Gifted and Experienced Acupuncturist Sought

I'm looking for referrals for some general mid-life issues (stomach issues/IBS, fatigue, hormones) and would like to see a very experienced practitioner who does acupuncture, and potentially herbal medicine as well. There are lots of younger folks out there, no shade, but I'd like someone with many years of success and understanding under their belts. TIA for any recommendations!

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I have gone to Nancy Rakela in Berkeley and she is very skilled and has an impressive resume. Would highly recommend. 

Jenny Crissman at has been amazing for our family. We've been seeing her for years after she came highly recommend to us by a co-worker.

Rachel Alkire at Grow Family Acupuncture is amazing, amazing, amazing. 

Nancy Rakela is fantastic. Kind, wise, and extremely good. I went to her not believing acupuncture worked but she now is also my trusted source for medical questions, and doesn't hesitate to say when a western doctor is needed instead. Even there, she gave me more information than the western md's. She also teaches internationally. They are open now and very safe

I highly recommend Dennis VonElgg.  (510) 666-8234.  Very experienced, accupuncture professor, works complex issues.  I have gone to him and sent family members to him.

I highly recommend Dr. Jessica Parker at Root and Stem in Oakland.

I don't know how old you're looking for, but Naya is great. I've been seeing her for about 4 years now and she does both acupuncture and herbs. I wouldn't call her old, but I also wouldn't call her a younger folk. 

The acupuncturist at Energy Matters in Oakland are great. I go to Angela Coon for stomach issues and she’s helped tremendously.

Added bonus: they take insurance and have handled care during COVID extremely well.

I’m not sure where you’re located, but I absolutely love Michelle Kuroda. Her office is in the Flood Building, right next to Powell station. She is a fantastic listener, has many years of experience, and I left her office feeling better every time. I haven’t ventured into the city during COVID, but I’ll be thrilled to see her on the other side of this. 

I'm a huge fan of Don Gates at Grand Acupuncture Center. Great listener and well versed in Chinese herbal remedies. 510-428-9430.

I've been seeing Don Gates at East Bay Traditional Acupuncture for 17 years now.  He is really good - My husband and I refer to him as "The Magician."  He does Chinese herbal medicine as well.

Good luck!

John Nelson is amazing.  He is an acupuncturist in Berkeley who listens to you and can listen to your body as well.  He practices both with acupuncture and herbs, and is very well trained and educated.  I have sent my husband, sister, mother, many many friends to him (as well as myself - he helped me with thyroid, weith and fatigue issues). He doesn't have a website but you can search on John Nelson Acupuncture berkeley and find him, or call (510) 280-4987. or email needles.moxa [at]

Hello BPN families, I very highly recommend my acupuncturist Alexis Calcano. I have been seeing him whenever I need his help for the last five years. Alexis has been working with me for hot flashes and leg and ankle pain.

In the past I have seen 3 other acupuncturists and I find Alexis a very intuitive and holistic practitioner. He offers his expertise in herbal remedies as an integrated part of his care.

Here's his contact information:


I recommend Melanie Linebaugh based on what you are looking for. She is very experienced - 23 years or more and has helped many people with those same health issues. You can reach Melanie at. 510-325-1929

Cara Brockbank at Temescal Acupuncture is amazing. She helped me with acute neck pain. She is  warm, thorough and incredibly talented. Highly Reccomend.