Acupuncturist for Graves' disease/thyroid dysfunction

I'm looking for an acupuncturist who specializes in thyroid disease, and specifically in Graves' disease (hyperthyroidism), which is more rare than hypothyroidism. I'm newly diagnosed, live in the East Bay and am willing to travel around the bay for excellent care. Thank you! 

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I haven't seen her specifically for my Hashimoto's but Heidi Kuo on 40th street is an excellent and thoughtful acupuncturist!

I highly recommend Emily Edmonds, L.Ac. at Tao to Wellness near the 4th Street Area. Emily actually specializes in thyroid health and I found her when I found a blog she wrote about thyroid health. I had thyroid cancer (and a partial thyroidectomy) in 2021 and now see her regularly for care (and to support my remaining left lobe to function well). She's smart, kind, and truly interested in supporting those with thyroid issues. I can't recommend her enough!

Hi, I am interested in the responses you receive as my dear friend has hyperthyroid Graves.  Did you have this diagnosis pre-pregnancy?