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Hi, I also found Toni Littlestone helpful.  I was just coming out of a very traumatic postdoc and felt very depressed and overwhelmed with the job hunt process.  She helped me break down the process into manageable pieces, helped me spruce up my resumes, gave me samples to look at.   I submit job applications to multiple places for a state job and got called back and job offers for three places.  Granted it was a lot of work and I asked everyone I knew to help me practice and read over my resumes and cover letters.  

Hi! I’m a huge fan of Toni Littlestone based in Albany. I’ve worked with her as a mid-career person to refine my skills/what I find meaningful/charting plans and interviewing. I believe she also does work with young adults. She uses a variety of tools to assess interests and skills that I found really compelling. She is not inexpensive but very worth it.

For career coaching I highly recommend Toni Littlestone. She has great advice and guidance and provides actionable recommendations to move forward. She is also realistic about what it takes to make a career change and will tell you what to expect and how long to anticipate it will take. For me that was about 2 year with interim steps and roles between where I was and where I wanted to be. It was not easy but was definitely worth the effort.

I’m not sure how she does with highly sensitive people (I’m not one), but it’s worth reaching out and asking her.

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I highly recommend Toni Littlestone, in Albany just off Solano Ave. I worked with her for several months while transitioning from a job I didn't enjoy, even thought it had a great salary. Toni helped me zero in on and articulate my skills, desires, and ideal work/life balance; then once I started looking for jobs, we worked closely on cover letters, resumes, and interview tactics. I now am in a job I love, and I credit her with getting me here.

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I recommend Toni Littlestone.  She is highly experienced and seems to have encountered every career issue under the sun.  Last year I was feeling lost and she helped me figure out what I want and how to find it.  Toni helped me and, separately, my spouse, on very different career issues, and we both came away advanced in our careers and optimistic for the future. 

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Two words: Toni. Littlestone. Every session with her has been absolutely 100% worth the money and given me clarity, resolve, and strategies for career success. I've also made more money due to her excellent advice. Seriously, she is AMAZING.

RE: Mid-life Career Change ()

I highly recommend Toni Littlestone in Albany, near Solano Ave. She's a warm and empathetic listener, experienced career adviser, and fantastic all-around coach. She helped me move out of a job that wasn't right for me and into one that's much more satisfying, and walked me through each step. I'm sure she could help you.

I worked with Toni Littlestone in Albany. She does just what you describe. Highly recommended!

I really recommend Toni Littlestone (, a career counselor who's been seeing East Bay people for a long time. I have a 25-year-old son, and she REALLY helped him when we (and he) were feeling pretty hopeless. (The job market is tough, he was depressed, he was really clue-free about career possibilities, etc.) She did wonderful work with our son, who ended up with a much stronger sense of what he likes and is good at, plus more confidence about himself work-wise--he actually ended up getting a job that feels right for him and should open up other opportunities for him. She also sees older folks--friends of mine with work issues have really liked her--but we found that she was great with younger people, too. Good luck to your son!  

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June 2010

Re: Career Counselor for recent college grad
As my son was finishing college, he, too was uncertain about his direction. We sent him to see Toni Littlestone, a career counselor/coach in Albany, near Solano Avenue. My son found her to be warm, supportive, and extremely helpful. She helped him understand himself, what he might be good at, and the world of work. He now has a career direction that he loves. Toni has a college-age son herself and seems very comfortable and at ease with this age and stage of life. I also have a friend whose daughter was floundering after college and met with Toni for a few months. Toni helped her define a direction, and also helped her a lot with her resume and interview practice. She's now in a good job and has a career path. My friend told me that her daughter felt very happy with the help she received, and that she herself was relieved to have another person who could advise and guide her daughter rather than trying to do it herself. Toni's website is, and her phone is 510.528.2221. Albany Mom

July 2008

Re: Mid-life career coach needed
Toni Littlestone has been recommended here many times for career counseling/coaching, but I have to chime in and say that she really is wonderful. I'm in midlife myself, and, based on my experience with her, I think she'd be very helpful in the situation your husband is facing. She has tremendous sensitivity to midlife concerns, but she also understands the realities of the job market--that it can be challenging to compete with much younger folks. I think she'd be able to intuit who your husband is and how he can present himself effectively, without losing his authenticity or integrity. Also, she's very knowledgeable about the intricacies of job searches in general. I'm a fan! She's in Albany--528-2221 or workvision [at]

I went through something like this, and got a tremendous assist on the interview practice/self-presentation part from Career Coach, Toni Littlestone, at 510.528.2221. We roleplayed many interviews, and just about everything we covered helped me present myself much more powerfully in interviews. After a somewhat difficult search, I got a great job, and the salary negotiation practice helped me add considerably to the initial offer. All the practice helped me build confidence, which I needed to do at that time. happily employed now
I had a great experience with Toni Littlestone, WorkVision, 510-528-2221; workvision [at] She is incredibly knowledgable about many environments and executive skills. She books up weeks in advance so don't delay. I wish I had seen her years ago; my career would have been much happier. I just can't recommend her highly enough. Anon
July 2008

Re: Career Coach for Biotech
I work in biotechnology and have been in the field for ten years. Over this entire time, I have worked on and off with Toni Littlestone, career coach in Albany, about all my job changes, office politics, interviews, resume tune-ups, dissatisfactions, promotions--really, everything. Although she is not, of course, from a biotech background, she has had many clients in the field and has a good feel for it. She has mentioned clients in regulatory, safety, science, patent attorneys, HR, clinical trials, marketing, PR/Communications, and other areas that I'm not recalling right now. Also, a friend of mine also in biotech has worked with Toni Littlestone also and has greatly improved his career path through this work. She's good with strategic career management, in my estimation, covering both the practical issues and the ''inner'' or self-management side of the career equation. doing well in my field, with help

Feb 2008

Re: Looking for a life coach
I would like to respond to your request for a life coach. I originally went to see Toni Littlestone, a career counselor in Albany, several years ago for a career question. I have ended up working with her on and off for several years about all my life coaching questions, too (like overall life goals, parenting, building friendships, longing for a spiritual community, career balance with my husband, self-image, and so on), and have found it to be a tremendous relief to find someone who can help me with just about every area of my life. I think of her as my life coach, and have found the sessions as helpful as talking with my therapist (even more, about certain things that are not from my long-ago past and childhood issues), my friends, my husband, or anyone else, although I love talking with those people, too. I find that Toni has a warm manner that strikes a balance between practical and an inner-self focus. It's like having a very good friend who is wise and caring and only needs to focus on me and help me with attention, listening, and guidance. She has helped me listen to what is right for me. We explore, set goals, laugh together, follow up, and figure out what has gone right and wrong. I really feel that I have a champion in my corner. good wishes to you

Jan 2007

Re: Looking for a crackerjack, gifted career counselor
I imagine that you will get several recommendations, and that's great, because personal chemistry and fit with any type of counselor is so important. Over the past few years, I and several of my friends have had excellent experiences with local Albany career counselor Toni Littlestone (510-528-2221), who helped each of us with very different questions. I have needed help with both career transition and also becoming a better manager at my job, and also with a difficult boss. I've really grown a lot in my career happiness and level of skill at managing a satisfying career. One of my friends was helped extensively with interview practice and landed a great job at a much higher salary than he expected, and another friend was helped by Toni to become a consultant in his field after years of working full time (he's doing really well and is much happier). Yet another friend started a business and works with Toni regularly to grow her business and manage her schedule, balancing it with her family life. One more example--one of my friends got help with her transition and is currently still working with Toni to become adept at understanding her work environment after changing to a field that has very different expectations (she was in teaching and is now in business, and was terrified at the beginning). Each of us wanted something different, and has successfully done the kind of work on our careers that we needed. For my career transition, she didn't tell me what to do, but really helped me figure out the right choice and hung in there with me while I made sure it was right. I would have dropped the ball without her encouragement. I liked Toni's warmth, insight, and ability to balance her insights and ideas with drawing out my own innate knowledge and wisdom. The work gave me longer term skills, both for career and life, than just what I needed in the moment. My friends and I often refer to something we learned in the career counseling process with Toni, and we pass on our tips to co-workers all the time, too. career maven

June 2006

Re: Career counselor who can recommend specific job types
I read your message about what you (or your husband) want in a career counselor, and that is what I used to want, also. I went to a lot of career counselors for one or two sessions, and found that is very rare. Because career counselors work with people in so many fields, they don't really have the ability to give such specific recommendations about exactly what each person could do with their skills in exactly which new jobs, unless they happened to work a lot with your current/old field in particular, perhaps in a former career of their own. I ended up doing the networking and research myself, and learning what I needed to know firsthand. Ironically, after all those career counselors I met with, I did end up working with Toni Littlestone, who acted in my case not as a ''life coach'' or ''therapist'' type of counselor but as a good, solid guide who helped me keep on track and keep researching my options. By the time I met with Toni, I had seen so many others that I was more willing to buckle down and do the work, to take more proactive responsibility myself and not wait for someone with answers to do it for me. Although in the beginning I wanted someone who could magically save me the footwork, I found in the end that I became more knowledgable and powerful by doing the exploration and networking and discovery myself, with guidance, help, and lots of feedback and reality checking along the way. I got my new job in a new field because of so much networking. In the beginning, I wasn't that good at meeting people and presenting myself, but I got much, much more confident, from roleplaying in sessions and then getting out there and doing it. It's not that easy to go into a new field, especially by ''resume alone.'' When people met me, they could see/hear that I was capable and had good skills and ideas. By the way, some of the earlier counselors I met with offered me concrete ideas of what I could do, but they always turned out not to really fit what I wanted or what employers would hire me for. Once again, I really had to get out there and figure it out by meeting people (lots of them) and finding out for myself.
successful career changer

June 2006

Re: Career counselor who can recommend specific job types
My wife asked me to post because of possible similarities that might help. I was the top educational administrator of a small business college, and I wanted to go into something else that would use my abilities. I went to a career consultant in San Francisco, a man who charged $200 an hour and promised clear direction and even leads (which turned out not to be the case at all). After spending over $2000, his idea for me was to go into the marketing field in a large corporation. He tried to make my resume look like that, but it just wasn't believable. I also wasn't that interested in marketing as a field, but I thought that if I was supposed to have some of those skills, why didn't I use them for myself. I talked with a neighbor and got connected up to try a stint in the recruiting field. It was good experience, but I ended up not liking it much as a real career path.

Then, after talking to as many people as I could, I decided on local government administration. I did some networking on my own and started landing interviews. At first, I did not do well in interviews. My wife had been getting ongoing very helpful coaching on politics at work from Toni Littlestone, so I decided to go in for interview coaching. It really worked. I found that I didn't have a good sense of how I was coming across, and had a hard time not sounding like a college administrator, but with role playing, which felt awkward at first but got easier, I really improved my presentation and could translate my educator's perspective to the government.

Toni encouraged me to do more research about the issues facing the government entities in which I was interviewing, and had several clients who worked in the government whom she connected me up with for background. After a persistent search that took a while, I landed a great job with smart colleagues, a good salary, great benefits, and decent hours.

The other area I considered seriously was administration in a much larger college, which I also think I would have liked, but government is fascinating. I thought originally I wanted to go into the corporate world, but after talking with more people, I found that it did not match my personal values.

I have to say that at the start of my transition, I had the illusion that I could get someone to do much of the heavy lifting for me, which is why I was willing to spend $200 an hour. When I woke up and got into gear, my skills as the head of a small college made me able to be the head of my own career search, and to know when I was floundering in the interview process and get targeted help.

Toni was also great at helping with the salary negotiation part of the interviewing process. I ended up getting $20,000 more than the initial offer (which was a big improvement on my former salary). I've been in my job for three years now, have gotten a promotion (also with help from Toni), and am happier than ever career in gear

Feb 2006

Re: Career Counselor for medical career
I am in a medical career and have used a career counselor over quite a few years to help me navigate. I am trained and have worked as a nurse practitioner, have worked in research nursing, and now have worked in very interesting biotechnology jobs that use my medical background for several years (I did clinical trials coordination, and now work in regulatory affairs, a challenging and fascinating area to me). My career counselor, Toni Littlestone, does not specialize in health care careers, but has been incredibly helpful in thinking through options, strategizing my next moves, interview practice, and dealing with all the workplace politics in the biotech field. I should say that even though it's not her specialty, she has worked with many, many people in health care, as well as lots of other careers. Her contact info is 510-528-2221 or workvision [at] happy with job

Nov 2005

Re: SAHM going back to work
I recommend Toni Littlestone, who works out of her home office. Her email address is WorkVision at She is very attuned to the individuality of each client, is non-judgmental (and hence encourages real candor), and is knowledgeable about career options of all types. She will NOT, however, ''tell you what you should do.''

I know she has been recommended many times on this site, but as a single mother myself, I just need to say how much I was helped by Toni Littlestone. At a very hard time in my life, when I was having to return to work despite not wanting to--at all--Toni was warm, supportive, and practical. She helped me carefully examine my skills and preferences, look at possible careers that I might actually like, and take structured small steps toward going back to work, including help with my networking skills, resume, interviewing--and my inner resistance to the whole thing. I am now in a job I love with great colleagues, and feel so much happier and more secure. She also helped me think through what kind of childcare I needed and how to explore the best options for me and my kids. I found that Toni was extremely respectful of my feelings and needs. She did not have any agenda about what I should do. I had a lot of different directions and ideas, and she helped me sort things out and find my own way. thriving in my new life
June 2004

Re: SAHM going back to work
I would wholeheartedly recommend Toni Littlestone 528-2221 as a wonderful and understanding person and a very effective career counselor. In the space of months she took me from cluelessness to career possibilities and i too had all the personality tests which had been completely unhelpful. She helped me REALLY understand myself, my skills and my needs. I have recommended her and others have been very happy and made career switches as well. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is very talented at what she does!

I went to Toni Littlestone in Albany, as did a couple of my friends who were transitioning from being at home with kids. We all found her to be sensitive, responsive, intuitive and practical. She uses exercises and tests only as needed, not as part of any standard, one-size-fits-all program. She has 20 years' experience, and her depth, flexibility, and non-judgmental attitude were great. Also, she has a kid, so understands parenting and career balance issues very well. She's just off Solano-- 528-2221 or workvision AT --Been there
Sept 2004

Re: Husband considering a job change
My husband recently met with Toni Littlestone, a career counselor and she was great. Her phone number is 510.528.2221. He just took a job that he feels he successfully negotiated salary for, and knows that he made the right choice for himself and our family at this time. What a relief it was that have an experienced person to guide him (us). Good luck! Jennifer

March 2004

I am seeing a fantastic career counselor. Her name is Toni Littlestone (510-528-2221). She is both an amazing listener and really good at helping you unearth a career that is both something that feels fulfilling and fits with your skill set. I can't say enough about how much she has chagned and is changing my life. I think working with her has been one of the best and most helpful things I have ever done for my career and I wish I had done it about 10 years earlier!! Definitely give her a call! She also has a sliding scale to make it easier to afford. --Looking forward to a better career

March 2003

Re: Need help finding something permanent
Both my husband and I (and another close friend) have used Toni Littlestone in Albany. I am sure her name is in the phone book. She is really great. Very upbeat, lots of good ideas. kathryn

I recommend Toni Littlestone. She has an office in her house on Curtis St in Albany near Solano. She is warm, open, and non-judgemental. And helpful, of course! Her number is 528-2221. Lucy
Nov. 2002

Re: Politically Progressive Job Counselor
I strongly recommend Toni Littlestone in Albany. She is a single mom who has lots of clients working for social change organizations. Her number is: 528-2221. If you would like to talk with me about Toni or my own stuggle with similar issues, email me. Good luck! Deborah