Looking for CareerCounselor/Therapist for 23yr

Looking for rec. for a career counselor/ therapist who can help a bright, personable  23 yr old  w depression who has left college and is trying figure out what to do with his life.  

Thank you

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I really recommend Toni Littlestone (tonilittlestone.com), a career counselor who's been seeing East Bay people for a long time. I have a 25-year-old son, and she REALLY helped him when we (and he) were feeling pretty hopeless. (The job market is tough, he was depressed, he was really clue-free about career possibilities, etc.) She did wonderful work with our son, who ended up with a much stronger sense of what he likes and is good at, plus more confidence about himself work-wise--he actually ended up getting a job that feels right for him and should open up other opportunities for him. She also sees older folks--friends of mine with work issues have really liked her--but we found that she was great with younger people, too. Good luck to your son!  

I recommend Laura Paradise, a Certified Career Coach, who worked with my daughter a couple of years ago. She helped get my daughter out of angst and indecision and come up with a plan and a direction that felt good to her. While I was not privy to the details of the coaching conversations, each time they met my daughter would emerge motivated and inspired and able to take action. And Laura helped my daughter think beyond traditional "categories" and explore things that were truly interesting and meaningful to her. Careers are Laura's specialty.

Her website is: http://lauraparadisecoaching.com/