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I highly recommend Louise Goeckel 510-749-9624 http://www.letsgoforward.biz/. I have found her to be a deep, insightful listener, with lots of current information on the job market and career change options. I especially appreciate the fact that I don't have to be mentally organized for my meetings with her (either at her home office in Alameda or by phone). Instead, she's able to follow my digressive thoughts, making connections I wasn't aware of and highlighting skills and directions I wouldn't have thought of. She's also an artist, which helps me as a self-employed creative. Our sessions together always leave me feeling more sharply focused and able to prioritize next actions.

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  • Louise Goekel, Alameda 510 749-9624, Lgconsults [at] aol.com

Oct 2007

Re: Career counselor for veteran animator?
I can recommend Louise Goeckel, career consultant and coach. I am a professional visual artist and a master teacher. Louise has been very easy to work with and has been very valuable as I grow my business. She listens for and supports the creative spirit, the essence of one's yearnings and can hold one's evolving...she is creative herself, compassionate, savvy and practical. She has helped me by getting to the heart of the matter very quickly so the process is efficient and amazing. AND she has a sense of humor and delight, that I very much enjoy. Louise Goeckel, M. A. Let's Go Forward! Career and Business Consultations 510-749-9624 LGconsults [at] aol.com

Jan 2007

Re: Looking for a crackerjack, gifted career counselor
I am responding to ''anon'' who asked about a gifted career counselor. I would like to recommend Louise Goeckel, Lgconsults [at] aol.com. She is located in Alameda. I first met Louise when she served as a consultant to a community clinic where I was employed. I was impressed by her sensitivity and compassion as well as her organizational skills and attentiveness to the tasks at hand. Since that time, I have been fortunate to participate in a workshop series with Louise, where women in mid-life transition come together in an intimate setting to learn about ourselves and from each other. Louise has a broad background and she is able to help us discover our own style of working and our own creativity, strengths, interests, passion and share it with the world. She is a very resourceful person and I would think it worth your while to have a conversation with her. ks

I have a recommendation for a dynamic career counselor, Louise Goeckel of ''Let's Go Forward.'' (510 749-9624) Louise provides safe, supportive guidance and insights for business as well as life. After a session with her I know more about myself and my career path, and have a fresh, positive perspective. Louise is an ongoing influence in my journey and she always gives me exactly what I need. She's amazing that way...and a fun, authentic person! Deirdre, a satisfied client

I have a recommendation for a great career counselor, Louise Goekel of Let's Move Forward. (510 749-9624.) Louise provides a lot of help and direction with decisions on what to do in your next stage of life. She also provides the support and follow up to help you take the steps you need to move forward. She really is good at helping you get to your heart wishes and acting on them. Louise is amazing ...and in a very fun, supportive and authentic way! Cindy