acupuncture providers that accept Medi-cal?

I am trying to compile a list of acupuncturists who accept Medi-cal, specifically Alameda Alliance. I am grateful for any recommendations. Super, extra bonus points if the practitioner speaks Spanish. Thanks!

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I would love to see this list once compiled. Thank you for working on this!!

I'm not familiar with resources in the East Bay - you might try American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San FRancisco, which takes MediCal.  They might know.  Also, are you familiar with the Community Acupuncture?  These are sites which provide acupuncture in a group setting (recliners), and the cost is usually only $20-40 sliding scale (no requirements to "prove" need you just pay what you can).  Again, I'm not familiar with East Bay resources, but a google search should do it.

Sarana Community Acupuncture and Manzanita Acupuncture are both very low-cost.

I would highly recommend community acupuncture. I know in Berkeley there are two fabulous clinics that offer acupuncture at a sliding-scale cost of $20-$40. Berkeley Community Acupuncture is where I go ( You'd have to ask for a Spanish-speaking practitioner when you make an appointment.... probably depends on the day/time whether they have a bilingual practitioner. There's also the Berkeley Acupuncture Project ( and I know that they list what languages their practitioners speak on their online booking site.