Career change counselor or coach recommendations?

After many years of thought and reflection I’ve become serious about changing my career — I’m looking for recommendations for career change or guidance counselors or coaches. 

I’m in the “tech” field though not as a developer or anything like that (design). I’m burned out, jaded and tired of commuting from Berkeley to SF. I’ve been at it for 20+ years and it’s time for a change. I’m exhausted and I want my energy and some of my life back.  

Ive done extensive career testing in the past - I’m not looking for pie in the sky green fields counseling. I’m looking for something more tactical. Something like this: set a goal to be employed in a new field in two years and work back from that (as an example). Identify the opportunities and make the pivot.

I’m willing to put in the effort, but I do need someone to help guide me. Any recommendations appreciated.

I’d also love to hear your story if you’ve successfully made this kind of transition. TIA! 

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I've been working with a coach Kris Starr, after a pretty significant change from running a small consulting firm (self employed) to working for a foundation. She is based in Berkeley (althoigh sessions are online), has a background in talent/people/HR, and I've found her to be a great fit for goal-oriented career planning. I have 2 other colleagues who have also worked with her, and had great experiences. or she is on LinkedIn as well.

I worked with Toni Littlestone in Albany. She does just what you describe. Highly recommended!

I highly recommend Louise Goeckel 510-749-9624 I have found her to be a deep, insightful listener, with lots of current information on the job market and career change options. I especially appreciate the fact that I don't have to be mentally organized for my meetings with her (either at her home office in Alameda or by phone). Instead, she's able to follow my digressive thoughts, making connections I wasn't aware of and highlighting skills and directions I wouldn't have thought of. She's also an artist, which helps me as a self-employed creative. Our sessions together always leave me feeling more sharply focused and able to prioritize next actions.