Acupuncture to stop drinking?

I need to stop drinking. I'm doing pretty well so far on my own, but I wonder if acupuncture would help curb cravings and repair the damage I've done to my liver. Has anyone had success with this method? If so, what practitioner did you use?

Thank you!

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Onw way to find out is to try it! There is actually a free clinic that does acupuncture using points on the ear, hand and head , and it specializes in substance use. At Lifelong Medical's Wellness Center in the Ed Roberts Campus (Ashby BART) is the Ear Acupuncture Detox Clinic . Open Tues, Wed, Thurs 8:30 AM-last treatment at 10:30. Counseling and primary care offered for fee/insurance, but the acupuncture, hot tea and healthy gourmet buffet are completely free! People come in for all sorts of issues, but its original mission when it started 20 plus years ago was to serve those with addictions.  Get the before 10 to get registered, and check it out!

Acupuncture helps me in many respects.  But for my drinking addiction, only AA worked.  I needed the community fellowship, a sponsor, and working the steps.  Yes, the Big Book is dated, but I learned a lot, even though I'm not Christian nor male.  Good Luck. 

Not sure acupuncture would is the solution.  Fresh Air had an interview with a women, "A Path From 'Blackout' Drunkenness To Sobriety And Self-Acceptance" who found away to stop.  (Sorry I forgot how she did it.) Here's he link, hope it helps

The NADA protocol (specific acupuncture points mostly on the ear I believe) is supposed to be quite helpful with substance use. I think only time will help your liver restore itself but acupuncture may be useful in managing the cravings. Good luck!