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Daughter offered a job with Teach for America

April 2012

My daughter who will graduate from UC Berkeley next month has been offered a position with Teach for America in New Mexico. Has anyone had any experience with this organizaton? Thank you

Congratulations on your daughter being selected for TFA. My daughter did TFA directly out of college, and the first year was the toughest experience she has ever had. It can be overwhelming and a trial by fire, BUT once she made it through the first year and made a conscious effort to get some balance back into her life, the second year was great and she opted to stay on working at the school for a third year as a curriculum consultant. This is her last year and she's now going on to graduate school. TFA opens so many doors for future jobs and educational opportunities. There is am amazing network of TFA alums, and many graduate schools seek them out. Monika

First Job for HS Senior

Jan 2012

Can you recommend a good first job that my daughter could get a good experience in? Times are really tough, jobs scarce, but as she looks to college next year working this spring and especially this summer would be really helpful. She has no experiece but would especially love an entry level job in an electronics store, supermarket, self serve cafe, etc. Also want her to experience how hard this work is, for little money, to impress on her the value of her education. Thanks much. Looking for a Job

Kids get jobs just like we do, by networking. My daughter went to at least 10-15 local businesses such as yogurt shops, pet shops, clothing stores before school let out for summer last year . All of them took her application and never called back. Halfway through the summer, two friends asked if she was still looking for a job. She interviewed and was offered both. In fact, she is still working at both: tutoring one day a week and working at a golf course, cleaning golf carts and picking up balls from the range. Both job openings were because a Senior was going away to college. So my suggestion is to have your daughter ask her working friends or have you ask your friends if they know of any local businesses that need someone. Also ask local businesses if they employ any Seniors who might be leaving in the fall. Her persistence really paid off, she just bought her first car (with our help, we match whatever she could save up. She saved $2K in 5 months). It has been great, she has really matured and now we don't have to drive her everywhere! Candace

Daughter interested in medical technology careers

Oct 2011

How can I help my daughter get information about careers in medical technology, good colleges and training for these jobs. She wants to attend a 4-year college but most seem just to have either nursing or general science degrees. She's interested in medical jobs related to technology, radiology, scanning, etc. Thanks... info on technology jobs

Kaiser has a wonderful school in Richmond for many different careers in this field. They are accredited and highly respected. Make sure that any program you pick is properly accredited or your daughter will never get a job. Merritt College in Oakland has a radiology tech program and DVC/Ohlone have a respiratory tech program. Beware that all of these tend to be difficult to get into due to high demand. They usually have prereqs that can be taken at a community college.

I'm a career counselor so I'm going to get on my little soap box now. Before investing time and money in any career, see if she can job shadow someone in an area that interests her. If not, at least set up a couple informational interviews with people that work in the field and ask what they do all day long, pros and cons, etc. She might also volunteer in a hospital to see if she likes the environment. Here's a link to some useful information: http://www.johnmuirhealth.com/get-involved/careers/career-education/career-education-medical-imaging.html Lis

Daughter, 19, looking for first job

Aug 2011

My daughter, who is 19, has been trying to find a job. She is presently a student at Berkeley City College and living at home. She tells me she has been looking online for jobs but they always want someone with some sort of experience. Being as this will be her first job, she has none. I have suggested to her to do ''cold calls'' to local businesses, but she is on the shy side and has a difficult time doing that. Any suggestions on how to navigate this issue will be appreciated. Also, any leads on any websites for her to search will be welcomed. job searching tactics welcomed

Has she looked at Craigslist? Has she registered with any temp agencies? Most people get jobs through someone they know.

Meantime, she should start volunteering somewhere RIGHT AWAY. If she wants to do retail, try the Goodwill or Salvation Army. She will work with the public, learn inventory, learn to use a cash register, learn if she likes it, and possibly get a recommendation in hand.

If she wants to work with animals, try a vet's or the animal shelter.

If she wants to work at an office, see if she can follow someone you know around at work. Maybe she can volunteer at the local library or at a local school.

There are restaurants and stores with Help Wanted signs in the window in Berkeley and Albany.

What about the babysitting jobs etc. in this newsletter? Some work is better than nothing. Working has a way of making you organize your time better, too. Good luck!

Going rate for recent college grad

Nov 2008

Any suggestions of the going rate for a new college grad to tutor high school students in their home? How about babysitting? anon. mom

I think what you pay for tutoring depends a lot on the subject matter being tutored and the applicability of the degree to that subject matter. To give you an idea of the payscale, my daughter who is a math major at CAL in her last year of study charges $30 per hour to tutor math or sciences. She is definitely on the less expensive end of the math tutoring payscale but this allows her to find tutoring that she wants to do. She has tutored high school and college students in many levels of math, but mostly calculus and pre-calculus. Mary
I can't help you on the tutoring rates, but as for babysitting, I pay college students $16 per hour, plus $10 per day for gas (taking care of my son involves picking him up after school and doing some errands). So for working 4:30-6:30 the sitter earns $42. If it is an nighttime job, no driving, just $16 per hour. I would pay a recent grad the same. Hope that helps! Fran