Mid-life Career Change

I have been working in a design related field for the past 20 years. With financial obligations increasing disproportionate to my income I need to make a change. Does anyone know of any career advisors or head hunters who can help identify other career options that existing skills could translate to?

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I highly recommend Susan Jewkes Allen at the Bay Area Career Center. She regularly puts on a workshop about how to transfer your skills to a new career. I see that one was just held in March, but you might reach out to her directly to meet with her one-on-one, or else find out when she is doing it next. Also, looks like she is doing one about finding a new career in April. 


RE: Mid-life Career Change ()

I highly recommend Toni Littlestone in Albany, near Solano Ave. She's a warm and empathetic listener, experienced career adviser, and fantastic all-around coach. She helped me move out of a job that wasn't right for me and into one that's much more satisfying, and walked me through each step. I'm sure she could help you. https://tonilittlestone.com/