community Acupuncture, My husband, 15 yo daughter and I are working with Chris Randle who we hold in very high regard. There are three practitioners, one of them is a woman. They do prescribe raw herbs. They are a great practice. I'm happy to share more if you like. Tracy

Hi. I highly recommend Katie Mink at the Bancroft Center of Chinese Medicine. Both my mom and I have been seeing Katie for about 20 years (I started when I was a teenager). She is a true healer and I trust her completely. She is very easy to talk to and non-judgemental. Bancroft Center of Chinese Medicine 1720 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA 94703 (510) 849-1809 She's also on yelp with excellent reviews. Good luck! Beth

I highly reccomend Sydnie Boral for her skills both as an excellent herbalist as well as with acupuncture. She makes formulas as well as uses (and modifies) set ones. She will prescribe dry herbs as well as those you cook. She also knows about issues with pesticides, etc. She is on lower solano ave (easy parking). She has treated me for a variety of issues and I can say without a doubt her herb formulas make a huge difference. 525- 5532. Good luck

Dr. Anahita Forati, DAOM, L.Ac is an extremely strong traditional Chinese herbalist. She runs a clinic in downtown Berkeley right next to campus so you are so close! Golden Leaf Community Acupuncture is the clinic, she has a very compassionate and professional demeanor, and has always been spot on with the herbs she's given to me! ( ranging from colds/flus/anxiety/myalgias to menstrual problems). I HIGHLY recommend her! 510-549-3000 js

I went to Dr. Anita for an acupuncture treatment for the first time the other day, and I would highly recommend her. Here's why: I had a constant pain on my right thumb due to repetitive stress injury and couldn't hold things in my hand without pain for 2 months. I took ibuprofen, used a thumb guard, Bengay and medicine patches to no avail, so I decided to try acupuncture. Dr. Anita has treated my friends in the past for various ailments with very good results. Therefore, I went to see her in spite of the fact it was a long drive for me (45 minutes). I could sense the pain slipping away little by little as I lay on the treatment table. My thumb has been functional without pain since. She also treated my icy cold extremities and taught me how to do the massages to open the channels. I slept with such comfort without a heating pad/hot water bottle for the first time in a long long time. Dr. Anita not only has her private practice in Alameda but also teaches courses in herb and drug interactions, and she has doctorate degrees in both pharmacy and oriental medicine. I am going back to complete the course of treatments. She is going to treat my allergies next time. Joyce L

Low-fee Acupuncture Clinics and Medical Qi Gong

Feb 2011

Does anyone have experience with any of the local low-fee acupuncture clinics? I know there are several in the Oakland/ Berkeley/ Albany area. I'm also curious about using medical qi gong for health issues. Anyone ever try it? Thanks!

I like the Oakland Acupuncture Project which is on MacArthur Blvd near the Foodmill health food store. The online appointment option is very convenient and I like all four practitioners. There website is Candy

Hi, I wholeheartedly recommend Shoshana Uribe, who runs the Manzanita Wellness clinic. I read glowing recommendations of her acupuncture and massage for my whole pregnancy and sadly didn't start going till a few months ago. Oh, how I wish I had listened to the overwhelming responses of ''Go! Go!''sooner. I developed a severely painful shoulder injury after my baby was born, which got worse and worse for almost 6 months before seeking out Shoshana's truly healing touch. Now that I have been seeing her for massage and acupuncture for about 2 months my condition is greatly improved and continues getting better and better with each visit. I believe she has some experience with Qi Gong, although it is not a modality which I have investigated with her. Shoshana Uribe is every bit as good as ''we'' all say. Incidentally, my 5-year-old just had her first acupuncture with Shoshana, and her children's bedside manner is truly superb! I'd just go in and be healed. She has a sliding scale of rates for her very high quality services. If you want to check out her website, it's Good Luck and Good Health, Eva, Another Happy Manzanita Patient

For acupuncture, I highly recommend Shoshana Uribe at Manzanita Wellness Clinic in Berkeley. Shoshana is warm, caring and knowledgeable and she incorporates a variety of modalities in her practice. My daughter and I both see her on a regular basis, thanks to the sliding-scale community acupuncture which makes it very affordable. The clinic itself is a comfortable, pleasant place to visit - try it! ph(510)459-9320 Julie

My family and I have been going to community acupuncture at Manzanita Wellness Clinic with Shoshana Uribe in Berkeley for over a year now. Shoshana's clinic is warm and inviting and because of the focused attention I receive, it feels almost like a private session! She has a sliding fee scale and often runs promotions for new patients. She is very approachable and I am sure would be happy to talk to you about your needs. Her website: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Amber

My family and I go to Shoshana Uribe at Manzanita Wellness Clinic ( She offers sliding scale community acupuncture for the whole family! We love her! Francine

There is a REALLY terrific low fee acupuncture clinic that I absolutely love called Golden Leaf Community Acupuncture. I've been to many acupuncture clinics, but this one is far and away the best. It's extremely quiet, clean and both the doctors are compassionate and extremely knowledgable. good luck! 510-549-3000 anon

Acupuncturist who's good with hormonal issues

August 2010

I'm looking for an acupuncturist who's good with hormonal issues and gastro-intestinal issues as well. Someone who has a broad area of expertise but also refers out to Western doctors when necessary. Good bedside manner essential! Thanks.

Jill Stevens, in Emeryville, fits the description of what you are looking for. She is extremely knowledgeable and works a lot with both hormonal and GI issues (she also works a lot with children) and has a great bedside manner. She knows a lot about nutrition and will advise you wisely in addition to using needles. Sara

I'd like to recommend Rebecca Cates: She's a wonderful, experienced and very knowledgeable acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner. Her (new) office is on 770 Page St (by 4th St) in Berkeley. I've been seeing her for - amongst other things - thyroid issues. Very helpful. Rebecca is warm, compassionate, a good listener, and will take good care of you. Rosie

August 2010

Does anyone have experience doing acupuncture with Kirsten Lindquist in emeryville? Thanks!

I noticed your request for Kirstin. She is no longer at Emeryville Health and Wellness Center. Geraldine, who is my acupuncturist, has taken over the practice and is very good. Her personality is very gentle and strong at the same time. Plus she has an Irish accent which is always fun to listen to. Good luck. Matt

I absolutely LOVE Kirstin Lindquist! She is the only person I'll see for acupuncture. Highly skilled practioner. Wonderful temperament/bedside manner. Terrific space (she just moved to Piedmont Ave. from Emeryville): clean, light, warm, comfortable, etc. I also take her Qi Gong classes and have gotten a lot out of that practice as well. Feel free to contact me. Mailisha

May 2010

Looking for a recommendation for an acupuncturist to assist in alleviating depression. Has anyone worked with anyone in this capacity, and had results? Thank you pins and needles

Hi, I have had very positive, consistent success dealing with depression through treatement with Lia Willebrand, an acupuncturist in Berkeley. I haven't made a slide into the big malaise since I began seeing Lia. I only see her very rarely now, whenever I need a needle-ish tweak! Really great. Her phone number is (510) 858-6463, or you can contact her via Best of health to you!! Jane

March 2010

Can anyone recommend an acupuncturist in the area who specializes in treating people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation? Thanks! MS

Marti Kennedy is a wonderful and very experienced acupuncturist who treats women under going chemotherapy and radiation. Her office is in Berkeley on Ashby Avenue just below College Avenue near Alta Bates Hospital. Website: Telephone: (510) 843-5000. Donna

Please contact Carla Dalton in Berkeley. Her phone # is 510-524-4812. She is a fabulous acupuncturist, a very compassionate person, and has helped many, many people who are going through cancer treatment (myself included). She is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the area of cancer treatment, and living an anti-cancer lifestyle. I can not recommend her highly enough. Best wishes to you for getting through this challenge. Rachel

I am sorry to hear about the cancer. A friend of mine has stage 4 prostate cancer and has been treating it for over 5 years now. A couple of years ago he gave me this recommendation: ''Try Dennis W. von Elgg. He is a licensed California acupuncturist and a Diplomate of Acupuncture recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dennis also is a faculty member at the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley. Dennis lives in Berkeley with his wife Sonja and son Teo. I was referred to him a couple of years ago by an experienced female yoga instructor at World Yoga in Walnut Creek. I see him bi-weekly for acupuncture. I had also been taking an herbal mixture he devised and was continually adjusting for me until my new oncologist took me off all supplements during my still-continuing chemotherapy. Because of my condition, he also referred me to his mentor (in Berkeley) as an additional source of insight into how best to help deal with my cancer, and I see him, too, once every 3 months or so. I would not hesitate to recommend him to you.'' I wish you lots of luck.

although my daughter & I see her for different health needs, my acupuncturist does specialize in support for cancer patients. she is flexible, patient & very caring. Barbara Martello 1641 Solano Avenue Berkeley, California 94707 BMartelloLAc [at] 510/684.6659 good luck, VA

Hi -- I really love my acupuncturist and recommend her highly. Lia Willebrand in Berkeley - 510-858-6463. She has helped me a great deal with an auto-immune disorder that really knocked me back and early menopause struggles. She is a caring and knowledgeable practitioner, has a really gentle and focused way about her in general and has a very light touch with her needles - something important to me! She also does herbs and some Tui Na. I can't speak to her experience working with chemotherapy or radiation treatments, but she has helped me tremendously with my auto- immune issues. maybe there's more information on her website? LA

Anahita Forati, DAOM, L.Ac is a wonderful acupuncturist who has her doctorate with a specialty in Oncology and Cancer Care support.She listens carefully and is incredibly insightful. She just really cares about you. She and her business partner also have a community Acupuncture clinic as well which is a wonderful resource. The clinic is Golden Leaf Community Acupuncture. Located in Berkeley basically on and about a few blocks from Berkeley Campus. Hope this helps, good luck. 510-549-3000 js

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

Nov 2009

Would appreciate referrals to acupuncturists who concentrate on back problems. I'm in Berkeley but can travel to surrounding areas. Thanks for your information. Margaret

I'm having an amazing healing experience with Jill Stevens in Emeryville. I am in an acute stage of back pain and after 5 months, she is the only one who has been able to help me. She is very knowledgeable, a good listener and compassionate. Her number is 510-851-3006 or wholefamilywellness [at] Happy with Jill Stevens

Oct 2009

Can anyone recommend an East Bay acupuncturist who has experience treating gall bladder problems? I was seeing an acupuncturist in SF when I lived there and she was able to help me manage symptoms with acupuncture and dietary advice for a number of years.

After going to her postpartum in a lot of pain she helped with a regular schedule of treatments that eventually tapered off to a couple of times a year. But since moving to the East Bay I haven't had treatments for over a year and the pain (in stomach, back) is coming back. Argh! I'd really like to fend it off before it gets worse.

Also, this might sound a bit lame :) , but I'd really like someone who's not bossy around diet. I eat a healthy diet and loosely follow the problem-type diet the acupuncturist prescribed years ago. But even though caffeine was a no-no I have managed to integrate coffee into my diet well so far and don't want to have to give it up for good! Not trying to have cake and eat it too!

I'd like to recommend my acupuncturist, Bina Jangda, LAc. I went to her for some serious digestive disorders and got a lot of relief. I completely understand the ''strict and bossy'' thing. Bina laid out a very straight forward treatment plan with many different treatment options and then left it up to me to see what I could incorporate into my lifestyle. I began with herbs and acupuncture. At the time, I was just too busy to do much with diet. Then after a while I managed a few changes. I really appreciated that she didn't give me a lecture because I couldn't do more diet and lifestyle changes with all that was happening in my life. Nothing worse than being chastised when you're already not feeling well. I think she got Best of San Francisco 2009 and I can see why. She also has a practice in the East Bay in Berkeley on 7th St. Her website is Oh yeah, she takes insurance which was a big help. Jenny

My acupuncturist is amazing! Her name is Kirstin Lindquist and she's in Emeryville. Here's her page w/contact info: Go see her! ;-) Mailisha

I don't really know what would have become of me if I had not found Elizabeth Padron-Vos. She has been the only health practitioner to solve all of my major and chronic health issues. I did not specifically have a gall bladder issue but she is an acupuncturist and I'm sure that would fall within her purview. Her first save with my health came a number of years ago when she figured out that the digestive distress I was having was due to an intolerance to wheat. My regular GP had not been able to figure it out and I had been suffering for several years with a very unhappy digestive tract.

The second and most transformative diagnosis involved the crippling depression from which I had suffered for 10 years. I had been unable to work and had been on every antidepressant out there. None of the pharmaceuticals had any lasting success and all of them had major side effects. Elizabeth figured out I had a low thyroid levels. I have been taking an over the counter supplement for the last 4 years and have had no episodes of depression in that time. I can only describe the difference as miraculous! She truly saved my life as the depression had me feeling suicidal on a regular basis.

Most recently, she prescribed some herbs that cleared up some bug I had in my stomach. I was afraid that I had developed IBS and would be unable to eat anything but white rice for the rest of my life. Once again, she correctly sleuthed out whatever was wrong and within several weeks of taking the herb formulas, everything was back to normal. Better than it has been in months in fact.

Elizabeth is very very good at what she does. She is warm, intelligent, funny and a very caring person. I could not possibly hold her in higher esteem. I would recommend anyone with a health issue to seek her help. She will be the one to figure it out. Her contact info is: Elizabeth Padron-Vos Neighborhood: Downtown Berkeley 2006 Dwight Way Ste 204 (between Milvia St & Shattuck Ave) Berkeley, CA 94704 (510) 308-2155
Very Grateful Client

I can highly recommend Roberta Lewis in Berkeley (on Dwight Way, near MLK): 510-540-8528. I have been seeing her for many years. I know she has experience with gallbladder issues. She won't be ''bossy'' about diet, but she will discuss it with you and make recommendations. I have an autoimmune disease and whenever I have followed her dietary recommendations, she has been right ;-) So, I wouldn't rule it out or do too much eye-rolling. So much comes down to digestion in TCM, it is worthwhile to take her advice into consideration. Good luck!

Oct 2009

Hi, I'm looking for an affordable and excellent acupuncturist for a colleague with a pinched nerve. She is currently commuting to the city to see somebody in the sunset, but that isn't helping her condition and the price is kind of high. Does anybody know of a school that has lower prices if you see a student in training? Or an acupuncturist with a sliding scale, especially if you can go during off hours? Preferably in Berkeley or Oakland and easily accessed by public trans. Any and all suggestions welcome. Many thanks! Kim

I'd like to recommend my acupuncturist, Thuy Ngyuen at the Berkeley Community Acupuncture Clinic. She is fantastic & the cost is low ($20-$40 sliding) because she treats several patients at a time in a common room. Treatments are only done on the legs, arms, and head. I have had tremendous success with her acupuncture for depression, back pain, and pregnancy related issues. Website: Amanda

A fabulous new community acupuncture clinic just opened on University just below MLK. It's a different model: individual treatments in a shared space, which is a great way to make acupuncture accessible to more people. They have a sliding scale of $15-40 per visit. elisa

Hi. That's so great that you are looking out for your friend. Her situation is precisely why we opened our community acupuncture clinic in Berkeley. We are Berkeley Acupuncture Project and we treat people on a sliding scale of $15-40 and let people decide for themselves what they can afford within that range. Acupuncture works best when people can receive more frequent treatments than most people can afford at private rates. We treat in a community room, but ours is really a haven of super comfortable recliners in a dimly lit room with fountains and plants all around. We are all fully licensed acupuncturists and two of us have taught at the local acupuncture school before starting this project. Have your friend check out our website or just have her come in for a peek. We'd be happy to talk to her about her condition. We are in downtown Berkeley, right next to the corner of University and MLK.

There are several other community acupuncture clinics in the East Bay as well, so she should choose one that's close to her. Check out Oakland Acupuncture Project in the Laurel District, Sarana Community Acupuncture on San Pablo in Albany, Berkeley Community Acupuncture on Sacramento near Ashby, and AIMC, the acupuncture school on Shattuck near Dwight also has a low-cost, student training clinic.

sending healing thoughts, Julia Carpenter, LAc

I wanted to correct a mistake from the recommendation that i wrote in last week for the affordable and wonderful Oakland Acupuncture PROJECT (O.A.P.) I made a mistake in the last writeup (There is an Oakland Acupuncture Center, but I have never been there or tried it). The Project is in the Laurel district and I can confidently vouch for their wonderfulness. (510) 842-6350 3576 Laurel Ave., Oakland j

I recommend the new Berkeley Acupuncture Project. They have a sliding scale of $15-$40 per session, and they offer acupuncture in a community setting -- everyone in the same room, very quiet and peaceful, lots of good healing energy. On University Ave at Martin Luther King. - poked peacefully

My acupuncturist Bina Jangda has a community clinic on Tuesdays which cost only $15/visit through the new year. Then it will be sliding scale but I'm not sure of the amount. She's really talented and very compassionate. If she has time she'll write you an herbal formula for no extra charge. If you would prefer a private session vs. a community setting, she does take most insurances. Her number is 510-393-7565. Her website is Good Luck!!!! Cindy Cynthia F.

Sept 2009

I'm looking for an acupuncturist in Albany, in trying to address my heel pain. The recommendations for Albany are somewhat old, and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest someone they like. Thanks! Any tips?

Call Charlene Leung, who runs Jade Phoenix, at 902 Stannage. She's great with both acupuncture and herbs, as well as being a phenomenal person you'll be glad you know! (510)559-9038 Carrie

I highly recommend Claudia Weitkemper of Natural Healing Ways at 1115 Marin Ave in Albany. 978-3444 Jacqueline

My wife, my son-in-law, and other family members have been, and currently are extremely happy with Ellen Gurian in Albany. She earned her MD 33 years ago, practiced pediatric immunology and allergy for many years, then moved almost entirely into acupuncture (classical and 5 element) . A smart, charming, and skillful practitioner. 902 Santa Fe Ave, Albany, CA. Phone: 510- 526-5256. John B.

There's a great community acupuncture clinic in Albany - Sarana Community Acupuncture. They are on San Pablo just north of Buchanan in the shopping center next to the paint store. The great thing about community acupuncture is that bc you are being treated in a common room (which is very serene and peaceful - everybody is napping!), you only have to pay $20-40 sliding scale. For something like heel pain, if you get several treatments closer together, it will heal really quickly. good luck! community acupuncture fan

Check out Mina Karimabadi. She's at 1115 Marin (one block south of Solano) and can be reached at (510) 525-5022. I've been seeing her for over 15 years. She's wonderful. Very happy long-term Mina client

While not quite in Albany (Berkeley but at the border), I highly recommend Barbara Martello. She has worked extensively with student athletes at the UCSD RIMAC athletic center, treating their injuries so that they could maintain their competition schedule. She has treated me for achilles pain, and IT band pain and I am currently injury-free. She's a former personal trainer and an athlete herself so she understands the mechanics of the body, not just what point to use to treat injuries. She even takes some insurance. Call her today! 510-684-6659 Shari

For problems with women's pregnancy, lactation, menopause, etc., I highly recommend Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Dr. Portia Lee in El Cerrito is very accurate and also very knowledgeable about how the body as a whole responds to nutrition and lifestyle. Because every body responds differently to nutrition and herbs, she is very good at listening, and she adjusts her treatment accordingly. I have had excellent response from her treatments stemming from pain in my arthritis as well. You can contact her at (510) 932-4456. A. Yee A. Yee

April 2009

I was recently diagnosed with Graves disease (an autoimmunune hyperthyroid condition). I already have an endocrinologist and am looking to supplement treatment with acupuncture. (There are many acupunture recommendations on BPN already, but not for this specific issue). Can you recommend someone good? Specifically someone who is skilled in treating autoimmune and hormone problems in women. I'm looking for someone in the East Bay - albany/berkeley/oakland etc. Thanks!

I cant say that he has experience with Graves diseases, but my family has been going to James Douglas for more than twenty years and he has helped friends with hormone difficulties in the past. And is, hands down the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. Douglas James MS 3099 Telegraph Ave Berkeley, CA 94705 (510) 883-9963 Erik

John Nieters treats this condition and is a wonderful acupuncturist and a very knowledgeable clinician. He is located in Alameda at 510.814.6900. His website is He also has a call-in radio program on Thursdays, 8 - 9 am on KEST 1450 am, so you could call in and ask him how he'd treat your condition. Hope this helps! Eloise

To the person who is looking for an acupuncturist skilled in treating Graves Disease, I can heartily recommend Bart Paulding, on Piedmont Avenue (658-5115). DISCLAIMER: he is my husband, but since I have had GD for 15 years, he is very well skilled in treating it, and other hormonal problems as well. I was active on the Yahoo group graves_support for years, as one of the helpers (I no longer participate). If you want, feel free to email me directly. I know a lot about this disease, and have many resources. Terry

April 2009

Does anyone have a recommendation for an acupuncturist in the Berkeley area who is in the UC Blue Cross/Anthem network? I am desperate to find someone who treats pain, listens well, and fosters healing. Thanks. Really Hurting

Insurance coverage is always a tricky issue because each plan can be quite different from the next, even at UC. The only way to know about coverage is to provide the information to the practitioner's office so they can investigate coverage. Office Manager

Feb 2010

Re: Nutritionist, Internist, or naturopath for digestion issues?
I see an acupuncturist/herbalist and she is fantastic. She has treated my kids a few times, too. Her name is Bobbie Lewis. She is in Berkeley on Dwight near MLK, 510-540-8528.

I first started seeing her 14 or so years ago when I was getting viruses a lot, many of which turned to bronchitis or eye infections. I was on a terrible cycle of getting sick all the time. She helped me enormously with my diet, dealing with stress, and of course the herbs and acupuncture. My health improved a lot when I was seeing her.Like an idiot, I stopped going for a long time. I recently started seeing her again because of an auto-immune illness. the strides we have made in dealing with this illness are amazing and really unheard of in western medicine.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Feb 2010

I am nervous about getting acupuncture because I really don't like needles but I think I could really benefit from it. I understand that acupuncture is different but I am still a little freaked out by it. I've heard that Japanese acupuncture is different - a little gentler, the needles don't go that deep (shudder). Can anyone recommend a great Japanese acupuncturist in the East Bay? Thanks. anon

I don't know a Japanese acupuncturist, but I do know an acupuncturist who has studied a variety of traditions and who provides very gentle, loving support for her clients. She has worked lots with cancer patients; she has a warm, mothering kind of approach to treatment. Her name is Carla Dalton with an office in North Berkeley: 510-524-4812. Guy

I recommend acupuncturist Michelle Bullard whose office is on 4th St. in Berkeley. I have been to many acupuncturists and each is slightly different. Michelle's needle technique is very sensitive and non-invasive while giving very good results without using a lot of needles, plus, she is very caring. Her phone number is 510-845-8282 kl

You need Jacques Bernou! He's in Lafayette and is so gentle and thoughtful and careful...I've been to several acupuncturists and now won't go to anyone else. Please call him at (925) 962-9228. He'll walk you through the experience and in fact may only use acupressure for the first treatment. He's also a genius with herbs. Julie

Hi Needle-Nervous, I highly recommend Julia Carpenter (510.488.3572) for acupuncture. She is extremely gentle and knowledgeable. I am also someone who doesn't like needles but has been totally comfortable with acupuncture and have used it for many issues with much success. Don't be afraid. Needle-Nervous Friend

I would highly recommend Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions, if you are nervous with the needles. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a hands-on healing art, similar in many ways to acupuncture, such as pulse listening and working with organ meridians, yet it utilizes gentle touch rather than needles to help harmonize the body's energy systems. It is both gentle and extremely profound, and can help balance all sorts of physical, mental, and emotional disharmonies. It has kept me healthy and happy for years. Toni Crotti is a local practitioner who is an absolute angel and very skilled. She took amazing care of me and my baby for several months post-partum. Her number is 510-339-7276, she's in Montclair. Jenny

I have had great experience with very good needling technique from Leon Kenin at Be Well Integral Healing Space in Oakland (510) 836-0200. On me he has used his regular needles and its been very comfortable, but I know he also has Japanese low-feeling style available for more needle-shy patients. I have had him treat me for a variety of concerns and been very impressed with the outcome. I think he'd be a great practitioner to start with. wr

I have shared your anxiety and actually once tried and stopped acupuncture because of painful needling. Since then I have found Julia Carpenter who is so gentle and nurturing that I find the experience deeply relaxing and calming. She starts each treatment by using tuning forks and has said that for children she is able to get some results with the tuning forks alone. In my case I saw her on the recommendation of my doctor for some frightening pre-menopausal symptoms that I otherwise would have had to attend to in the emergency room. Since then she has helped me with allergies. Her phone number is 510-488-3572. Anon

I highly recommend Julia Carpenter (510.488.3572)! She uses Japanese needles, which are very subtle and don't hurt. She also incorporates acutonics (sp?) into her practice, and this doesn't involve needles at all. Julia is very gentle and sweet and would surely work at your comfort level. Most importantly, her treatments are so effective. I can't recommend her highly enough! Tiffany

I have had a great deal of experience with acupunture, and fairly recently discovered a wonderful technique called ''cupping.'' This technique involves the acupuncturist using suction cups, instead of needles, to promote healing. It WORKS!!!! In fact, I now prefer cupping to needles for my aches and pains. I saw an acupuncturist at a medical office in Oakland. Her name, from what I recall, is Xiang Fei. The medical office is Dr. Chan's at 510-835-0235. I think she charges approximately $65.00 per session. Good luck!!! anon

I completely understand your reservations about acupuncture. But then I found Barbara Martello. She is an amazing Japanese acupuncturist. From what I've researched Japanese acupuncturist is different than Chinese acupuncturist in the depth of the needles, as you mentioned. But I also appreciate the constant feedback of Japanese acupuncture. I've had traditional Chinese acupuncture and when the needles go in, I'm usually left to ''cook,'' with the acupuncturist checking on me once to see how I'm doing. But when Barbara puts the needles in, she continuously checks my pulse, adjusts the needles and their locations, etc. She's incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. And she is really nice and funny. I highly recommend her to anyone, not just the needle shy. She's practicing out of Center Strength on Solano Ave. in Berkeley. Her number is 510-684-6659.

I highly recommend Julia Carpenter for acupuncture. She uses a combination of Japanese needles, which are truly tiny, and acutonics, which are special tuning forks used on acupunture points. Even My 4- and 6-six-year-olds love getting treatments from Julia. She's wonderful. Give her a call. Julia Carpenter, L.Ac. Acupuncture, Acutonics, Herbal Medicine Bancroft Center of Chinese Medicine 1720 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94703 510.488.3572 Elisa

Our family adores Dr. Marsha Haller: She is very, very kind and very, very good! I'm quite needle-nervous/sensitive and Dr. Haller has a wonderful way of working with my sensitivity using a combination of cupping and needles. She is a physician who can assess and treat through the dual lenses of Western and Asian medicine. Our whole family has greatly benefited from sessions with her. Mary Ellen

I am extremely needle phobic and have been seeing Charlene Leung 559-9038 on Solano in Albany for years. She is skilled, warm, gentle, and reasonably priced. She also does acupressure and prescribes herbs both of which offer benefits and do not involve needles. love acu, hate needles

Feb 2009

Can anyone recommend a great herbalist in the Bay Area? Thanks! jen

I recommend Andy Seplow, 510-604-5518. He's an herbalist, nutritionist, and acupuncturist. His office is near Whole Foods in Berkeley, and he is also the acupuncturist & nutritionist at the Claremont Hotel Spa. Chinese herbs have been very helpful for me for everything from fertility issues to respitory infections (i haven't taken antibiotics in many years) Good luck!

Not sure if you're looking a place that sells herbs or a person to prescribe herbs, but here a couple of recommendations.

I see an acupuncturist who is an amazing herbalist. I have seen her off on on for the past 13 years, but started seeing her religiously for the past 6 years when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The needle treatments have been amazing, but it is the herbs that are really helping me make progress. I honestly went from walking with a cane to being pain-free in my feet and knees in a year or two. She has prescribed herbs for other ailments and they never ever fail. I can't recommend her highly enough. Her name is Roberta ''Bobbie'' Lewis and her number is (510) 540-8528. Her practice is on Dwight near MLK in Berkeley.

As for places that sell herbs: My regular herbal formulas come from KW Botanicals in San Anselmo. Bobbie says they are the best around and do amazing tinctures and such, plus they have reliable herb sources (meaning the herbs are of high quality, something to watch out for). She orders them for me, so I don't know whether lay people can work with KW, too. You could look them up and ask.

Lastly, Shen Nong in North Berkeley has a good seletion of bulk herbs and bottled herbal formulas. They are in a little shopping center right across from Andronico's: 1600 Shattuck Ave # 125; tel. (510) 849-0290. Bobbie has used them a few times for certain items, plus she has her own selection of herbs in her office. Good luck. Mary

Feb 2009

Not only do I have acne, but now my dermatologist says I have rosacea. I am looking for an acupuncturist with experience in this area. I am almost 40, and really tired of having ugly skin... spotty

I can't speak highly enough about the care that I got from Celina Lyons. She is an acupuncturist and herbalist who practices in Berkeley. I believe she specializes in Women's Health & Pediatrics but she helped me resolve my difficult case of rosacea last fall and it is no longer something I struggle with. Here is her number: 415-260-6690 Good luck! Lynette

Jan 2009

Does anyone have a recommendation for an acupuncturist who has successfully worked with hyperthyroid issues? I have goiter (the non-toxic nodules that are creating too much thyroid hormone) and the western medical tx is radioactive iodine which often destroys so much of the thyroid that you become hypothyroid and have to take synthetic thyroid hormones for the rest of your life--yuck! What I'm looking for is a way to help regulate my thyroid through acupuncture, herbs or other alternative tx. I'd love a recommendation from anyone who's had success using alternative tx for hyperthyroid issues. WF

Try John Nieters in Alameda. I travel a long way to see him monthly and he is the best. He has solved hormonal/hair loss issues for me and, thankfully, I avoided strong prescription medication that I would have been on all my life. He is very knowledgeable about thyroid issues and will evaluate western med. lab tests and approaches to treatment. I think he is brilliant. His office is so relaxing, the receptionist very competent - overall a great experience! he has treated several family members for various afflictions. There is a fairly thorough initial consultation and then the subsequent treatments are reasonable. (510) 814-6900. Good luck! accupuncture enthusiast

Denise Daniel is a gifted accupuncturist with experience in this area. She practices in the East Bay and can be reached at 415-994-7337 Burr

Nov 2008

Looking for acupuncture clinic/doctor in the Berkeley/Oakland Area who has awareness of woman's health related issues.

I really enjoyed working with acupuncturist Dennis von Elgg who practices in Berkeley at Woolsey & Parker. He is experienced, knowledgable and compassionate regarding women's health issues. I feel that working with Dennis made a huge impact on the course of one of my pregnancies. Contact him at 510-883-1340. Brenna

The Redwood Clinic -- Dr. Jay Sordean is wonderful. He has a family orientation with two daughters of his own, and works with women's issues as well as a wide range of others. As an acupuncturist and oriental medical doctor, he primarily uses acupuncture and herbs. I've been seeing him for over twenty years and have never been disappointed. He's gone out of his way to help and support me many times, especially when doctors at Kaiser were not successful with treatment options. You can learn more on his website: a happy patient

I think you might really enjoy acupuncture with Lia Willebrand. She specializes in women's health concerns. She is a caring and extremely thoughtful practitioner. Lia is also super smart about herbs and other things you can easily do yourself to support your health and well-being. She has two offices, both in Berkeley. One is out of her home and the other is with a practice on Ashby near Whole Foods. Her phone number is 510-858-6463 Best of luck, love my acupuncturist!

Sept 2008

Ever since I had my baby 5 months ago, my skin has broken out in psoriasis and exzema. I have seen 3 doctors and no one has been able to help me. This weekend I saw a masseuse who used to work for an acupuncturist in Maui who focused on helping people with skin disorders and really helped his patients. Apparently acupucturists can focus on specific things like skin.

If anyone knows an acupuncturist with this specialty, I would love to know about him/her. I am willing to travel anywhere in the bay area for the right person; however the closer to Walnut Creek the better. spotty and desperate

Prof. Jialing Yu, L.AC, Herbology and Acupuncture, Diet and Nutrition, located at Lakeside Medical Center, 2645 Ocean Avenue, #308, SF 94132. profjmyu [at] 415-337-0308. She is a skin specialist.

I can't recommend her highly enough - many of my friends and family have had occasion to be treated by her over the years. She works with her daughter - she prescribes herbs and does acupuncture, as well. hope you get relief!

I would like to recommend Denise Daniel (offices in Montclair/Oakland and in San Francisco). See She has helped several of her patients with different degrees of eczema and other skin conditions. Denise is a wonderful, talented practitioner and takes exceptional care of her patients. I have experienced her work myself and referred several of my clients, family and friends to her. Everyone's been very happy! Good luck! rosie

To be honest I don't know if he deals with skin diseases but Aaron Leon Kenin at Be Well Integral Healing is an amazing acupuncturist with an informative and caring manner. He always let me know what I might feel and explained what he was doing and what the desired outcome was. I would give him a call and talk about what is concerning you. He seems very helpful. They are located in Oakland on 29th Street. 510-504-2735

He was recommended to me by a friend because I had pinched something in my shoulder 3 months earlier that had been getting progressively worse. It had affected my ability to ride my bike, do push-ups, carry a backpack etc. After one treatment I felt great. Really amazingly great. Aaron also had recommendations about herbs and supplements and spent time with me after treatment to discuss other treatment options.

As a side note it just so happened that the Tri 4 Fun triathalon was happening that weekend and the same friend had asked if I wanted to join him. I had just had the treatment 2 days prior but I was was eager to try the race. I had no problem with the shoulder the entire time! I don't know if these are the kind of results one should always expect with acupuncture but I was really amazed. I can't recommend Aaron more highly. Sean

Sept 2008

I'm looking for a good Acupuncturist/Chinese Herbalist. The person that I used to see has left the area, and I have not yet found someone to replace her. I don't have a current health issue, but like to have someone I can count on when health issues come up for me or my family. Recommendations in the Berkeley area would be greatly appreciated. Jessica

Try Michelle Bullard. Her address is 2421 Fourth Street in Berkeley. Her phone number is 845-8282 Janet

We know two great people in this field, but they are located in Palo Alto, CA. I think one of them might come to Berkeley once a week, so its a good thing to contact them. john

There is a wonderful community acupuncture center in Albany on San Pablo behind Pizza Hut back in the corner of the shopping square at 968 San Pablo. they are 2 women who work on a sliding scale $20-$40. They can keep their fees low because they have a community setting (you are not alone in a room). They understand that frequent treatments with acupuncture are what works so want to make it affordable for people to get well. Web site is phone 510-526-5056 lark

I would like to recommend Denise Daniel (offices in Montclair/Oakland and in San Francisco). See Denise is a wonderful, talented practitioner and takes exceptional care of her patients. I have experienced her work myself and referred several of my clients, family and friends to her. Everyone's been very happy! rosie

June 2008

Can anyone recommend an acupuncturist in or close to N. Oakland to treat pain and problems associated with tendonitis? -My arm hurts!

I can absolutely without reservation recommend Maureen Raytis. She is on the corner of Grand Avenue and Elwood in Oakland. She is extremely skilled and gentle. She also has respect for standard medicine and works to integrate her Eastern treatment with Western treatment. I see her personally for a variety of issues, she has treated all of my family now and again and she has treated many of my patients for repetitive stress injury. You cannot go wrong seeing her. Good luck. Her number is 510 501 6960 Elizabeth

Andy Seplow (510-604-5518) is terrific for anything related to the muscular-skeletal system. He has treated me for a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel, neck/ back pain, etc. using acupuncture and massage & has been very helpful. His office is just south of whole foods & he's also the acupuncturist at the Claremont. feel better!

I can recommend two acupuncturists in the North Oakland area: Connie Cronin, 510-845-4442; and Geraldine Shute with Emeryville Health and Wellness Center, 510-972-2210. Good luck! Helped by acupuncture

I highly recommend Denise Daniel in Montclair on LaSalle Ave. She's very knowledgeable and highly experienced. Please check out her website at for more info. I have seen her myself for some chronic shoulder pain and have been very happy. Other folks I referred to her have been very pleased with the results from working with her. Good luck and I hope you feel better very soon! rosie

I know of a wonderful accupuncturist! Maureen Raytis is an experienced, successful and kind accupuncturist. She is so wonderful and has helped cure so many people of their ailing pains! I can't say enough to justify what she has to offer, you'll have to find out for yourself. Please don't hesitate to contact her with your problem, so you can have it solved immediately! Here is her phone number: 510-444-4141 She is located right near Lake Merritt so I hope it is close enough. Email me if you need more information. Hope it helps! Jeremy

Robert Zeiger is in Berkeley on Telegraph (across from Whole Foods) and treated me very successfully for tendonitis/tennis elbow. My MD thought I should get a cortisone shot, and maybe that would've worked too, but I've had very good results with Dr. Zeiger. helped by acupuncture

I highly recommend Don Gates at East Bay TMC I went to him on several occasions. He was great, gentle, easy to talk with, helpful and healing. Don F. Gates, L.Ac. Temescal Acupuncture Center 330 41st Street Oakland, CA 94609 Tel 510-428-9430 don [at] Jill

I can recommend Acupuncturist and body worker/masseuse Andy Seplow (510-604-5518) without reservation. He works at the Claremont and also has an office in North Oakland, near Whole Foods. I have been seeing him regularly for a couple of months for chronic back/neck issues, as well as overall massage and bodywork. Andy WILL figure out what kind of acupuncture/bodywork is best for your individual situation- he really knows human anatomy and works effectively to solve the problem. He also has vast knowledge of nutrition. I called him after reading an article on facial acupuncture in the Sunday New York Times in early 2008, in which he was featured liberally. Andy's facial acupuncture works wonders! Good luck. anon

Brian Barlay is a wonderful acupuncturist in North Oakland. He is the founder of the Temescal Acupuncture Center. He can be reached at 610-654-7040. happy patient

3927 Piedmont Ave (between Monte Vista Ave & Montell St) Oakland, CA 94611 (510) 655-0555

My husband was sick for over 2 years. He was loosing weight and suffering constant muscle pain. He became severely depressed and inactive due to his condition. We had been to several western and alternative doctors and no one could diagnose or treat him effectively until we found Daniel Donner.

By the time we found Daniel Donner, my husband was very weak and sickly thin. Daniel used eastern, homeopathic, and western medical methods to diagnose and treat my husband. Daniel is a rare breed. Though his practice is primarily based on homeopathic and eastern philosophies, he employs western influences when necessary. To aid in diagnosing my husband, he ran a western laboratory test and was open to working with other doctors no matter what their orientation. He is a true healer - interested in healing his patients by whatever means necessary. Daniel is also an excellent acupuncturist (coming from my husband...who has been too several over the years).

After a few months of treatment, my husband's pain level has drastically decreased and he is gaining weight! His hair and skin look healthy again and he is more active than I have seen him since his illness. Throughout the process, Daniel provided me with updates on my husband's progress and was very supportive. I cannot thank him enough and recommend him highly! Jessica

April 2008

Has anyone heard of Denise Daniel, whose website is I would like to know what your personal experience with her was like. Thanks. wanting an alternative You may want to try Dr. Michael Aannavi. He practices Chinese medicine as well as psychology. He should be listed in the Oakland phone book as a Ph.D.

March 2008

With this sudden onset of spring, I'm having terrible hay fever and allergies. Could someone recommend a really great acupuncturist in the Oakland area that works with these issues? Thank you. Dee

I HIGHLY recommend Leslie Oldershaw. Her office is on Grand Ave in Piedmont (near the Ace Hardware). I went to her for treatment of severe seasonal allergies when I got pregnant & did not want to continue my Western med treament. The allergies cleared right up with a combo of acupuncture & tinctures!!!! In addition to her steelar clinical skills, she has a great bedside manner. Her website is: no more sniffles!

Try Frank Chung in Rockridge. I have used him for years for a variety of ailments with great success. Phone: 510 6550668 Jeff

Hi Dee, I know the perfect acupuncturist for you, her name is Maureen Raytis and she is the BEST acupuncturist in the East Bay hands down! Maureen is professional, reasonable, honorable and is very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with allergies. You will feel like a whole new person after you work with her, I did! Maureen has a great new office in Oakland. She is absolutely wonderful to work with, call her today, you'll be so happy you did! maureen raytis, L.Ac. acupuncture & herbal medicine 495 elwood ave, suite 1, oakland, ca 94610 (510) 444-4141 Karle

A great acupuncturist to treat your allergies is Maureen Raytis. She's located near Grand Avenue and her number is 510-444-4141. She's fantastic and I'm sure she would be able to help you with your hay fever. Ronna

I have a great acupuncturist whom I've been seeing for more than 20 years. He works with you and won't insist on needles at places you don't feel comfortable. Also there are actually different size needles (different thicknesses). His name is Jim Douglas and he is in Berkeley 4 days a week. 510-883-9963. I highly recommend him. paula

Feb 2008

I will be giving birth to my first child at Alta Bates in early May and would love to have an acupuncturist available to help me cope with labor pains. Please share recommendations and things to look out for. Thanks! scared first-time mom-to-be

I am not sure what the rules are for acupuncturists being present at hospital labor and deliveries. But I do know that acupuncture in the weeks prior to labor can help prepare your body for labor and can ease some of your anxiety. I receive acupuncture treatments from a wonderful woman for a variety of health maintenance issues, and she specializes in infertility, pregnancy and birth. I did not know her when I last delivered, but I am sure that working with her prior to the delivery would have helped shorten my labor. You cannot go wrong meeting with her. I would encourage you also to discuss your fears with your OB; they have alot of experience helping women who are anxious about labor and delivery. The acupuncturist is Maureen Raytis. Her phone number is 510 444-4141 and her website is Elizabeth

I recommend Jasmine Oberste, licensed in acupuncture and herbal medicine. Her number is 415 713 3584. She has a studio in SF and in Berkeley, right across from Alta Bates. She is thoughtful, gentle, experienced and very good at diagnosis. Ila

Jan 2008

Hi Folks, I'm looking for a first rate doctor of chinese medicine. It's got to be someone very experienced and credentialed so that this particular patient will accept the help! In fact, if you know someone who is both a TCM practioner and an M.D. or N.P., so much the better. Gray hair a plus. Thanks, Elisa

Try John Nieters at 1201 Lincoln Avenue in Alameda, 510-814-6900. He does Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and has been around for 30 years. He's Caucasion, not sure if that would help or hurt your cause. He has a website at Brenda

Jan 2008

I'm looking for an acupuncturist to work with me on a few issues including chronic hypertension and raynauds. I am particularly interested in someone with deep knowledge of western and eastern medicine. Also, someone in Aetna's insurance is ideal. Please let me know if you have someone great, or if you have worked with: Alon Marcus, Kennith Morris, Brian Barclay or Maureen Raytis. sk

Jing Li, PhD, is a thorough, thoughtful and approachable accupuncturist and Oriental Medical Doctor. She is located on Piedmont ave. 510-654-1567- near the flower shop and car wash. I highly recommend her. I found her after a car accident whereas I had neck pain, yet I continue to see her as she has helped in my diet, angst, and other health issues. Dia

I recommend Maria Yung at the East Bay Pain Clinic, 510-444-2772, on 30th Street in Oakland. Not only is she a wonderful acupuncturist who's helped me relieve pain, (and I think, aided my ability to get pregnant) she gives great nutritional advice and just is a warm and accessible person. Happy with East Bay Pain Clinic

I do not know all of the accupuncturists listed, but I work very closely with Maureen Raytis and could not recommend her more highly. She is gentle and skilled. She combines Western and Eastern medical approaches and she is an herbalist also. Try her, you cannot go wrong. Her number is 510 5016960. Elizabeth

Dec 2007

I am looking for an acupuncturist who provides comprehensive care. I would like to prepare for the birth of my third child and want someone who will take time to examine my diet, lifestyle and other important factors to help facilitate overall health.

I know a great acupuncturist in Oakland who provides comprehensive care. She helped me with persistent tingling from my neck down my arm. In one treatment, the tingling dissipated. Her name is Maureen Raytis. Her office is at 495 Elwood Ave. #1, Oakland. Her phone number is 510-444-4141. Ronna

I saw your posting looking for an acupuncturist who provides comprehenive care. Lia Willebrand (510-858-6463) is a caring and gentle practitioner who spends heaps of focused time with her clients. She has two offices (both in Berkeley) and unlike many other acupuncturists who have many clients at once, Lia books one client at a time and gives a lot of care and careful attention to her clients. She is also very knowledgable about prescribing herbs which, in addition to treatments and Lia's suggestions about diet, can also be very helpful. Lia is just a super practitioner and even when she suggests herbs, you get the prescription filled yourself at Elephant (if you are agreeable to taking herbs); she's not trying to sell you something she has on hand to make a profit. Lia Willebrand is compassionate and thorough and I'm so glad she's my acupuncurist. Go see her (but don't try to get my time slot!). I'm happy to answer any questions that I can. My number is 415-377-9740! . Lia's office number is 510-858-6463

I see a wonderful acupuncturist named Maureen Raytis. She has a very holistic approach to health and treatment. She specializes in women's health and infertility and would be perfect for preparation for birth. I wish I had been working with her when I was due to deliver. She is also a licensed herbalist and is quite comfortable providing care as an adjunct to more traditional western medical treatment. You cannot go wrong with her. Her phone number is 501-6960 And she is on Grand Avenue in Oakland. Elizabeth

I have been seeing Debra Sue Kelvin for acupuncture and nutritional advice for over a year now. She is amazing! I have suffered from chronic headaches for many many years and now I rarely have a headache. My allergies have also improved and I don't get sick as much (with is a plus with 3 little kids at home) She listens well and is very supportive. Feel free to contact me for a personal recommendation. Colleen

Nov 2007

Looking for a great accupuncturist in Castro Valley, San Leandro, Hayward, Dublin area, especially someone with experience w/ chemical menopause/effects of chemo, healing from breast cancer. alt. medicine

I got a lot of help and healing from Dr Zhao Su, 346-2688, on Washington in San Leandro. I did accupuncture and herbs, altho she also does chiropractic. She has a sweet and calming presence, and great technique. Her prices were good, too. It took almost a year, but I am so much better now.

Sept 2007

Hi, My husband is fighting sinus infections that recur every few weeks. We are looking for an acupuncturist or herbalist from any tradition who can prevent future infections. We would prefer to stay in the East Bay. Bonnie

Brian Barlay, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. 510-654-7040. He is kind and professional.

I strongly recommend my acupuncturist herbalist named Nathalie Babazadeh. She has a lot of experience working with people who have issues with allergies and sinus problems. Her clinic is located in the Temescal area of Oakland. You can reach her at 510 872 1629 Leonard

Christina Martin of Tao to Wellness on Hearst Ave is wonderful! denise

June 2007

Re: Child's minor digestive issues (June 2007)
I would reccommend accupuncture for digestive problems. I suffered from similar symptoms, plus a skin rash and went to several ''Western'' doctors until finally my accupuncturist discovered food allergies and an overgrowth of yeast in my intestines from blood and stool analysis. Through diet changes, herbs and accupunture, my problems pretty much disappeared. My doctor is Sandra Magin in Berkeley. Although she doesn't treat children, I am sure she would give a referral.

May 2007

Hi. I am looking for an Acupuncturist in the Oakland Area for chronic neck and shoulder pain. Added bonus if they also do chinese herbs. Thanks. Leonard

Robert Zeiger's office is close to Alta Bates. He is well known and well regarded by other acupuncturists. I believe he holds a pharmacy liscense and he does Chinese Herbs. He is covered by some insurance. His phone number is 510-843-7397. I have used him for years when I need a quality Acupuncturist.

I recommend Silla Taylor, L.Ac. She's very skilled, warm, great with orthopedic issues. She also does chinese herbs. She's located in Oakland on Grand Ave. Her number is 510-703-9794. Good luck. anon

Hello, I would like to recommend an excellent acupuncturist in Oakland named Nathalie Babazadeh. She has had great results working with your issues and she is also skilled in Chinese Herbs. Her clinic is a beautful, relaxing environment and is located right near 41st and Broadway. Leo

Don Gates at the Temescal Acupuncture Center is wonderful. He is trained in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and he is just a delightful person--kind, gentle, knowledgable, and with a quirky sense of humor that makes even scary medical conditions less daunting. He has helped me and several friends through a number of issues, from the life-threatening to the merely annoying, and I trust him and especially his knowledge of herbs to a high degree. Check him out at Happy long-time patient

I highly recommend Carla Dalton for acupuncture. She is located in Berkeley and she has helped me with many issues, including neck and shoulder pain. The relief was profound after a few treatments. She has also treated me with chinese herbs for a sinus infection, which cleared up almost immediately. She does amazing work and is a wonderful person. Please give her a call at 510-524-4812. - a former skeptic

I love my Accupunturist, and highly recommend him, His name is Sabi Induerkum, He is in El cerrito 526-2412 His very commpastionate, listens well and has great knowlage of herbs. leora

I highly recommend Sara Weinberg for accupuncture and herbs. She has an office on the Oakland/Berkeley border on College and Alcatraz. I have been seeing her weekly for the past several months and I find her to be an exceptional practitioner (I have been to almost a dozen local accupunturists around here and have never stayed with anyone this long). I like that she is professional, down to earth, and has exceptional boundaries. She is extremely intuitive and truly cares about her patients. She uses a variety of modalities (herbs, aromatherapy, reiki) in addition to the accupuncture to ensure her patients get true relief for their symptoms. Ariel

I highly recommend Maureen Raytis for accupuncture to treat chronic neck and shoulder pain. She is also an herbalist so she will meet both of your needs. She is very smart and has done wonders for me and for my patients as the need arises. I cannot recommend her more highly. She is located near the Grand-Lake Theater. Her phone number is 510 444-4141. Good luck and feel better Elizabeth

I have the highest recommendation for my acupuncturist Nathalie Babazadeh, LAc. Her clinic is located in Temescal Oakland. She has many years experience and has a few new openings available. Please contact Nathalie at 510 872-1629. Len

March 2007

we have kaiser insurance which only gives referrals to acupuncture after 1000 hoops. we're young parents with stress injuries and need help. recommendations for your favorite (affordable) acupuncturist in the east bay would be very appreciated! sj

If you are prepared to travel across the Bay Bridge, IEP clinic in the Mission offers acupuncture priced on a sliding scale. I believe they also base their fees on your own income, not your household income. My insurance doesn't cover acupunture either and I've found IEP to be a great resource and inexpensive since I started going around a year and a half ago. They're on 16th Street near Church Street, not too far from the 101. Good luck! anon

I highly recommend Dennis VonElgg 2320 Woolsey, #100 (@ Telegraph) Berkeley, CA (510) 883-1340 (web address given on outgoing voicemessage) anon

John Nieters, L.Ac. in Alameda. 510-814-6900 or He gets results quickly and he makes suggestions in terms of simple lifestyle changes and provides herbs so that you really don't need to see him very often. Great for the bottom line and makes a huge difference in health. My immune system and my child's immune system are so much stronger since we started seeing John. He doesn't see children for acute conditions, but he does treat them for chronic conditions. I do have herbs that I take regularly which I feel give me patience lower my stress and anxiety levels. Left to my own devices I tend to stress so the herbs really help. I still go in for ''crisis'' care, ie. my child had a growth spurt recently and my body didn't catch up so I injured my back. John did some orthopedic testing, then acupuncture and sent me home with herbs. This took me out of crisis and he suggested one supplement and one simple exercise. I feel so grateful to have my mobility back and so quickly. so grateful for acupuncture and herbs

I highly recommend acupuncturist John Nieters, who practices in Alameda. I absolutely loved John's presence and skill and trust him a great deal. His rates are similar to what I've paid other acupuncturists I've seen, but he focuses on producing quicker results, which would end up saving money. His phone is 510-814-6900, and his website is Inbal

March 2007

Re: Help for sciatica, need good chiropractor
I have had great results with Dr. Jay Sordean in Berkeley for my sciatica and my husband's back problems. He is very experienced in evaluating and treating these conditions -- not only is his acupuncture and herbal / nutritional treatment effective, he instructed me in various stretches to do to help heal and prevent my sciatica-caused pain. He also treats other types of musculoskeletal problems due to work injuries and other accidents. Nancy

March 2007

Hi, Can anyone recommend an acupucturist, preferably in Marin, but I'm willing to drive to SF for someone outstanding. I have lower back problems and physical therapy and stretching aren't helping. Thanks. Anon

Kristi Holmes has an office in Mill Valley. Shares her office with her sister who is a bodyworker. They are both fantastic! Alas, I've misplaced her phone number but you could find it in information I'm sure. She's on the main road into the downtown area between the high school and the Whole Foods.

Marty Rossman 415/383-3197 He's located in Mill Valley. He is a wonderful, gentle man. In addition to being an acpuncturist, he is trained in western medicine. My insurance covered it as if it were regular office visits. He also does Chinese herbs. cindy

Someone recommended Kristi Holmes in Mill Valley. I would like to second the recommendation and to add her contact information. Her phone number is 415-381-0133. She also has an informative website at http:// Thanks! MJ

I guess a couple of people recommended Kristie Homes, but I have to say that I had disappointing experiences with her. She took over Dr. Jane Bick Tang's practice in Mill Valley, and while Dr. Tang was fantastic, I did not find Kristie's treatments to be effective when I went to her after Dr. Tang retired.

If you're willing to come to Berkeley, I can recommend Robert Zeiger as a brilliant acupuncturist with over 30 years experience. He also has a PhD in clinical pharmacolgy, and knows herbs inside out, and I've gone to him off and on for all that time. His quirky personality originally put me off when I was younger (I love it now), and I tried other acupuncturists over the years, but except for Dr. Tang, I found all of them to be disappointing and I always ended up going back to Bob.

He does not push supplements as most of the others did, doesn't even sell them, and he has always solved my problems with only as few, sometimes just one, treatment. He will also see you (most often) the same day you call or within a few days max- very unusual in my experience. Robert Zeiger, L.AC, OMD, PharmD, 510-843-7397, 3031 Telegraph Ste 106, Berkeley Cece

Feb 2007

Hello, Does anyone have a recommendation for an acupuncturist in the Berkeley area, one who particularly works with nerve pain, in this case, in neck area? Much appreciated. Mary

I can highly recommend Robert Zeiger, 843-7397 as a brilliant acupuncturist. Bob has saved my life several times over the years when I've been in crisis with physical pain, at least two of those times with excruciating neck pain. His treatments are straight to the point (so to speak) and he goes right at the problem with the goal of getting you well with only 2 or 3 visits. And he has done that for me, several times with just one treatment! He has a PhD in clinical pharmacology, understands Chinese herbs, and uses them when appropriate. He has a quirky personality, took me awhile to get used to it, but I've come to really appreciate and enjoy those quirks. He knows what he's doing in much more true depth than any other acupuncturist I've ever tried. Anon

I highly recommend my acupuncturist, Syndnie Boral on Solano (below san pablo so easy parking). I have seen her for many years and have alot of neck & back issues. She is amazing. $70 a session but more for first visit. 510-525-5532 good luck

I highly recommend Bea Hammond, LAc. She has an office on Solano Ave. in Albany. I've seen her on and off over the past year for different issues (including a neck problem and tendinitis in one of my arms) and general health. Over the years, I have seen five or six acupuncturists and Bea is the best. She listens very well and is willing to spend the time needed to treat me for whatever ails me at the time. I find the atmosphere of her treatment rooms very relaxing. Must be good fung shui or something like that. And she ends most sessions with a little bit of massage. She moved her practice from Santa Cruz to the Bay Area in 2006 so I'm sure she's still taking new patients. 1152A Solano Ave. Albany, CA 510-495-4946 Jean H.

Jan 2007

seeking an acupuncturist who is trained in cosmetic work, the non-invasive face lifts done with acupuncture. PLease rsvp if this is you or someone whose work you know. thank you! Swann Swann

Meg McDowell just off the Kensington Circle in El cerrito is a wonderful person and a wonderful acupuncturist. Not sure if she does cosmetic work but give her a call in any case. Ph. 510 229- 9922. sean

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Nov 2006

I am looking for a knowledgable (affordable) Eastern doctor who can look at all of me in one piece and help me figure out if this is immunity related or possibly peri-menopause and help me improve my condition. East Bay definitely preferred.

I know a great Chinese doctor in Albany who has helped me with a wide range of issues over the years. His name is Richard Liao & his # is 524.8148. Good luck!! Dawn

Oct 2006

Has anyone been a patient of accupuncturist Dr. Li chun Ou on Grand Ave? I just started seeing him for a circulation issue. He seems very caring and competent. I am new to the idea of accupuncture and must admit that I am a bit squeamish about the needles. Is it safe? He showed me the needles in the package. But I have read so many horror stories of people here and in other countries who simply repackage needles. I am happy that he takes the time to consider my case (more than the 5 minute in my regular G.P's office) and I don't doubt his skill. It is simply the needle reuse issue in the field of accupunture that worries me. Would an accupunturist ever reuse needles or are my worries unfounded? nervous ninny who wants to continue treatment

Hi. I can't give a firm recommendation about Dr. Ou, but I've heard of him and he has a good reputation. Beyond that I don't know anything specific about him. I wanted to write to you to tell you that Acupuncturists are legally required to practice universal precautions and clean needle techniques. That means no reused needles. They are no longer allowed to sterilize their own needles either. They must use sterile one-time use needles and dispose of them in a bio-hazardous waste container designated for that purpose. Universal precautions means that they use the same precautions as if every patient they treat has a blood-borne contagious disease. These are the same requirements that all conventional medical personnel follow.

I would find it hard to believe that Dr. Ou didn't follow clean needle technique and universal precautions. But, do ask him anyway. If he says he doesn't then, by all means, find someone else. But I would surprised. I think you also asked if acupuncture hurts. Most people find that it doesn't hurt at all, or it is only a little pinch; it depends on the disorder being treated and the technique of the acupuncturist. Try him out. There are many acupuncturists with many different techniques. Communicate clearly with him. Give him feedback. Good luck sara

I am a Chinese. I used acupuncture treatment to cure my back pain about 9 years ago when I was in Beijing, China. I don't know what the current situation is in China today. But I bet when I took the treatment, all the needles are reused after stringent sterilization process. It was so common that even no one would think this is a question needed to be raised. I am still so satisfactory about the result. So it is safe if the doctor is a qualified one. As far as whether they reuse needles here in the US, I have not clue. But I trust them. A member

Dr. Ou has been in practice for a long time and has a very good reputation. Most acupuncturists use sterile disposable needles. We use them once then through them in a red bio- hazard container which we dispose of through medical waste management companies. A few acupuncturists still use reusable needles which are autoclaved after each use - this is what your dentist does with his metal instruments, it is completely safe. It is difficult to get malpractice insurance if you autoclave needles, and one must obtain the reusable needles from China, another barrier, which is why most acupuncturists these days use disposable needles. I know of no acupuncturist who would ever think of using a dirty needle in a treatment - it is simply a heinous and unethical thing to do. Also, a box of 100 needles only costs $3-$10 depending on the brand. If Dr. Ou is showing you a sealed package of needles and then throwing the needles into a biohazard container after he removes them from you I would put my fears to rest. All this said, there was a scandle a few years ago involving a phlebotomist who was working for one of the major labs. She was reusing unsterile needles to do blood draws. After this was discovered all the people who had had bloodwork done by her received follow-up testing and counseling. The lesson of this is that it does behoove you to satisfy yourself that the practitioner and equipment is safe. Ilana

Aug 2006

It seems melodramatic to say that Elizabeth Padron Vos saved my life but I really feel that is precisely the case. I had been suffering terribly from depression for close to a decade. I had seen conventional medical doctors, therapists and psychiatrists. I had been on a never ending series of antidepressants. At best, the antidepressants worked for a while with varied and sometimes really unpleasant side effects. I was on the verge of going to yet another psychiatrist (at a cost of $500 per session) when I went to see Elizabeth Padron Vos in Berkeley. She practices Chinese acupuncture. She is an herbalist and she works with natural medicine/supplements. She was very warm and caring and professional. She was able to determine that I was suffering from a glandular issue. I now take an OTC supplement and have been depression free for almost a year. It feels like a miracle. I really do call her periodically and thank her for saving my life.

She obviously has a talent for sleuthing in the physiological realm. She is intelligent and clearly enjoys her profession. She was able to solve the other major medical issue that I had. Again, I had seen regular medical doctors for this issue with no result. It turned out to be a digestive issue/food allergy. I followed Elizabeth's advice and the problem resolved itself in a matter of weeks. Before seeing Elizabeth about this particular problem, I had been afflicted with my symptoms for close to 2 years.

I give her my highest recommendation and gratitude. Her office number is 510.308.2155 grateful client

May 2006

I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and am going to be going through chemotherapy. I have been referred to Peter Van Arsdale for acupuncture to help with the side effects of the treatment. Does anyone have any experience with him specifically in dealing with breast cancer and chemotherapy? anon

I have been treated by acupuncturist/herbalist Peter Van Arsdale for years. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I saw Peter regularly before, during, and throughout my radiation treatment. His wife is a breast cancer survivor and he was empathetic and informed. I strongly recommend him as an acupuncturist. His office and manner are soothing and supportive. c.

April 2006

I have been going to an acupuncturist in San Francisco for awhile now but I no longer work in SF so it has become inconvenient to get over there for treatments. Does anyone have a recommendation for a really good acupuncturist in Oakland? I have a bacterial infection that I have been battling in my body for 7 months now (the condition is called Interstitial Cystitis), and I want to find a skilled acupuncturist/herbalist/healer who can help me treat this in conjunction with the antibiotics I am taking to try to kill the streptococcus bacterial infection and help ease the strain my body is under due to having to be on long term antibiotics. I welcome any referrals!!! marcy

Robert Levine is in North Berkeley but well worth the trip up there. He is an excellent acupuncturist. He helped my husband before, during and after cancer treatment, and has helped relatives of mine for a variety is medical issues. His name is in the phone book. Good luck! mirsun

I know a great accupuncturist who also has extensive knowledge with herbs. Her name in Suzanne Delbou, M.S., L.A.c. and her number is 507-3000. Her office is at 3021 Telegraph, Sutie B. I have seen her for chronic sinus problems, low spirit and low immune system. I always feel so much better after seeing her! Good Luck! kat

March 2006

My husband has a family history of back problems and a very disconcerting knot/lump on one side of his lower back. Our insurance will cover chiropractor visits, but his only other visit left him sore and skeptical. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who is more gentle or does more than just a hard realignment? Specifically any recent information on two close-by practitioners: Lisa Polevoy and Dyanna Anfang

I have been seeing Dyanna Anfang since October and am extremely happy with her. I'd never been to a chiropractor before because the thought of painful adjustments really scared me. I told her during my first visit that I did not want to hear my bones crack and she was fine with that. Instead, she uses that little activator thing, which is no big deal at all. So she is respectful of what you feel comfortable with, and always gentle. And she's also just a really nice, pleasant person. I highly recommend her! Oh, and I have heard good things about Lisa Polevoy also. Tracy

I highly recommend Cynthia Santelli. I started seeing her more than 7 years ago when I was pregnant. I was hesitant to go because of the pregnancy, but she was very gentle and helped me enormously. I still see her and she is very good about checking in with me during the session, making sure that nothing is uncomfortable or painful. I have rheumatoid arthritis now and she is mindful of my joints and has also given my joints some relief. Santelli's telephone number and address: (510) 444-0188, 466 Santa Clara Avenue, Oakland. Her office is across from the Grand Lake Theater, on that sidestreet that also has the onramp to 580.

I highly recommend Chinabear Joseph (272-9109) for gentle chiropractic. She is so much more than a bone cracker. She schedules 30 to 90 minute sessions and she is with you the whole time. She is an expert in cranial sacral work and does lots of massage. She also specializes in working with kids, so she is exceptionally gentle. My whole family sees her on a regular basis and she has become a good friend. She is truly a wonderful healer. Ariel

Chiropractor--Dyanna Anfang was on your list and I see her currently. She is very gentle and conscientious about telling you if you need to see a different doctor. Meaning she will NOT treat something that is not appropriate for chiropratic. I think she is excellent for people who are suspicious of the professsion and she understands those suspicions. Elizabeth

Re: a gentle chiropractor. I can really recommend Dyanna Anfang. She is very gentle (and thorough). She always explains what she is doing and why and encourages the patient to be a part of the process from the beginning. She uses massage and a home excercise program as well. I think your husband will be very happy under her care.

A very gentle form of chiropractic is called Network Chiropractic or NSA Network Spinal Analysis. I'm sure if you do a search, there is a website. I don't know where you are located or if you're interested, but I really love the practice of Integrative Chiropractic located in the Upaya Center for Well Being in Oakland, at Grand and Santa Clara (across the street from the Grand Lake Theater). 510-444-4443 Dr. Aaron Rosselle and Dr. Eileen Karpfinger are excellent, sensitive practitioners. I have had much experience with the other chiropractic method of more cracking, twisting and popping. I definitley got relief from pain and did feel more well. But I prefer this gentle method much more, it only employs gentle touches on the spine and I still get the pain relief with a deeper sense of wholeness. I'm sure there are many practitioners of this style thoughout the Bay Area. I hope your husband is able to get relief soon, I know how incapacitating back pain can be. andalov

Jan 2006

I'm looking for a practitioner of TCM to consult with about general health and well-being issues. I'd like someone who is well established in the bay area and I've had a recommendation for Joel Harvey at the Shen Clinic in Berkeley. The last mention of him in the archives is from 2001. Any new info on him or other well-recommended herbalists? Thanks. Maria

I have been going for acupuncture for various reasons to this young women for 3-4 months. She helped me, my health issues greatly. I would like to recommend her anyone who is looking for someone for acupuncture. Her name is Hatice Poroy. Her office is in Oakland. Her number is (510) 333-142 berna

I'd heartily recommend Dr. Michael Shi at the Wellspring Clinic near downtown Berkeley (on Addison, near MLK). He is an excellent practitioner of Chinese medicine/herbs and acupuncture: knowledgable, warm, easy to talk to. The number there is 510-704-8888. jason

My husband and I both like Maria very much. She is a very good Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist, who is very attentive and listens to your concerns (speaks fluent English). I like that she comes from a family of Chinese doctors (from China) and was trained in China, and I think also in the US. In general, being Chinese myself, I prefer to work with acupunturists of Chinese ancestry (just because certain things can be lost in translation). This is not to discredit at all, any non-Chinese practitioners out there. It's just a personal preference. Contact: Maria Jia-Yu Yung, LAc, QME 411 30th Street, Suite (304), Oakland 510 444-2772

(I've visited several Chinese doctors in the area (4-6 of them), and have had acunpuncture done on me in Taiwan, by very well-known practitioners...) buttah

I saw Joel Harvey several years ago for siatica. He is one of several accupunturists I have seen in the past 10 years and he is not my favorite. I found him a bit arrogant- thinking Chinese herbs were the cure for eveything so long as you take them properly. I broke into tears during one session where I was lying on my stomache with needles in my buttucks to treat the sciatica. He started talking about treating my major depression with herbs instead of the antidepressents I had been on for years. He basically dismissed my need for meds and I felt very helpless and vulnerable since I was practically naked on the table. It could have been a bad day for both of us, I don't know. I can recommend Dr. Zeiger- he is a pharmacist/accupunturist who specializes in herbs- his bedside manner can also be a bit off-putting, but I do like him. Dr. Ju Chun Ou is fabulous- very old school from Taiwan- she is awesome. I also like Katie Mink. good luck

Contact Sara Rankin at 510 593-7514 for both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She has a lovely office on Piedmont Ave in Oakland near Kaiser. She takes insurance and offers discounts to Kaiser members. Check her out on the web at: Melanie

Hello Maria, I highly recommend Portia Lee, licenced acupuncturist and herbalist. She has a very gentle nature, spends the time to get to know you and makes sure to provide a thorough treatment every single time. I recommend her to all my friends and family. She works with a combination of gentle acupuncture techniques and healing herbal treatments. She is wonderful and is accepting new patients in her clinic in El Cerrito. She is also wonderful with using acupuncture and herbs to treat children as well as adults. Every time I come to her clinic, I always feel welcome, calm, and relaxed. You can contact her at (510)932-4456. Her clinic is the Traditional Ways Healing Center, 6931 Stockton Avenue, El Cerrito CA 94530. ~Laura

Oct 2005

I am looking for information about Alternative treatments for allergies. I am allergic to pollen, dust, Oak trees, all kinds of things and have been getting weekly injections for about two years to develope resistance to these allergens. I also take medicine daily but I cant say that I really feel any improvement. I was recently told of Dr. Jumbe Allen's practise where he treats allergies with acupuncture.Has anyone have any experience with either Dr. Allen or acupunture for allergies.I would love to hear of your experience. Thank you. anon

I'd like to recommend a fabulous acupuncturist in North Berkeley for a multitude of issues - pregnancy, allergies, overall energy. Ellen Gurian is an amazing practitioner as well as an MD allergist. She is incredibly caring and patient and gentle. I have had acupuncture since I was 12 years old and she is one of the best with needles and moxa. I have the utmost respect for her. She is flexible and creative with her approach to problems and overall health and is a wonderful compliment to any ''traditional'' doctor if you are looking for a holistic approach. She is also interested in medically complicated adults and since she's also an MD she is familiar with all that lingo. Her number is 510-526-5256 ext 6 Julie

Anita Chin Marshall in Alameda is an excellent accupuncturist for allergies. She is conscientious, caring, and extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend her--she is worth the trip. 5231072. Beth

Oct 2005

I recently saw an acupuncturist for pain in my forearms and wrists. She works out of my primary care physician's office and was recommended by her. I had never seen an acupunctuist before. It was so, so, painful. Putting the needles in (much deeper than I'd thought they would be), while they were in, when they were removed, and for the rest of the day I had sharp, zinging nerve pain in both arms. Then, a day or so later, my arms felt much better. I am really glad that my arms felt better, but I was supposed to go back for more treatments and I cancelled the appointment because I was so afraid of the pain. It was really intense. I have never heard of anyone describing acupuncture as extremely painful before. I don't have an unusually low pain threshold normally, nor am I super- freaked-out be needles. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal? Does it mean my arms are really messed up, or the treatment was, or what? Can someone recommend a gentle acupuncturist for arm pain? Thanks. anon

Mary Lynn Morales M.S., L.Ac. in Kensington is a wonderful and gentle acupuncturist. I went to her for months for depression during my pregnancy and there was very rarely pain and only for a moment, it never lingered and she always made sure to ask about each needle. I loved each session and really recommend her. Her number is 510-524-8803. Elizabeth

I sent a good friend to my accupuncturist - my friend was very very afraid of needles -- and it went well for her. My accupuncturist is SO gentle -- Sydnie Boral on solano ave - 525- 5532. she is also very good! good luck

Your acupuncture experience sounded pretty intense, bummer! I've gone to Lucia Castillo, LAc, for many years, and she's the most gentle (and incredibly intuitive & nurturing) practitioner of any kind I've ever had. I've had some needles burn or zing upon insertion, but she removes them immediately if so, because that means they've grazed a nerve or blood vessel. A clean insertion as she performs it can be completely without sensation, but commonly can have a very slight tinge. I just think she's the best. You can reach her at 510-204-9664. Her office is near the Berkeley Whole Foods... Good luck! Susan

Michelle Bullard on 4th Street in Berkeley is very gentle. Her number is 845-8282. Janet

I am an acupuncturist at the Temescal Acupuncture Center and am responding to your message. It sounds to me like the treatment you received was helpful to you and you do not have to worry that they don't know what they are doing; however, it is unfortunate that you dread another treatment! There are different styles and techniques of acupuncture and sometimes it can be more painful to treat pain than something internal, such as a hormone imbalance. I would suggest letting the practitioner know that it was too painful so she/he can try something else for you.

May 2005

I'd like to see a Chinese doctor who can diagnose health issues by looking at the tongue. I suffer from lightheadedness/dizziness/fatigue since the beginning of April and thanks to Western medicine I know everything I don't have. Several detailed blood/hormone tests revealed that I'm in perfect health, not pregnant, and haven't entered perimenopause. Just had a positive eye exam. A head scan is the next and last resort. The only visible sign anyone can see is a deep 3/4 inch crack in the center/middle of my tongue which I noticed this morning (might have had it for a while)and I feel that a knowledgable Chinese doctor might be able to help me faster. I live on a shoestring budget but want to get out of this jetlagged feeling of not being completely inside myself - who would you recommend? Anonymous

I am a student of chinese medicine and know quite a few doctors. I highly recommend Dr. Johns in Berkeley (on Dwight near Shattuck). 548.1884 He is an excellent doctor. Best wishes for your health. anon

Try Jenny Josephian. She's an excellent doctor of chinese medicine and very thorough. She's in the Walnut Square complex near Shattuck and Vine in North Berkeley. Her phone # is 510-548-2261.

An excellent service for free tongue diagnosis by a liscenced acupuncturist at Elephant Pharmacy in Berkeley daily between 4 and 7pm. All the practioners are wonderful and would be a good place to start. Nathalie

Sorry, I missed your first posting. I have a great doctor in Oakland. She is a practioner and teacher of chinese medicine including accupuncture and herbs. Her name is Dr. Shao-Hua Li. Her number is 834-1428. anon

May 2005

Re: Alternative practitioner for prescription medication side effects I have seen a lot of acupuncturists over the years and Carla Dalton (524-4812) is the best that I have ever experienced. She is a straightshooter and will tell you what she can and cannot do. She has helped my mother and me with numerous problems. Carla is the kindest person and a talented practitioner. I cannot say enough about her. Elizabeth

One alternative practitioner to consider who uses a variety of modalities including accupuncture nutrition and net is Lesley Oldershaw on Grand in Oakland. anonymous

Michelle Bullard, LAc is a fantastic acupuncturist in Berkeley on 4th Street. She was noted in the East Bay Express' ''Best of the East Bay'' issue in 2005. her office #: 510 845-8282 J.W.

March 2005

I am looking for a good acupuncturist who deals with broken bones. I am looking for someone who can help me take a proactive step towards healing. I fractured my foot in three places and it is quite painful. I have to wear a cast for at least 4-6 weeks. Other alternative medicine ideas would also be greatly appreciated. I am under the care of a Podiatrist and want to do something more than just sit and wait for it to heal. Thanks. kathy

I know a great acupuncturist who is working with heal fractures. Her name is Kirstin Lindquist and she has been in practice for over ten years. Her knowledge is amazing. She is very sweet and gentle and I love the way she explains everything she will do to help your need before the session. I can't say enough about her. You can even just call about your concern. Kirstin is working at Emeryville Health and wellness Center. Kirstin's phone number is: 510 597 9923. The Wellness Center where she has her practice has a website Soizic

Oct 2004

If anyone is considering acupuncture treatments, I want to highly recommend Elizabeth Padron Vos. I've seen her for various health issues in the last three years, and found her to be warm, caring and professional. She treats both acute and ongoing health problems, including ob-gyn issues, chronic pain, and low energy. She also uses herbal medication, mostly Chinese herbal formulas but also some homeopathic remedies. She's an excellent listener and I've never felt she was rushed or distracted during an appointment. She accepts several different insurance plans and is located close to the UC Berkeley campus, at Milvia and Dwight. Her phone is (510) 308-2155. Feel free to email me for more info. Garey

Sept 2004

I'm looking for an acupuncturist to help me with my hip pain and also my elbow tendinitis. I checked the postings and they're all fairly old. Preferably someone in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Thank you! nancy

I highly reccomend my acupuncturist, Syndnie Boral (on Solano below San Pablo). She has worked with me on numerous pain issues from headaces to lower back pain to neck pain. She is excellent. 510-525-5532. good luck

I recommend John Maynes as an acupuncturist for pain. My daughter has had more pain relief after one session with him than she's ever felt with any other practitioner. He also prescribes herbs, and she raved about how easy he was to talk to. I had given up trying to get her to drink more water, but now the water is being consumed religiously ''because Dr. Maynes said so.'' He's on Woolsey St in Berkeley, 510-845-4688. Ann

I have referred friends to Jay Sordean, LAc, OMD with hip, low back, and knee pain. He has extensive knowlege and has helped them significantly with acupuncture, herbs, massage, and home exercise. His office is in Berkeley and the phone number is 510-849-1176. Nancy

I can recommend Dr.Jay Sordean. He's an acupuncturist and oriental medical doctor. He's very knowledgeable, has a great manner, and, by the way, also works with children. His office is in Berkeley across from Whole Foods. It's called the Redwood Clinic-510 849 1176 doctorsydney

Claudia Weitkemper is an excellent acupuncturist who I would highly recommend. I receive treatments from her regularly and refer all my massage clients to her who are seeking acupuncture treatment. She currently works out of an office in El Cerrito.

She has treated me for lower back and hip pain during pregnancy and postpartum (in addition to other symptoms). She is efficient and poingantly effective in her treatments. She has training in Master Tung's Points, which are specific points used for relieving pain, sciatica and allignment. She is very attentive to any concerns of pain during a treatment and is responsive regarding trying alternatives to make a successful treatment.

You can find out more about Claudia Weitkemper at her website: or by calling her at her office Traditional Ways Healing Center, 6931 Stockton Avenue, El Cerrito CA 94530, (510) 288-3313

OR you could meet her in person because she will be at the Solano Stroll this Sunday (9/12/04) Melinda

I would highly recommend the acupuncturists at the Temescal Acupuncture Center-330 41st St. in Oakland. Brian Barlay, Don Gates and Natalie Babazadeh are all fabulous. They can be reached at: 510.654.7054. Kim

Sept 2004

My mother-in-law suffers chronic pain in her hip and thigh due to nerve damage (nerves coming from the L4 and L5 area of her spine). She'd like to see a good acupuncturist who's had success in relieving that kind of pain. I checked the website but didn't see any specific recommendations of this kind in the archives. Any recommendations? elise

I highly reccomend my accupuncturist, Syndnie Boral (on Solano below San Pablo). She has worked with me on numerous pain issues from headaces to lower back pain to neck pain. She is excellent. 510-525-5532. good luck

I have an outstanding acupuncturist in Hayward/Castro Valley Border. It takes me about 20 min to get there from Berkeley so I have not minded the commute. He is Chinese and he and his wife run the office. It costs me $60 for an hour of care including acupuncture and cupping and massage. His name is Dr, Yan and his number is 510 733-0202 , 1638 B Street, Hayward. He also if often open on holidays and saturdays. He is very knowledgeable and kind. Jennifer

May 2004

I have a very painful case of sciatica, and am wondering if anyone has ever used acupuncture to help cure theirs. If so, do you have someone to recommend, preferably in the North Berkeley area? Thank you. Erika

Nancy Rakela in North/West Berkeley is great and she helped me with back pain. -- sciatica free

I know this isn't exactly what you've asked for, but I would recommend Michelle Reddel for treatment of sciatica issues. She's a chiropractor who specializes in cranial-sacral manipulation, and I think she is just terrific for this sort of thing. Her office is located at 2560 Ninth St (between Parker and Dwight) and her number is 649-9169. Janet

I don't know about acupuncture for sciatica, but you could ask Douglas Wang who is a licensed acupuncturist at my office in Albany. His qualifications include: professor at Five Branches Institute and the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and over 20 years of clinical experience integrating Chinese and Western medicine. His phone number is 510.517.6341. Amy

this isn't exactly what you asked for but here goes - I also have sciatica and was helped a lot by going to a personal trainer in pilates. my chiropracter recommended this saying that she could adjust me regularly but she was just addressing the same symptoms over and over and not really getting anywhere with the problem causing the sciatica in the first place (this is what acupuncture would do as well). I went to the trainer every week for about a year and now I still have some sciatica but I can keep it well under control by doing certain stretches and changing my posture. I would not recommend a class since you really need a lot of individual help to get the exercises just right and to learn to control the right muscles. my trainer was Paige at Ashby Chiropractic near Ashby and 7th in Berkeley. almost sciatica free

2003 & Earlier

May 2002

Has anyone gone to Jim Douglas for acupuncture? Would you recommend him? I have a herniated disc in my lower back. Thanks very much. Karen

I have seen accupuncturist Jim Douglas, was referred by someone having health problems smilar to my own (not back-related). He was fine. Flexible and accomodating, lots of experience. S.

Jim Douglas has been my primary acupuncturist for about 15 years now, so I would of course recommend him! He is very caring and experienced in traditional Chinese Medicine, including herbal formulas (not just pills) which I particularly respond to and appreciate. T. Joe

April 2002

I have been diagnosed with a bulging C6-7 disc and a cortisone injection has been suggested. Before receiving an injection, I would like to try an acupuncturist with experience in healing bulging discs. I'm looking for referrals to an acupuncturist in the East Bay. Thank you. Suzanne

I give my highest recommendation to Dr. Robert Zeiger, accupuncturist. He saved me after two serious illnesses and helped me tremendously on many other occasions. I have been going to him since 1982. He takes various insurances and is conveniently located on Telegraph Avenue just down one block from Alta Bates Hospital. I believe he is a true healer. I have never gone for a back problem, but I know he is very skilled. His phone number is: 843-7397. Don't be put off by his untraditional style: he doesn't use office staff and when you call you'll talk directly to him. He's a very self-sufficient person. Linnea

March 2002

I am looking for an excellent acupuncturist who can help me with several issues. I recently got out of a very stressful work situation and feel that my body needs to regain its balance and 'detoxify' from the whole experience. Also, since giving birth (our child is now 16 months), I have not been able to sleep deeply (although she is sleeping fine)and suffer from fatigue and low energy - which I am sure is also affected by the stress from work. I would prefer someone who has reasonable rates as my insurance won't cover the expense. Any referrals will be greatly appreciated.

I can highly recommend Leslie Oldershaw, an acupuncturist I have seen both for fertility issues and throughout my somewhat challenging pregnancy (acupuncture helped keep my blood pressure down). She has recently moved to lovely new offices on Grand Avenue and can be reached at 510-595-1175. Leslie is warm, professional, thorough, and funny! (a sense of humor is important to me). I felt so much better cared for by her than by any of my ''regular'' doctors... Jocelyn

An acupuncturist I would recommend highly is Dr. Ou at 3901 Grand Avenue in Oakland. Her # is 510-547-6798. She is Chinese and was a doctor in China. She has helped me with a variety of issues, and I know a # of other people who she has helped. Her office is rather casual, so be prepared for that -- she has 2 treatment 'rooms,' one of which is basically in the waiting room and blocked off by screens -- but if you are in that room, anyone in the waiting room will be able to hear your conversations with her, so you just have to be ready for that! She answers her own phone, makes her own appts. and collects her own fees. And, her style of acupuncture (having gone to several now) is not pain-free, but I do believe she is very very effective. dscott

I highly recommend W. Jumbe Allen. He sees people in Oakland (Pill Hill area) and San Francisco. He has seen people in my entire family and we all agree- he is great. His number is (415) 282-9337. Brightstar

I would highly recommend Brian Barlay, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist at the Bancroft Center of Chinese Medicine. The office is on Bancroft Way in Berkeley and he can be reached at (510) 540-0544. I have worked with him for many years and have always been thankful for his knowledge and sensitivity.

I would recommend you see Pam Heaton, an Acupuncturist on Park Blvd in Oakland. After I had a child, we realized that many of my mood fluctuations could be attributable to homonal imbalances. She's given me herbs to take that have really helped. She has a long waiting list; so if you're thinking of going this route, get your name on her list now.

Pam Heaton, L.Ac., OMD, is a wonderful healer. She is on Park Blvd and has hours M-W and Saturday from 10-7. Her number is 530-9128. I have also heard great things about Jeff and Katy Mink (two separate places), the latter of whom is quite good with kids. Nori

I can recommend Jenny Josephian. She is located in the Walnut Square building in Berkeley and her phone number is 510-548-2261. I don't know how booked she is currently, but it's definitely worth a call. Karen H.

In reference to an acupuncturist, I can highly recommend Dr. Marti Lee Kennedy in Berkeley on Ashby. 510-843-3000. I have gone to Dr. Kennedy for years, with a number of problems. She also is excellent with herbs and non- traditional treatments. I can't recommend her highly enough. Alice She specializes in women and pregnancy-related issues. Ann

I have used Dr. Marti Lee Kennedy for years. She is both a licensed acupuncturist and a Chinese medical doctor, and has been practicing for over 25 years. She specializes in women's health issues, and is very good, compassionate and intuitive. Her office is at 2615 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley (near Alta Bates). Phone number is 510-843-5000, ext. 7. gwyne

Charlene Leung is a really good practioner of traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture. Charlene has treated me for some of the same issues mentioned, and I felt much better very quickly. Charlene is thorough in her initial consultation and her treatment plans are effective, yet gentle. Each time I have seen her she has prescribed Chinese herbs, too; she put them in a more or less powder form so they were easy to take. Charlene's office is on Solano Ave. in Albany, and her telephone number is 510.559.9038. I wish you a peaceful recovery.

Time to put in a good word for my acupuncturist, Melanie Linebaugh. Women's health, including fertility issues, is one of her specializations, and I've found her treatments helpful for postpartum stuff (i.e., feeling drained and short-tempered) too. She's very attentive to emotional as well as physical issues, and is very easy to talk to. She work out of the Traditional Ways Healing Center in El Cerrito (on Stockton, a few blocks uphill from Darla's Baby Boutique) and her number is 526-3620

Jeff Mink is an Oriental Medical Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist located in the Upper Kensington shopping area on the Arlington. I can wholeheartedly recommend him for the kind of treatment you're looking for. In addition to being an excellent practitioner, he is a wonderful person. He charges $65 a session for acupuncture, and herbs are extra if he prescribes them. Jeff's number is 528-0134. Maria

Barbara Wilt is the Acupuncturist who helped me after the birth of my daughter and throughout the following pregnancy. My problems were similar to yours, disturbed sleep, anxiety, fatigue. I was simply depleted. Her office is at 4158 Park Blvd, Oakland. Phone (510) 531-4135. Susan

I highly recommend Dr. Pauline Wong. Although I would recommend her to anyone, she specializes in pregancy and postpartum related issues. Her number is 843-5000 and she is located across from Alta Bates on Ashby. shalva

December 2001

Has anyone had experience with any of the following UC Care (Aetna) acupuncturists: Michelle Bullard, Joel Harvey, Thalia Liram, Peter Vanarsdale, Elizabeth Vos, Leah Nazel and/or Paz Vazcarra. In addition to recommendations about them as a practitioners, I'd like to know if they sell vitamin supplements or Chinese remedies, and how routinely they prescribe them. Thanks.Louise

I highly recommend someone not on your list - Mark Olivier - who has resonable rates and is very thorough and caring. He works out of him home and takes a long time to listen to what's going on with you, carefully tailoring his practice to you. He has helped me fight off numerous colds/flus and cured me completely of asthma. I've recommended him to many friends and they have been happy with his services too. Good luck to you.

I've worked with Peter VanArsdale a few times, most notably when I had some tendonitis in my arms. He did prescribe herbs with the treatments and I found his hours convenient, but I felt as if he did not pay close attention to my case and was sometimes distracted during the treatment so that he would forget to come explain what was going on.

I also have Aetna health plan and other acunpuncturists are covered as well. I can highly recommend Marti Lee Kennedy in Berkeley on Ashby. She is very, very knowledgeable. She's also great with herbs and has studied in China as well as here with many master herbalists and acupuncturists. Azakian

December 2001

I'm looking for an acupuncturist to treat shoulder bursitis (aggravated by heavy lifting and nursing my 20 lb. 8 month old) and recently discovered that my insurance actually covers acupuncture!! Imagine my surprise!! Can anyone recommend an acupuncturist that is covered by AMerican Specialty Health Plans? I've looked at the ones on the UCB network page and would still like to know if anyone has used the following: The ones they cover in Berkeley that I am wondering about are: Joel Harvey at the Shen Clinic (This would be very convenient.), Hope McDonnell, Elizabeth Vos Thanks.

I have used Karen Cutler in Berkeley. I saw her all throughout my pregnancy and think she is excellent. She also works with many insurance companies. Hannah

I don't know Joel Harvey as an acupuncturist, but as a Chinese Herbalist he's excellent, so I would assume he's equally as knowledgable and skilled as an acupuncturist. The Shen clinic is clean and professional. Joel is a really nice person, as is his wife (Betty?) and the people who work for him. They've all been very helpful anytime I've gone in there for herbs. June (2001)

I highly recommend Carol Lourie, L.Ac. in Berkeley (4th & Gilman). She treats all kinds of symptoms, is very proffessional and personable and has an additional orientaion for natural medicine and homeopathy, which she also practices along with acupuncture. She was listed as a preferred provider under my insurance and I have seen her both personally as well as given her name to numerous friends who have been very happy with her. Her phone number is 510-526-2028. Good Luck. (2001)

I used Hope McDonnell while I was pregnant because Medi-Cal actually covered her services. There is a childcare site at the Berkeley Primary Care Clinic where she worked when I saw her--if she's in the same place, you might be able to have them look after your little one during your appt. I found her competent, compassionate, and definitely pain-relieving. Good Luck.

August 2001

I'm looking for the name and contact information of a reputable acupuncturist in the Bay Area. I am specifically looking for someone who can help relieve chronic wrist and forearm pain not caused by tendonitis or carpel tunnel syndrome. I have checked the web page and found that most of the references specifically dealt with pregnancy or back pain. I imagine that some of the providers may also be skilled in other parts of the body, but would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used an acupunturist for the arms and wrists. Thanks so much. Rachel

I have used Karen Cutler for wrist pain that had progressed up to my shoulder. She's great! I have got to her for pain in other areas too and for chronic sinus infections. She has cured my sinuses as well as getting rid of my wrist to shoulder pain. I do have to be careful about how many hours I spend on the computer, but she made a major difference in my life. She is on Dwight Way in Berkeley and her phone number is 654-3873. DC

Hi: I just joined the list and wanted to recommend a fantastic accupuncturist I have seen for years here in Berkeley. Her name is Kathleen (Kathy) Orcutt and she has over 20 years experience in treating a vast array of ailments and conditions. I initially saw her for horrible recurring RSI and other neck, elbow and wrist pain and she was the only one who provided lasting relief (as opposed to physical therapy, chiropractic, etc). She is also a Chinese Herbalist who has great tinctures for allergies, etc. I am now seeing her while pregnant and find her treatments wonderfully relaxing and beneficial. And, to top it off she is a wonderful person - very warm and caring. She can be reached at 510/843-9109. Kathryn

I would recommend Sabi Inderkum (526-2412). I have gone in to him for help with chronic fibromyalgia pain and with migraines as well as asthma/allergy symptoms. He has done a lot to reduce the pain in my muscles and joints. His rates are very reasonable, and he really knows what he's doing. Sara

Dr. Ellen Gunther is an MD who has been an acupuncturist for years. Perhaps she can also take health insurance. Number is 510-841-1677 She is in an office with a variety of Wholistic Health Care Providers. Sherry

November 2001

I am looking for an East Bay acupuncturist/herbalist who specializes in treating young children with allergies and asthma. Thank you.

Carla Cassler does a lot of pediatric acupuncture/chinese medicine/homeopathy. I know she has treated allergies (my son) and asthma but I don't know that she specializes in just that with children. Her office number is 526-5256. She's been treating our family for a variety of things for years. She's really excellent at what she does. She as a lot of medical background which I find really helpful. June

I take my 2 year old with multiple food allergies and eczema (and high likelyhood of inheirited environmental allergies), to Jenny Josephian in North Berkeley tel. 548-2261. We've had great success with her acupressure sessions, don't know how much she works with herbs for children though. Tracy

July 2000

I'm looking for an acupuncturist in Alameda/Berkeley/Oakland who is knowledgeable about treating pregnant women. I'm in my first trimester and feeling very miserable, in part because I'm already exhausted from caring for my 2.5 year old and working, and in part because of the usual hormonal chaos. Has anyone used someone local for pregnancy stuff? And did it help? Susan

Late in my pregnancy I worked with Marti Kennedy, who was recommended by my midwife. She is on Ashby near College in Berkeley, and specializes in fertility and pregnancy issues. She is friendly and nice; unfortunately I don't know enough about eastern medicine to evaluate her competence but her credentials seemed impressive. Her office # is 510-843-5000. divalent

I recommend Marti Lee Kennedy. She specializes in working on pregnant women. Her office is located at 2615 Ashby at Benvenue and phone # is 510-843-5000. I saw her for a case of pregnancy hives and was amazed at her success in curing them. Elizabeth

I saw Dr. Marti Kennedy, 843-5000, 2615 Ashby Avenue (Ashby Center of Complementary Medicine) when I was pregnant and she helped me a lot. Good luck! Louise

I saw Marti Kennedy every week throughout my pregnancy eleven years ago. When I went the hospital to have my baby delivered my labor stopped. I didn't want to have drugs to induce it, so I called Marti, she came, put some needles on me and right away labor started again my baby was born four hours later. It was a wonderful labor, very easy and painless. She has worked a lot with pregnant women and is very experienced. I highly recommend her and thank her for her wonderful work. Narniaph

I used Barbara McNair, on Telegraph, near Ashby (across from Whole Foods) throughout most of my pregnancy. I went in seeking help with bloody noses -- which she was able to diminish, but not totally eliminate -- and all of the other hormonal and pregnancy issues, along with a lot of work stress. She was wonderful throughout and helped a lot. Her number is 649-8054, and the actual address is 3021 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 8, Berkeley. Good luck! Laurel

I would recommend Dr. Nancy Rakela on Tenth Street in Berkeley. She and her staff provide the best of care and the best healing office environment I've ever seen! When I go there I feel as though I've entered an oasis - nothing fancy or pretentious, just calming and peaceful. She's also a doctor of Chinese Medicine to round things out (she teaches yoga too!) Check her out if you can - 510-540-6267; http//

Nov 1999

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good homeopathic doctor and/or an herbalist who specialize in children. Thank you in advance for all your time and consideration. Aigli

There is an excellent herbalist and acupuncturist, Josh Piagentini, who I have personally seen for 10 years. He was mentored by Dr. Lai in San Francisco. I have seen many children in his office over the years and have talked to parents who have expressed very positive results. He recently treated my 14 mo old son with Chinese herbs. I didn't think my son would go for the taste -- the herbs can taste pretty bad, but he put in natural licorice to make it more palatable. It worked. My son was eager to take the herbs from the dropper and my son's issue resolved. I have referred family, friends and colleagues to Josh over the years for a diverse range of issues including: frequent colds, migranes, sleep problems, cancer, HIV and chronic yeast infections. Those I have referred have had great success with managing or eradicating their particular concern. The only downside for some is that he practices in San Francisco and you get a specific/tailored formula every time you go which you have to boil. It doesn't taste great, but it works! I have found that it's well worth it on both counts. During the last year, he has been able to keep me and my other family members from getting sick everytime our 13 month old picks up a new virus. That alone, for me, has made it well worth it. His number is 415.255.0657. He is moving his office from his current location to Sutter Street so his number will be changing, but there will be a referral number. William

I am currently seeing Dr. Stacia Lansman in Mill Valley with my newborn. She is a pediatrician and herbalist. Her partner is a homeopathist. Tel. 415 380 8448, email pedialt [at] I can't say too much about her as I haven't had any problems yet but I wanted someone knowledgeable regarding alternative medicine and she meets those criteria. Mary

I enthusiastically recommend Peter Van Arsdale, a Berkeley acupuncturist located at 2006 Dwight Way across from Herrick Hospital. His telephone number is 510 644-1293. He was successful in treating my neck and back pain in 2 visits, and my sister-in-law has found his treatments to be very helpful for her tendonitis.

Nov 1999

For Chinese Medicine and/or Acupuncture, Robert Dreyfuss, OCM, in Kensington, 528-1032. A friend of mine who'd struggled with infertility for four years was able to conceive within a few months of treatments by Dr. Dreyfuss. He has a doctorate in Chinese Medicine and is very well regarded. I went to him to for help with my costochondritis (chest wall pain). To his great credit, he first made sure that I had seen my M.D. to rule out life-threatening conditions, such as angina or lung pathology. I have a dear friend who saw a chiropractor when she experienced bone pain, and the chiropractor did not attempt to rule out bone cancer, which is what it turned out to be, but performed manipulations which were very damaging. Beware the alternative medicine practitioner who immediately wants to treat you without first obtaining a full health history, asking whether you've been seen by an M.D., and ruling out life-threatening conditions!

For Acupuncture: Brian Barlay. L.Ac, 540-0544 When Dr. Dreyfus went on vacation, I switched to someone he had recommended, Brian Barlay, who practices in Berkeley. He is very kind, thoughtful, gentle, a good listener. Like Dr. Dreyfus, he wasn't sure that he could help with the costochondritis. When he was taking my health history he asked about other concerns, and I mentioned that ever since having children (4 and 7 years ago) my menstrual cycle has gone from a 28-31 cycle to a 21-24 day cycle, with heavy bleeding/clotting, and *extreme* breast tenderness beginning at mid cycle (day 13). For two weeks a month I couldn't stand to have my breasts touched, wear a bra, etc. Brian felt he might be able to help with this. I had four treatments, and now, three months later, I have had three normal cycles - the first in 6 years! They are still a bit shorter than I'd like, at 26 days, but the mid-cycle breast tenderness is completely gone - appearing only as it used to, around the day of my period, and though I still have menstrual discomfort, the bleeding is shorter and lighter. This qualifies as a minor miracle. Brian is also less expensive than Dr. Barlay, as he is a licensed acupuncturist but does not have a doctorate in chinese medicine. I'd go to Dr. Dreyfus with serious concerns or fertility issues, and to Brian for everything else.

Aug. 1999

I saw Laurel Brody for about 3 months after I had a miscarriage to strengthen my qi and get my body strong again. I thought she was wonderful. My only complaint would be that she didn't bill my insurance directly which was somewhat of a hassle. In terms of her care, thought, I'd say she was very caring and concerned as well as a knowledgeble acupuncturist, especially in treating women's health issues. Her office is very children friendly too if you have to bring small children with you to your appointment. She was very flexible. Allison

Peter Van Arsdale is an excellent acupuncturist. He specializes in women's issues but also works with men. He's in Berkeley on Dwight and is in the phone book.

Oct. 1998

I highly recommend Melanie Linebaugh, who practices acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage. She treated me for severe back pain when I was pregnant, and the combination of acupuncture and massage did me a world of good. I have been happy with treatments from her for other ailments as well. Her office is on Solano at Ventura, and the number is 526=3620.

Jeff Mink is an extremely knowledgeable and competent acupuncturist. His office is also in Kensington and his number is 528-0134. His wife, Katie Mink (also really wonderful), is also an acupuncturist in Berkeley and her number is 849-1809. They are both warm, caring and very professional.

I vote for Frank Chung, whose name I got from a digest member. My husband's been seeing him for the past several months, and he's made an enormous difference.

Last year, I was referred to Dr. Richard Y.T Liao who really helped me on 3 instances with different ailments. I found his fees affordable ($45/session) and they not only include an acupuncture treatment but also massage, relaxation and chinese herbs to take home, and he will see patients on Saturdays!! Dr. Liao is also a Professor at the School of Acupuncture in Santa Cruz and a Qi Gong instructor. The address is: YT Acupuncture Herb Clinic, 1033 Solano Ave., Albany, CA 94706, and phone# (510)524-8148. He also has a practice in Walnut Creek at 1200 Mt. Diablo Blvd., #202, phone # (510)942-0128.

July 1998

I heartily recommend Pat Lollis, a licensced acupuncturist and herbalist, whose offices are at 1172 San Pablo Avenue, Suite 203 in Berkeley, just north of Gilman and south of Marin on the west side of the street. She is warm, pragmatic and very skilled with the needles. She also uses other forms such as micro current and has treated both my husband and myself for injuries. Her phone number is 510-525-4147, her rates are reasonable and this injury of yours may well be at least partly covered by your insurance. She has a massage therapist/body worker in her office whom she works with for rehabilitation who is also a female and the atmosphere is very calm and soothing (right over Strawberry creek, very pleasantly decorated).
[Editor: phone number updated 3/9/2004]

July 1998
My partner recommends Ana Vertel, whose practice is in North Berkeley (Walnut Square, phone 841-7390). According to Karen, Ana is a very nurturing and intuitive practitioner. I have been seeing her for several years and she has been extremely helpful in treating several conditions.

Feb 1998

I can *highly* recommend Dr. Robert Zeiger, 843-7397. 3031 Telegraph Ave. He is a true healer and has saved me twice from terrible illnesses. He's expensive and worth every penny. I have been going to him when I need to since 1981. He's also an herbalist. He trained in China and was previously a pharmacist at a major US hospital.

Feb 1998

Acupuncturists -- recommend Dr. Frank Chung, Oakland, 655-0668 or Lucia Castillo in Berkeley (on Ashby) 204-9664 -- they both come with glowing recommendations from members of my family. Margy

Acupuncturists -- recommend Dr. Frank Chung, Oakland, 655-0668 or Lucia Castillo in Berkeley (on Ashby) 204-9664 -- they both come with glowing recommendations from members of my family.

This is to respond to the request for a recommendation for an acupuncturist/Doctor of Oriental Medicine: I have been going to Christine Newell for the last six months or so. She's made an enormous difference in a chronic neck problem I have. My husband goes to her also. He has gone to several acupuncturists over the years, and from his perspective she's the best. She is certified in oriental medicine, Reiki, and therapeutic massage. (Her massage technique is the most helpful of any either my husband or I have experienced.) She is always upgrading her skills, is invited to offer training at various workshops, and is very professional and knowledgeable. She works out of her home in Albany, and has a very kind, gentle, healing personality. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Updated contact information (June 2006)
828 San Pablo Avenue, suite 115C (not far from Solano Avenue.) Her new phone number is 510 409-0145.

Acupuncture for Children

June 2010

Can anyone recommend a practice to take my 2 and 5 year old children for acupuncture treatment? Specifically, I am looking for a practice that has experience helping children feel comfortable with acupressure and acupuncture treatments for preventative health, minor colds etc... to supplement regular pediatrician visits. Emily

As an acupuncturist and a mother, I can recommend Portia Lee and Jill Stevens. acu mom

I highly recommend Jill Stevens at Tel: (510)851-3006, Whole Family Wellness Center. She is a great practitioner and the best pediatric acupuncturist around. Give her a call! Shana

I highly recommend Shoshana Uribe. We have been taking our toddler to Shoshana for the past few months and are very happy. She is gentle and has a wonderful way with our daughter--never pushing her to do anything she is uncomfortable with. And most importantly, we have seen improvements in her health since beginning treatment with Shoshana. You can find her at: Good luck! Sheela

I can not say enough here about how helpful Shoshana Uribe has been for my children! She has children of her own and really knows how to support kids with feeling safe and healthy! My children adore her and my 3 year old even asks to come with me when I have an appointment of my own! I adore her and am so grateful she is in our lives. She is easily available and always willing to go the extra steps to ensure we are on the best path to optimal well being! She can be reached at: (510) 459-9320 . Her clinic's name is Manzanita Wellness ad the here is the web link: All the best to you and your family.

Hi! I highly recommend Shoshana Uribe at the Manzanita Wellness Center. All my kids have truly enjoyed their experiences with shoshana and I have seen remarkable improvements in my daughter's health. Good Luck! healthy kids

March 2008

Any recommendations for an acupuncturist in the East Bay that works with children? Am specifically looking for an acupuncturist that has experience working with anxious and/or ADHD kids. Thank you East Bay mom

Geraldine Shute is great! She has worked with my son and a few other children that I know of. She is in Emeryville: Anon

I absolutely love my acupuncturist! She has helped me with so many problems. I have brought my young children with me at times when I haven't had child care and she is lovely with them. I know she has also done acupuncture with children as well. Feel free to email me for a personal recommendation. Colleen

Jan 2008

I am looking for an acupuncturist for my 5 year old. I would like someone who has experience with kids, and ideally has treated kids with developmental/neurological issues and/or on the autistic spectrum. He also has eczema, but this is secondary, though possibly related. anon

I'm not sure acupuncture is used on young children.It is my understanding--from my acupuncturist--that children shouldn't be treated with needles until they are 8 years or older, as it is hard to determine the meridians accurately before then.

I missed your original post but we have been very happy with Dr. Jay Sordean, OMD and homeopath at Redwood Clinic across from Whole Foods on Telegraph. He does acupuncture with adults, and with children a form of Japanese needle-less ''acupuncture'' using special tools along meridiens. He is very gentle and sweet with children and after a session there is always a shift in my children's energy and a noticibly quick healing from colds, etc. He can be reached at 849-1176. chris

Yes, I know of an excellent acupuncturist in Emeryville. Her name is Jill Stevens, you can reach her at 510-851-3006. I see her myself right now and have heard wonderful stories about her work with children. Blessings Tomi

Acupuncture for Teen

April 2010

Can someone recommend an acupuncturist who is good with teens. The person must be in the Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito area. Thanks. mom

Carla Cassler! She is great with kids and teenagers, and she has two teenagers of her own. Her office is on Colusa Circle: 526-3636. I like her way with young people.

Charlene Leung on Stannage Avenue in Albany;she works with my teenager. 559-9038. She is excellent and he is happy to go. Christine

Berkley Acupuncture Project at University close to MLK is run by a wonderful group of women who have transformed an urban space into a relaxing, beautiful and peaceful environment for community acupuncture. Fees are sliding scale $15-$40. and they are savy with teens. My 15 yr old daughter goes there and like sit a lot. micky

The best acupuncture in the area is Sarana Community Acupuncture in Albany. My 16 y/o boy goes there for different minor health issues (allergies, a sprain ankle, lingering cough) He loves Tatiana. It's a 'community setting' where many patients recline for treatment in the same area, but it is so affordable ($20-40 sliding scale !) and relaxing and the staff is so wonderful, I love sending my teenage (and myself) there. Best of luck. Gladys

My acupuncturist, Bobbie Lewis, has seen both of my children for the past year or so. My daughter is now 11 and my son is 14. She does acupressure if they aren't sure about the needles, but my son just did the needles last week and had a fabulous experience and wants to go back! I have being seeing Bobbie for a chronic illness and have had amazing progress and success, the likes of which aren't seen with western medical treatments. Bobbie is also an herbalist. I took my son because he has been sick SO MUCH this year (1st year of high school). She is very experienced and has had great success treating immune issues.

Lastly, she is the mom of a teenager and really ''gets'' them. My kids love visiting with her, even if they are just along for my visit. Here info: Roberta ''Bobbie'' Lewis tel. 510-540-8528 Her office is on Dwight near MLK. Good luck! Mary