Acupuncturist for orthopedic pain

Can anybody recommend an acupuncturist in Berkeley/Oakland area that is very experienced with orthopedic pain issues?  Looking for someone who's very thorough and thoughtful for a complicated issue.  


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Yes, Chris, Jennifer and Novella at Oakland Community Acupuncture ( are all great. OCA provides acupuncture for the Warriors so hopefully they can help with your issue. Good luck!

Yes! Jennifer Ross of Ross Acupuncture specializes in orthopedic acupuncture! Her treatments have taken my thumb joint pain (both hands, already operated on with only partial success) down from a constant daily grind to only occasional twinges. She operates out of an office on Grand on the north side of the lake.

Carlos Haycock is an amazing acupuncturist! He’s also a UCSF nurse on an orthopedic floor. I started seeing him when he was a student at AIMC in Berkeley and now that he has graduated he is still my go-to. I have had neck pain and radiculopathy for 20 years and severe wrist and knee pain for the last 10. Carlos is warm, incredibly approachable and His treatments help relieve some of the pain, numbness and tingling.  I think his availability is fairly limited (Tuesdays, I think) but I know he is sometimes willing to do home visits for established patients.  415-297-1129

Jade Clinic is amazing. Berkeley and Orinda offices. They’ve helped me so much! I use Laura but Kristin is great too!