Dry needling

My neurologist recommended that I look into dry needling to release perpetually knotted trapezoid muscles that contribute to headaches. I already get Botox and trigger point injections. This combination has worked for me for quite sometime, but now I need additional relief. Can anyone recommend someone in Berkeley/Albany who does this and is taking appropriate precautions at their clinic?

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I've seen Anahita at Golden Leaf Acupuncture in Berkeley for exactly this purpose. It's rather intense, but does work wonders. Looks like they are taking appointments and have precautions in place. https://berkeleygoldenleaf.com/

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I have a major congenital problem with the trapezius muscles such that I have pain 98% of the times, since I was in my teens. While I am taking both nerve pain and muscle relaxant medications, what really helps me get through the days on top of the medications is a neuro-muscular electrical stimulation device (I have it on me all day). I got one of these with a doctors note https://www.zynex.com/products/nexwave/.

I have tried acupuncture and cupping, while it helped a bit, it was just not convenient to go for those ever so often for a condition that I know I will have for all my life.