Life / Career Coach need for mid-life transition

Looking for an experienced (10+ years) life coach/career coach to help guide me through a mid-life transition and possible forced career change (due to COVID-19). Looking for a kind but direct communicator who isn't afraid to dig in deep, ask hard questions, and hold me accountable. Prefer a coach who is open minded to current coaching strategies, and has a holistic approach, including understanding the artists' mindset, highly sensitive people, Enneagram, attachment theory and non-traditional work styles. Female preferred, East Bay or willing to do virtual sessions. Thank you!

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I highly recommend Coach Louise Goeckel for precisely the kinds of things you’re describing. She is a compassionate straight talker who will help you see your abilities and challenges in a new light. I’ve been working with her for two years and can’t recommend her highly enough! lgconsults [at] or (510) 301-4723

For career coaching I highly recommend Toni Littlestone. She has great advice and guidance and provides actionable recommendations to move forward. She is also realistic about what it takes to make a career change and will tell you what to expect and how long to anticipate it will take. For me that was about 2 year with interim steps and roles between where I was and where I wanted to be. It was not easy but was definitely worth the effort.

I’m not sure how she does with highly sensitive people (I’m not one), but it’s worth reaching out and asking her.

I definitely recommend Lucy Seligman. Lucy is a Zen Life Coach, and specializes in many of the extra modalities you’re looking for. I saw Lucy several years ago when I was in a very stuck place in my life, trying to figure out why I wasn’t moving forward. Through a combination of her probing questions, gentle (yet firm) suggestions, and a few hypnotherapy sessions, I had a major breakthrough and was able to go to the next level. If you see her, I’d definitely recommend the hypnotherapy as a great complementary tool to the coaching. Her website is Good luck!

I set out to explore coaching as a way of gaining support and accountability through my own mid-life career transition and, after interviewing 3 others, chose Rich (rich [at] because he was far and away the one who seemed most interested in authentically supporting me - as opposed to gaining a wider audience of followers or coaching using a string of generic templates.  While I went into the experience expecting practical support around specific actions (what he calls agenda with a lower-case “a”), I ended up realizing their connections to deeper, more valuable insights (what he calls Agenda with an upper-case “A”).  So valuable!  Rich does have over 10 years of experience, is kind, empathetic, very direct, is sensitive and has personal experience with both traditional and non-traditional life styles and choices.  He is also particularly insightful - especially with his follow-up questions.  I can't recommend him highly enough - especially to anyone who values being genuinely seen.

good luck on your journey - it can be fun!