Acupuncturist in Walnut Creek, Lafayette or Pleasant Hill?


I have checked the archives and the only recommendation I can find for the east side of the tunnel is in Orinda. I would love to find someone a little further out to deal with my neck/shoulder/back pain and some issues my teenager is having.

Thank you!

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New responses are no longer being accepted.    located in walnut creek.  michael is regarded and recommended by other acupuncturists as one of the best healers in the bay area.  i took my elderly ‘non-believer’ father to him for unmitigated degenerative spine pain.  after three sessions my dad was a believer.  best of luck to you~

Nancy Nachtwey- she is wonderful. Right off the 24 as you enter Walnut Creek from Lafayette - 510-568-1888

she has provided me with lots of advice and massage over the years (in non-professional capacity), but has also treated me for acupuncture. I went specifically for boosting fertility and was pregnant before I had a second session.

Although not in the cities you listed, Angela Rosen @ Mulberry Wellness in San Ramon is an amazing acupuncturist.  I have seen her on & off for the past few years -- for all sorts of different issues, both mental & physical.  She is intielligent & intuitiv.   I've recommended many friends & acquaintances to her as well & have never heard anything but rave reviews from her other patients.  She is located near the freeway off Crow Canyon and her # is 925-683-6484.  I would definitely drive far to see her.